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Advertorial: Super Smart.

I believe I am not done yet with Garmin-Asus M20. There’s so much more to the phone, believe me. After all, it is a smart phone, isn’t it? To make your life easier, you can search for locations like “shopping centres” and M20 will sort the results based on your current location and relevance so that you can actually select the most appropriate destination and route directly to it. For those of you who use the public transport everyday, the M20 actually has a Pedestrian mode for the GPS which allows you to find your way whererever you may walk or go.


You even have the option to choose your route preference!



For all of you internet savvy people who cannot live a second even without Twitter,Facebook and Windows Live Messenger, worry not because the M20 comes preloaded with Facebook and Mobitweet applications for Starhub lines and best of all the services are free! Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, I am not kidding. 

The Garmin-Asus M20 also has a three megapixel camera which features auto-focus and the automatic geotagging of images with a latitude and longitude reference of where the image was taken. Using a feature called Geo Tag Photos, the image taken can be used to specify a location to navigate back to at a later time or shared by email or the Web for others to do so. You can do the same with other peoples’ photos. Imagine this scenario. I am out at Whitesands only, running some errands. Tatek smses me to ask about my whereabouts. So what I do is to take a picture of Whitesand Shopping Centre before sending Tatek the geo tag photo via MMS. The moment Tatek opens the MMS, the M20 will automatically start navigate him from where he is till he reaches Whitesands. Awesome, isnt it? It’s almost like having hide-and-seek adventures with your partner!

One LBS application many of you may not be familiar with is Ciao! application. Ciao! is a useful tool for helping you stay up to date on your friends’ whereabouts and status by linking location-centric social networks. Instead of wandering around trying to spot common landmarks, Ciao! users will see their friends’ location on a map and be able to navigate to them with ease. By choice, M20 users may have the smart phone automatically update social networks with their location information.

The “Where am I?” feature in the nuvifone provides users with the nearest address, intersection, hospital, police station and gas station. This is especially useful in the case of emergencies! Imagine this scenario. Your child is terribly sick at night and you are not too sure which of the nearby clinics to your house are still open. With the nuvifone, all you need to do is tap on “Hospital”, and the nuvifone will provide an immediate list of all the nearby clinics.


You  have the option to directly call the clinic first to check on its operating hours. No need even to call the operator first to get the contact number to the clinic. No hassle. No time wasted.



And the Garmin-Asus M20 is really, an all-in-one smart phone.

It is really a mummy & daddy friendly phone!



And while I am at it, may I remind you again about this coming Saturday’s Garmin-Asus Live Navigation Challenge?

Remember to register for the challenge at the microsite before the 19th of December 2009 before you can participate!

Its only when you register will you receive the clues to the  via email!

And yes, you can still particpate in the weekly Facebook contest too to win great prizes from Garmin-Asus!

Click HERE to participate now!


December is indeed the month of giving. So what are you waiting for?

Time to win prizes! You hear me?

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