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Advertorial: Mastercard ‘A Season of Giving.’

Are you a hardcore online shopper like me? Do you think we should do something about it?


One of the reasons why I shop online from international websites is because I love the anticipation of receiving that cute little package in the mail. Okay okay I admit, most of the time the packages are not exactly that small. Oh what am I saying? They normally come in huge boxes! Yup.

Has anyone ever told you that shopping from international websites is expensive or tedious? My goodness, that someone must either be lying big time to you, or he/she simply does not know how online shopping works.

And come on, with Mastercard, what’s so difficult?

Do you know that you can now qualify for a $50 shopping voucher if you register your Mastercard cards and spend US$500 on international websites between 15th November and 31st December 2011? Click HERE for full details and terms and conditions. International websites are basically those that bill in currencies other than Singapore dollars. So yes, I am talking about websites like ASOS, Forever 21, Gap and many more!

Just as long as you see the Mastercard logo on the website like the one below, you are good to go!


Are you excited already? Good.

And the best thing about it is, you do not have to spend US$500 in a single purchase. You can actually make a maximum of three transactions. Oh my goodness, there are so many possibilities i can think of at this present moment. You can either:

1. Shop at 3 different websites (ASOS for yourself, GAP for your kids, and Banana Republic for your husband) and spend a total of US$500. Everyone’s happy at the end of the day, or

2. Make a group purchase with your friends using the same card. (Each person needs to spend about US$170 only.) Shipping is so much cheaper too if you share it with your friends! And if you are using vPOSTEUROPE, vPOSTJAPAN or vPOSTUSA, enjoy 10% off shipping too just by using your Mastercard card. Click HERE  for more details.

For every online transaction using your MasterCard card during the campaign period (on any site), MasterCard will make a contribution to Singapore Children’s Society.

Spending a minimum of US$500 should not be that difficult if you can afford it. With points, coupons, rebates, rewards, free shipping, and discounts, there is absolutely no reason at all for you or anyone else to NOT shop online.

And hey, don’t we love discreet purchases? Some things are better done in privacy without the embarrassment that there are several people watching or observing us. Right?


And at the end of the day,

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

Or which card to use.

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