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Advertorial: Sony make.believe- Join to Win

How would you like to win up to $100k worth of sponsorship just by sharing your dreams with others?


Nope, you are not seeing double. You are not imagining things either. I am certainly not pulling your leg. All you need to do is to make known your dreams through sony Dot Your Dreams contest, and if your dreams has the highest number of votes, you win that 100k of sponsorship. And even if your votes are not the highest, you might still be able to win the second prize (10k worth of Sony products) or third prize (5k worth of Sony products). Just by sharing your dreams, that’s all.

So okay, you think your dreams are not worth 100k. Fine, so be it.

But if you think your picture tells a thousand words, you should try your luck at Sony Photo Contest instead. Who knows, your picture will get the highest number of votes and you might just win a sponsored trip to watch World Cup South Africa 2010!

Nope, you are not seeing double again.
You have just been informed about two contests which also means you have double the chance to win!


What are you waiting for?
Do not let your dreams be only dreams – make them known and realize your dreams!
Do not let your photography skills go to waste – showcase your best picture and be recognized as a photographer!

All you need to do is to make.believe the potential in you.
Click HERE to join the contests now!
Do not hesitate any further because submission for the two contests is from 11 Feb to 14 Mar 2010 only.

And oh, even if you think you do not stand a chance at all in both contests, you can still win big just by voting for your favourite entry!

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