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Ageless Love.

Do you ever wonder what you would do if you could turn back the hands of time? Would you have done certain things differently? Would things be a far cry from the life you live today?

Most of us feel that time moved very slowly when we were children, and is gradually speeding up as we grow older.

Don’t we just wish that our kids would never grow up, and still stay as they were yesterday?

Don’t we wish that we could relive our childhood once again, and say ‘I love you’ more often to our parents?

Don’t we wish that we had listened to our parents more?

Don’t we wish that we had hugged them more?


We will never know what tomorrow will bring. It’s the present moment that matters the most.

If only for a moment we could freeze time so that we could look over and savour our loved ones, wouldn’t it be awesome?

But what’s left today?

Memories…and possibly some regrets too.

My parents used to be really protective of us. Back then when me and my siblings were still small, we would go everywhere with my parents. E V E R Y W H E R E .

I love this picture of me and Sofian so much. Missing those good old days where we were just so young and carefree.

Dress too short?


Slanted fringe?



As you can see, I started young. The funny faces I make when taking photos, I mean.


The following picture was taken a day after my mum came back from the hospital. She just gave birth to Ili at that point of time. I remember not wanting to go to school on that day because I wanted to stay at home and babysit Ili. Ili, if you are reading this, you should be touched.


This picture below was taken during Hari Raya. Just look at the smirk on my face, and my super thin (and ewwwww) eyebrows. At this point of time, I was at my rebellious stage, forever waiting to say no to my parents for anything and everything. LOL.


But let us not just focus on me. Look at everyone else. Look at how innocent Shafiq and Ili looked! Nice sling bag, Ili! Eh I forgot something. Sofian too was at his playful stage at this point. LOL.

And that was my late grandmother. I miss her so much. I used to be so so soooooooo attached to her. Al-fateha. 🙁

Who would have thought that this beautiful couple would be my parents?



I am not too sure whether my parents had already planned to have four kids at this point of time.

But this was my mum pregnant with me!


And who would have thought that my dad (with his ‘smashing’ outfit as seen in the picture) would be making the Super Shiok sambal at the later part of his life? LOL.

This picture was taken during my first birthday bash. Check out my helmet hair.



Hmm. I just realized that my right eye is smaller than my left eye.


From an only child to the big sister to three younger siblings.


HAHA! Ili has to stop cracking me up. Check out her pouch! And check out our leggings. So colourful!


And over time, we had more addition to the family.

The family is even bigger now.

The following picture was taken when I was still dating Tatek! He was serving NS at that point of time, hence the super ‘fair’ skin. The little boy Tatek was carrying is Aqil, his nephew.


Good old days, except that everyone was so young, not old.

And look at us now.

Married, and no longer that young.


But at least we have three cute daughters.


So not being able to stay as young has its perks after all.

There was never a time where my parents would leave us alone at home just so that they could go out on dates or whatsoever. It was always the six of us, together everywhere. My mum has been devoting her life to us from the day we were born till now in fact. She learnt to slowly let go the older we got. And I really meant s l o w l y. She was just too used to having us with her all the time, so to suddenly not see us as often as she wanted to was not an easy feat. To suddenly not know our whereabouts was very tormenting for her. To suddenly not have us reporting to her was like us casting her aside.

I can quite relate to her definitely because I am a mummy too myself. Right now, my girls are breathing the same air as me almost all the time, so things are still okay for me. I do not really feel the pinch as yet. Frankly speaking, I cannot really imagine what my mum had to go through or how she felt when she had to let go of us, one by one. When my girls start to slowly distant themselves from me in search of freedom, that’s when I would truly put myself in my mum’s shoes and empathize totally with her.

Giving our kids the space to learn and grow is perhaps one of the scariest things we can ever do as a parent.

Of course we would want to protect them from any possible harm for as long as live. Of course we would want to warn them about the many big bad wolves out there who are just waiting to devour them and bring them down.

But we cannot possibly be doing that forever. We got to start treating our kids in a way that is appropriate for their age. I mean, if they are 5 years old, treat them like one. And if they are 25, do not treat them like they are still 5!

Your kids change, whether you like it or not. Of course it was simpler before, because their choices were more limited. But the more they go through life, the more they will learn. Adulthood will change some of their views in life, no matter how much you might have brainwashed them when they were still small. Marriage will also make them wiser. So how is it possible that you expect them to remain the same forever still? And if they do change, who’s to blame?


They are responsible for the choices they make in life.

And even if they decide to that path less travelled by others, let them be.

It’s their life, at the end of the day.

Let them search for their own happiness. Your definition of happiness might not be the same as theirs, and that is perfectly fine.

TOUGH LIFE. But that’s how things work.

One thing will never change though; the bond of a family.

“Blood is thicker than water.”

Why worry about the rest?

Sometimes, we just need to stop thinking about the what ifs and whatnots in life. After all, we will not be here to stay forever. Everything in life is pretty much temporary, so to speak. So shouldn’t we just stop worrying so much about everything, and find what makes us the happiest instead?

“You can’t have real roses, so you buy plastic ones. You can’t think sweet thoughts, so you gobble down sugar. You can’t figure out how to be happy, so you make other people laugh. There’s nothing wrong with what you do, but that’s not real happiness.”

What’s real happiness?
I beg of you, never ever let anyone else decide this one for you.

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