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Just how much do you know about indigestion?

Do you know it when your kids or you suffer from one?

Indigestion does not only happen because you skip your meal or have it late. It can happen if you overeat, surprise surprise! This usually happens to Mysha and Sharleez, because both of them love eating and eat a lot. Children do not have a sense of how much food is enough, so they will keep on eating for as long as the appetite is there. And as a result, their overeating puts a lot of pressure on the digestive system, and taxes the body’s ability to properly break down and assimilate nutrients.

But the problem is, I am not the kind to curb my girls’ intake of food. It makes me so happy to see them eat so well each time. But I do implement several strategies whenever I can to help them with their digestion.

Want to know how exactly I help to improve their digestion?

Firstly, I will ensure that they get their daily intake of VITAGEN LESS SUGAR! 

(I drink it daily too!)

You know, when the girls’ school gave us parents the order forms for VITAGEN, I immediately filled them up for all three of them and submitted them to the school. That’s how much I believe in the goodness of VITAGEN as compared to other cultured drinks. Most importantly, VITAGEN LESS SUGAR  contains 50% less sugar than other regular cultured milk drinks. As a result, my fridge is always filled with multicolored VITAGEN LESS SUGAR bottles! Hehehe.

My girls just love VITAGEN LESS SUGAR so much! Just the other day, I brought them out to the park for some skate scooter session. When I was packing their snacks, Mysha reminded me to bring several bottles of VITAGEN LESS SUGAR as well. With pleasure, Mysha. 🙂

So to the park we went. I try to bring them outdoor whenever I can because I believe that they can learn so much more through outdoor activities. They can express themselves freely, make noise, and not be restricted by the space or rules. Put them at home and they will be watching tv 24/7.


During their outdoor skate scooter session, they had a couple of falls. I did not even panic or anything because I have learnt to be more laid-back when handling them. The thing about kids is this – they will panic when they see you panic. They will cry louder when they see you reacting or getting so worked up. They will become drama queens and kings sooner or later in life if you keep pacifying them each time. They will not cry if you tell them it’s alright. Try it to believe me. 🙂

I am just so proud of these three girls. Managing them sans the working husband can be pretty challenging on certain days, but they are such sweethearts generally. 🙂


And oh, each of them finished their bottle of VITAGEN LESS SUGAR.

Myreen wanted more in fact after she finished hers but I did not bring enough!



 I only brought along three flavours that day because I have only three girls .

VITAGEN LESS SUGAR is available in four different favours actually.

What’s your favorite flavour? 


Mine is grape and peach! And apple too. LB is not bad either. So in other words,

I love all the flavours!

You know, there are just so many benefits of VITAGEN LESS SUGAR. lt contains 50% less sugar and is made with real fruit juice! So if you are health-conscious and are concerned about your sugar intake, then VITAGEN LESS SUGAR is for you!

Oh what am I saying?

Less sugar intake is good for everyone, regardless! Besides that, VITAGEN LESS SUGAR is completely fat free. That’s why VITAGEN LESS SUGAR has been award the Healthier Choice!


What’s more, VITAGEN LESS SUGAR is the only cultured drink with both probiotics and prebiotics.


Okay okay. Let me explain a bit more for those of you who are still clueless about probiotics and prebiotics. It’s very important for you to be in the know okay!

Every bottle of VITAGEN LESS SUGAR has billions of live probiotic culture. These probiotic cultures used in VITAGEN LESS SUGAR can withstand stomach’s gastric juice and bile, and reach the intestines alive to fight harmful bad bacterias like these!


You wouldn’t want these baddies loitering in your intestines, would you?


Prebiotics on the other hand, helps to support the growth of good bacteria to maintain a better intestinal environment. Prebiotics are essentially non digestible carbohydrates (dietary fibre) that stimulate the growth of probiotics.

But do you know that not all cultured milk drinks are the same? Regular cultured milk drink has only probiotics, VITAGEN has more. Besides billions of live probiotics, every bottle of VITAGEN LESS SUGAR also contains prebiotics, to give you double digestive power. Which is why you should choose VITAGEN LESS SUGAR.

Besides our daily intake of VITAGEN LESS SUGAR, it is also important to practise good eating habits to improve our digestion.

How to?

1. Chew your food

2. Don’t drink with meals

3. Avoid very hot or very cold foods.

4. Don’t overeat

5. Don’t exercise heavily after eating.

6.Don’t eat in a hurry.

7. Improve your posture.

My girls will take a while before they can finally get their eating habits right ; especially the overeating part.

And it’s just impossible to get them to sit still after every meal. Must jump here, jump there or run here, run there or dance here, dance there. They are not called kids for nothing, you know?


So they will just stick to VITAGEN LESS SUGAR and they are not complaining because…



You know, you can even enjoy the convenience of having VITAGEN LESS SUGAR delivered to your door step, all thanks to VITAGEN Home Delivery Service.

Just call 62825949 to order your VITAGEN LESS SUGAR today! 

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