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Advertorial: Sow a seed, nurture a life

My girls, they are an eager bunch when it comes to learning. I am sure all kids are like that too but for me to see with my own eyes my own children raring to read and learn new things all the time, the feeling of pride is  just undescribable. So when I was given the opportunity to write an advertorial to promote Earth Day, I accepted it at once! I thought it would be a good time for me to introduce Earth Day subtly through simple activities. My main target was Sharleez because I know she would be able to comprehend in a way or another. Mysha and Myreen on the other hand, might not be able to understand as yet, but I was sure they would enjoy the planned activities all the same. Yes, planned activities. Believe it or not, I actually planned several lesson plans before conducting the activities. When was the last time I prepared a lesson plan? I miss teaching!! 🙁

I love the fact that I can be a teacher still and teach my girls like how I would teach my pupils in class back then. And I also believe that all mummies make great teachers regardless of their careers! Whoever said you need to be a qualified teacher before you can teach your children? My mum is a good example of a great teacher. She is just a full time housewife but I am proud to say that she has brought all of us up successfully. Look at me and my three siblings – we are decent beings, aren’t we? 🙂

Even though Earth Day falls on the 22nd of April, I used 9th April to conduct Earth Day related activities with my girls. Why so, you ask? One- I needed to prepare for my advertorial in advance. Two- I thought it would be great to introduce to the girls in advance so that when the actual day comes, Sharleez expecially would be able to appreciate the existence and importance of Earth Day. I would love to find out how much she can recall too!

What is Earth Day? Why bother celebrating it?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

“Earth Day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment held on April 22. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson (D-Wisconsin) as an environmental teach-in in 1970 and is celebrated in many countries every year. The first Earth Day was in 1970. Earth Day is in spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.”

Errr. Pretty chim?

In simpler words, Earth Day is celebrated to make us all realise the importance of a good Earth environment. I think most of us in Singapore have been too busy and ignorant of our surroundings because we have after all, been blessed with a relatively good living environment as compared to our friends in other countries. I am sure many parents out there want to bring up responsible children, and one way for us to do so is to introduce to our children from young the many important days that are most often forgotten or ignored.

Like I have mentioned earlier on, my girls are too young to be able to understand completely or technically. So instead of even trying to explain to them, we did some really fun activities.

In the morning of 9 April, we went to our corridor to plant some green beans! Sharleez was (as usual) asking me one thousand and one questions like why did I put my slippers on, why were we going to the corridor, why was I holding on to a bowl of green beans, and so on and so forth. This girl can never stop but I am not complaining. It’s better for the girl to ask and learn more, rather than to not ask and not learn anything new each minute. So parents, do not even dampen your child’s spirit for asking questions because once they stop asking, then you can forget about bringing up curious and inquisitive kids. While preparing the materials for our project, I tried to tap on Sharleez’s current knowledge by asking her why are the trees so important to animals and people. The girl’s answers are as follows:

“The monkeys and the orang utans need the trees to sleep and climb. If the people cut down the trees, then the monkeys and orang utans have no place to live. Then they will be sad and cry.”

“The people need the trees so that when it is raining or too hot, we have shelters la! Some trees have fruits for us to eat. If people cut down, we have no fruits to eat .Fruits make us strong. I don’t want to go hospital again, Mummy!”

Not bad right? Sometimes what she says does not make sense at all, but most of the time she never fails to amaze me with the things that she knows and says. I am sure your kid does the same to you too, right? Kids nowadays are too smart.

So based on what her current knowledge, I then explained to her that we need to do our part to ensure that the trees can still grow healthily by not dirtying the air and water. To ensure trees grow healthily, I told her the three things they need – air, water, and sun. To reinforce what I told her, we planted the green beans. Hands-on activities are always the best and quickest way to learn something new!





Once we were done, all we needed to do from thereon was to just pamper the beans with lots of sun and water, and wait for them to sprout!

Meanwhile, the girls watered their Dada’s plants using the same water that Yani had used earlier on for laundry washing. Good job, girls!



The morning heat was too overwhelming and so we went indoors. But whoever said indoor activities are limited? I decided to conduct a music and movement sesion with the girls. I demonstrated to them how the green beans would actually grow from seeds to bean plants! So, with some background music, I got the girls to stand up tall and follow my movements. Let my girls now show you how the germination of a green bean is like.

A little green bean seed called Sharleez.


‘When water is added to the seed, it swells and the seed bursts open.


As the roots grow, a stem will also appear.


Leaves will grow on the stem and stretch towards the light. Say hello to our green bean plants!


After a good music and movement session, it was time to tone down and recap what they have learnt for the day. I downloaded a Handy Manny ‘Draw Your Own Mini Garden’ printable and asked Sharleez to draw the bean plants. Well, of course Mysha and Myreen could not draw as yet but it was good enough that they were sitting down together with us and making themselves busy with the colour pencils and the printables.





My girls and I really enjoyed our ‘Earth Day’. Anything can be fun if done in the presence of our loved ones. And despite my busy days with Studiofrost almost everyday, I make it a point to spend meaningful moments with my girls. Remember, our children are like seeds. They need to be showered with love and care before they can grow well and strong. Leave them unattended and they will wilt with weeds as company. 

There are so many other green planet activities you can conduct with your children and family too!


Mysha and Myreen know how important it is to keep the environment carbon monoxide free as far as possible. In fact, they have a suggestion for all of you motorists out there.

Use your bicycles because they do not require fuel. They just require your legs!



And when you get too tired, push your bicycles till you reach your destination! In their case, their destination was err, the kitchen. 🙂


Everyone is different and we are doing it in many different ways. However, there is that same one planet Earth for all of us, and we need to do our part, no matter how small, to keep the Earth’s environment ‘well-maintained’.

Handy Manny champions Earth Day on Playhouse, 22 April 2010 and what better way to celebrate it with your kids than to enter Handy Manny Earth Day contest.



Here’s how you can enter the contest.

Simply click HERE  to join the contest, download printables for your kids, and learn more about how you can contribute to Earth Day!

Let your children learn more about Earth Day on Playhouse Disney (Starhub Channel 34) 22nd April, 9am – 2pm

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