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Advertorial: Soft Shell Crabbiatta by Pizza Hut

I treasure the family time I get to spend with my girls and husband during his off days- after all, its not everyday their Daddy is at home. With today’s busy lifestyles, I am sure every parent hopes to spend more “quality” time with children.

I realize that much of the girls’ basic learning takes place in the many informal situations that occur daily. These informal occasions include all the times the family members are together doing ordinary things, such as taking baths, getting dressed, playtime, talking over the day’s happenings, eating, and so forth.

I especially treasure our family meals together. I enjoy eating, what more with the presence of my loved ones. On top of it all, I reckon it is really important to start early the good habit of eating together with everyone no matter how busy we can get. The girls need routines and schedules- its only when things are in order will they learn to be disciplined and manage their time more effectively as they grow older. And most importantly, children need to know they are loved unconditionally no matter what the circumstances of everyday life are.  They need to know that meal times are meant to be enjoyed together, and not something that they have to go through just because they have to. Sharing meals with my girls and husband is also a better way to communicate and to share about the day’s happenings.

When I was invited by Pizza Hut for a food tasting session, I thought I must bring along my husband and girls. Good food share we MUST always share together.Besides, I have always enjoyed dining at Pizza Hut because they ALWAYS ensure that the food is served hot and fresh from the oven! On top of it all, the price is reasonable! You do not take your children to expensive places to eat. You bring your children to cheap and reasonable places to eat. What matters is the quality/taste of the food, the overall ambience of the restaurant, the good service provided, and whether or not your children enjoy themselves. Pizza Hut is definitely one of the few great places in Singapore that is ideal for family meals.

Let me now introduce you to Pizza Hut’s latest pasta creation, Soft Shell Crabbiatta.


You will especially love this one if you are a seafood and spicy food lover. What exactly is Soft Shell Crabbiatta? Think succulent golden-fried soft shell crab with al dente pasta over a luscious sweet and spicy sauce. Mouth watering, you think? Mouth watering, indeed! The moment I tasted it, I  thought it was different, from the crab all the way to the sauce. The soft shell crab is REALLY soft! There is no need even to peel the shell because the shell gives it the crunchiness and crispiness. I love it! The sweet and spicy sauce is unlike the typical pasta sauces that I have tasted so far. The taste is very similar to chilli crab mixed with Thai sweet sauce, I think. Even my husband, who is not a pasta lover to begin with, finished the entire plate of Soft Shell Crabbiatta. When asked whether he enjoyed it, his reply was simple. “What do you think?” 

Now you tell me whether you should try the Soft Shell Crabbiatta yourself?

Hurry though, because the Soft Shell Crabbiatta will only be available till 30 April 2010.
My girls for sure enjoyed their lunch at Pizza Hut what with the free pink balloons, the attention given to them by the waiters and waitresses, the free babysitting provided by one of the kind waiters, and of course, THE GOOD FOOD!




Their favourite meal had to be Turkey Bacon Carbonara pasta! They shared the entire plate together and kept asking for more! For those with small kids, Turkey Bacon Carbonara is a MUST TRY! Your kids will love it for sure. Oh what am I taLking about? YOU will love it too! And what better way to end our meal than with a sweet dessert of Warm Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream? My three girls again finished the entire plate!


Oh did I mention that Myreen was spoonfed by a kind waiter? Royalty treatment. It was so funny because she insisted on the waiter feeding her instead of me or Yani! So pampered, I tell you.


Thank you Pizza Hut for the unforgettable tasting session! Unforgettable because you kind people just kept feeding us with food! And how could we possibly resist when we love anything from Pizza Hut that much?

And with this, I would like to invite the following people for another MAKAN session with Pizza Hut on the 17th of March. You people have been my number one supporters all along and this is one way for me to thank you, the Pizza Hut style. So if you see your names here, you HAVE been invited. Please make yourselves available by hook or by crook! You have been warned. ;p

1. Daddy
2. Mak
3. Tatek
4. Nurul
5. Ian
6. Ili
7. Bertram (hello newcomer!)
8. Shafiq
9. Sofia (hello another newcomer!)

Once again, thank you Pizza Hut!


And to everyone else, I think it is time for you to have a good family meal with your loved ones at Pizza Hut too!

I’ll see you there? 🙂


To find out more about the Soft Shell Crabbiatta, kindly CLICK HERE!


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