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Advertorial: The right kind of SPIN.

As a mother, I take great pride in seeing my girls wearing nice looking clothes which are not only nice to look at because of the prints and design, but nice to look at because they are clean. I am not exaggerating when I say I create a rumpus whenever I see even a teensy weensy stain on any of my girls’ clothes.  It’s like, why do we even bother buying or spending so much on a detergent when it cannot even carry out its job well? Why do we even bother washing in the first place, right? Agree?

Especially with Sharleez’s eczema and the twins’ sensitive skin, I cannot afford to keep on trying out a new detergent all the time because helloooo, my girls’ skin is at risk here.

So what do I look for in a detergent? I look for a detergent that:

  • does not dry or irritate my girls’ skin, in particular.
  • eliminates as much harmful bacteria as possible
  • gives a lost lasting fresh fragrance on the clothes
  • does not leave harmful residues on clothes, the washer, or the environment
  • facilitates easy cleaning of clothes

And is there even a detergent that fulfils the above or should I say, MY criteria?

My answer is SPIN Low Suds detergent.

I think the misconception that most people have with regards to detergents is, you need to use special detergents for kids with sensitive skin. You are definitely wrong there. SPIN Low Suds detergent’s unique skin-friendly formulation does not irritate or dry the skin. It is friendly to hands! And one thing I really like about SPIN Low Suds detergent is the clean and fresh smell it leaves on the clothes.

Click HERE and HERE to read more about the benefits of using SPIN Low Suds detergent.

Just the other day, I decided to teach Sharleez to do her own laundry. Initially I thought it was too early to teach her laundering. But hey, it is never too early to teach a child a life skill. It is never too early to teach a child to be responsible.

So what did we do?  And how can you teach your little ones to do their own laundry?

Let the Nadyas show you how!

Step 1: Sort clothes into different piles according to the colours. This is to let the child understand that the clothes need to be washed in like colours. Sharleez was helpful enough to sort out even M&Ms’ clothes too! That’s my happy helper. 🙂


Step 2: Different colors and types of laundry are separated and washed in different water temperatures.



Saw that mischiveous look on Myreen’s face? Well, she mixed up all the already sorted out clothes seconds later, and that caused her big sister to be quite mad. ;p

 Step 3: Pour detergent in the running water before adding clothes. To achieve high water efficiency, you should always choose a low suds detergent powder. SPIN® low suds is formulated to produce less foam and thus less water is needed for rinsing. That will further save energy and water.


Read HERE to find out more about the tips to protect the washing machine and maximise cleaning performance.


 Step 4: Never overload the washer!. Clothes need room to move freely and there must be enough free water to carry away to soils/dirt easily. Clothes won’t clean well if they don’t have space to agitate.

 Step 5: Check and clean out the lint catcher before adding damp laundry to the dryer. Remove the laundry a few pieces at a time, shake them out to remove all washer-induced twisting.

 Step 6: Hanging and folding of clothes must be taught in stages according to the age of your child. In the case of Sharleez, she was more than eager to hang her clothes to dry. It is really so nice to see your little ones learn to be responsible beings.


Folding was quite a breeze for Sharleez because I demonstrated the folding process in small simple steps.  Mysha & Myreen however, could not quite fold their clothes. Just as I expected. Due to their short attention span, they got distracted (again!) and ended up doing something else which was totally not related to clothes folding.


So while big sister Sharleez was busy folding clothes, Mysha started to use her clothes to err, wipe the playmat. Great, yet another round of laundering! ;p


Shortly after, Myreen joined her and they both decided to turn their night gown into a skirt. An inside out long skirt in Mysha’s case, and a mini skirt for Myreen. My twins are already trend setters!  ;p


Thank god for my girls. They never fail to entertain me! 🙂

I am glad that I introduced laundering to them, no matter how tedious the entire process was. Despite Mysha & Myreen still not able to fully understand what went on, they imitated what Sharleez did all the way, and I am fine with that. I mean, don’t all kids learn by imitating the behaviours of the people around them?

You too can do meaningful activities like laundering with your little ones. Do not despair if they are not able to perform or do as what you expect them to do. What’s important is that they learn through when they play and have fun. Even simple activities like taking an evening stroll at the park, or even taking the public transport can be lots of fun for the entire family. And while you are on the road with the kids, ask your kids to look out for these double deck buses, snap a photo of them and you might just win prizes! 




How to win prizes? Here’s how!


Do not forget to participate. Click HERE! 🙂

Remember, no matter how busy your days can be, always make time for the kids & family.

Its the quality time that matters, never the quantity. 🙂


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