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Advertorial: Satayboy.

Satayboy is back, bigger and juicier!

His satay, I mean.



I blogged about Satayboy before right HERE,  and I am really glad that the response for his satay orders has been very overwhelming. So just the other day, he called me and told me about the changes with regards to the satay, the peanut sauce, and his menu on the overall basically. He figured it would be a great idea to gather everybody once again for yet another BBQ session.Of course I said yes immediately. How could I say no to my dearest cousin, first and foremost? Secondly, how could I say no to his delicious satay and finger licking chicken wings? And when I heard about the latest addition to his menu – OTAK OTAK, my otak (brain) went bonkers. I could no longer satiate my desire to eat, eat and EAT!

And since Mak’s birthday was just around the corner, I thought it would be a great idea to give Mak a break from cooking (for her own birthday????!!!!!) and instead have the BBQ cum birthday celebration.

Well, everything was pretty much a last minute planning. I could not book a chalet because every chalet was fully booked. Duh? School holidays. I could not manage to book a BBQ pit at all.  Double Duh? School holidays again. I was already quite desperate and asked Nurul for help. She then asked Cassim ( Ian’s good friend) for help, and he had the BBQ pit at his place booked within minutes for us. How’s that for efficiency? Thank you Cassim, we owe you one!

We planned for the BBQ to start at 5 pm. Satayboy was there way earlier to do the setup and all. Very professional, I like. I mean, he could have taken his own sweet time since he was doing it for us, his relatives but he did not. I was convinced once again that Satayboy is very serious about this satay business of his. So barely 10 mins upon our arrival and our satay was already ready. On-site BBQ service is so awesome and possibly the best invention ever as far as BBQ is concerned. We did not even need to bring or do anything. We practically sat on the benches, chit-chatted, and warmed our bottoms while waiting for the food to be prepared by Satayboy. I guess it is really practical to have an on-site BBQ service if the main intention is to get together and just catch up with one another. Sometimes it can get really frustrating when you end up being the only one who has to do all the BBQ-ing while the rest act busy or ‘cabut’. But with Satayboy, you do not have to worry even about the cleaning up part. Hahaha.

So while Satayboy was busy BBQing…




We kept ourselves busy at the playground and swimming pool. Told you we did not have to do anything!





Shan and his second best friend forever, Papa Yat! His first best friend forever is his Dada of course! He CANNOT see my dad because the moment he sees my dad, he wants only him and nobody else. Chehhhh.


My goodness, everyone agrees on this –  the satay is super tasty, soft and succulent. It was somehow different but definitely way better from the ones we have tasted before from Satayboy. And the peanut sauce has the right consistency too – not too thick, not too sweet. So everyone had many rounds of satay that day, from mutton satay to beef satay to chicken satay to tripe (babat) satay to liver (hati) satay. The liver (hati) satay is dark colored in nature as you can see from the pictures, but I kinda liked what I tasted too that day. Looks can be deceiving indeed! Even those who claimed that they were on a strict diet were seen eating so many sticks of satay. No mention of names here. Hehehe! You know, I love tripe satay a lot, but at the same time it also depends on whether it is soft and succulent enough for me. I do not like those super chewy kinds. Thankfully, Satayboy’s tripe satay is just perfect.












Here’s what the guys had to say about Satayboy’s Satay.

Cassim’s Verdict.


So camera shy this Cassim.

Ian’s Verdict.

Relax la bro, it’s only a satay not a convict you are talking about here.

Tatek’s Verdict.

Ya right he did not like satay before.

And then came the otah. Aiyoh, let me tell you how super ‘chubby’ and generous the filling is for every otah. I love otah but I do not like my otak otak to be too pasty.It must be moist, soft, bouncy yet firm and not too hard. It must have that wonderful fragrance of herbs and spices that is not overpowering. Satayboy nailed it that day. At the end of the day, who can say no to otah served piping hot? Not me!

Just look at Bertram, Ili and Tatek trying out the Otah!








Everyone’s favorite was Satayboy’s Chicken Wings! The moment the chicken wings were on the plate, we did what we do best – GRAB.




Here’s an excerpt from the review I did before for Satayboy:

 “Another hot pick during the BBQ party was Satay Boy’s homemade marinated BBQ chicken wings. I seriously do not know how to begin describing the taste other than the finger-licking part. It has a good mix of soy sauce, honey, pepper, herbs, ketchup, and whathaveyous. I could not get enough of the chicken wings! So Boboy, please come over soon and prepare more of your Satay Boy’s homemade BBQ chicken wings for us!”

So party goers, if you are planning for a party, BBQ, or gathering, why not consider Satayboy?

He offers on-site BBQ service too, so you do not have to worry about the BBQ-ing part or smelling like satay yourself. Instead, let Satayboy do all the work while you sit back, relax and eat. But should you decide to do all the BBQ-ing yourself, you can still order the raw satay, chicken wings and otah from Satayboy!





Alright, here’s the price list for Satayboy!


Boboy/Luqman/Satayboy, thank you so much for the BBQ! We truly enjoyed your good BBQ food, and I am not just saying this because you are my cousin and therefore I am obliged to say only good things BUT because you truly deserve it. And I know you will not disappoint your future customers too because I have faith in you. 🙂

And to my dearest Mak, hope you had a good break from cooking. Hahaha! But then again, you *still* insisted on cooking fried bee hoon and met goring for the BBQ. So it was not exactly a complete break but err..still a break nevertheless? Special thanks to Uncle Allan Dendroff and Auntie Aishah for dropping by and making the BBQ session merrier! Missing in action: Sofia Dendroff, who was studying for her exams, and my poor brother Shafiq, who was in SAFTI. Boohoo.






Happy Belated 21st Birthday Mak! Yup, Mak insists her actual age should be kept a secret. Therefore, she is forever 21. So expect her to be 21 again next year, insya’allah. Well Mak, I want to join you too and be forever 21.

Everyone, please note that I will be turning 21 and not 31 on Feb 2012.



P.S: I like how Mak’s makeup was still intact at 7 pm despite me applying it on her as early as 12 pm. BBQ was at 5 pm, and despite the heat and all, she still looked so good. Don’t you agree? Glow of a birthday girl who is forever 21, maybe.


Oh come on Shan, must you always be at the end of my entry with your speech bubbles nowadays?

*throws both hands in the air in exasperation*

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