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Advertorial: make.believe Your Dreams

The other day, a friend asked me a simple yet provoking question:

“Are you living your dream life?”

How would anyone answer such a simple yet loaded question? What would she love as the answer? What is the correct answer to that? Where is the answer sheet to that? And so I bombarded my friend with more questions in return:

“Dream life? What do you mean?”

“What kind of question is this?”

“Whoever has a dream life, you tell me?”

My friend thought I had gone into hysterics. After all, all she asked was one simple question.

“Just tell me lar,” she insisted.

So I sat back and thought about that for a second before I actually came up with a very long answer.

If I were to go back 28 years ago, my dream life would actually be my parents’ dream life for me. Grow up healthily, be a good daughter, do well in school, don’t mix with the wrong company, find a good job, be a doctor or lawyer if possible, save money, get married to a rich and good looking man, live in a three storey house, have lots of children and take care of my parents till their last breath. Yup, that would pretty much be it. But sadly to say, I am not exactly living their dream life. I am living MY life instead, but its heartening to know that they are just as happy with the life I am living right now.

What’s my life like? I have a more than wonderful family. In fact, to even say that my family is wonderful is such an understatement. My husband, children, parents and siblings — we are all blessed with good health so far. Alhamdullilah. I live in a humble nice home. Not a three storey high one, but nice enough to be called my own. Before I had children, teaching was my ambition. I had always wanted to be a teacher since I was small, and a teacher I became. My parents were proud of me. My late grandfather worshipped teachers and told everyone he could possibly know that I was a teacher. I was so lucky to be able to work with MOE to somewhat make a difference to the lives of my pupils. However, my perspective changed when I had Sharleez, and subsequently, the twins. I knew my dream job was not teaching anymore but to be a full time stay at home mother. Funny how quickly my mindset changed but that was really what I wanted. I did not even think twice, thrice or more. I left my job as an educator to be with my girls. I thought I might as well work from home. And to be honest, very few obstacles stood in my path initially. But luckily I have Studiofrost/Babyfrost/StudioPerfect and most importantly the constant support from my husband and parents to rely on. I knew it was not going to be easy to just have one sole breadwinner in the family, and I worked really hard towards achieving my dream job of being a full time stay at home mother, as ironic as it may sound. I wanted to take courses to upgrade myself further. I took up makeup courses every day for three solid months at the expense of leaving my girls behind. It was tough, I repeat but I survived.  Nurul and I have worked really hard to make Studiofrost where it is right now. We did not start easy but we are here now. Everything in life comes with hard word and perseverance. Setbacks are there always to test me, but in order to achieve my dreams, I know that I always have to overcome my fears and downfalls. I guess that’s the secret recipe to life?

And finally I came to the realization my friend that yes, I am living a dream life.

These people are my dreams which I have realized.



True enough, sometimes, some days, things just do not seem quite right – I get annoyed with someone, or the girls refuse to behave, or the girls wake me up all night, or I do not get my work done. In the moment, I might just lose it but in the grand scheme of things I know how lucky I am. I do have dreams yet to be realized, but that’s what makes the dream life so good– one can continue to create more and more dreams to experience as life is lived. Agree?

So tell me, are you living your dream life?

make.believe that your dreams can come true, with Sony.

Let me tell you more.

Recently, Sony has announced “make.believe” (make dot believe), a new wide brand message that from now one, unites Sony’s communication initiatives across electronics, games, movies, music, mobile phones and network services. What is “make.believe”? Why “make.believe”?

The introduction of “make.believe” symbolizes Sony’s spirit of creativity & the ability to turn ideas into reality and the belief that anything you imagine, you can make real. The dot in “make.believe”symbolizes the place where great things happen. It is where inspiration meets creativity, and creativity meets reality. In other words, anything is possible if you dare to dream.

And right now, Sony is giving you the chance to realize your dream, with two contests!

Contest A- Dot Your Dream Contest


The Dot Your Dream contest is designed to invite those of you with dreams and aspirations to share them with everyone. But of course, everyone draws isnpriations from different sources so you this is the reason why the contests offers you FOUR mediums of espressions- Game.Me, Movie.Me, Tech.Me, and Music.Me. You choose which medium of expression will best express your dream, and you create it. Winners for the contest will be based on the total number of votes they get from the public.


1st Dream Prize:
Grand Prize of a sponsorship by Sony worth up to S$100,000

2nd Dream Prize:
BRAVIA 46″ LCD TV, Blu-ray Home Theatre System, PlayStation®3, VAIO Notebook, Cyber-shot Digital Camera and Walkman® MP3 Player. 

3rd Dream Prize:
BRAVIA 40″ LCD TV, Home Theatre System, VAIO Notebook, Cyber-shot Digital Camera, Walkman® MP3 Player
The highest-voted dream entry will win the Grand Prize of a sponsorship by Sony worth up to S$100,000!

Period of Submission: 11 Feb to 14 Mar 2010.
8 finalists will be selected by Sony to be posted online for voting from 1 to 14 April 2010
Announcement of winner online on 16 April 2010.

Contest B – Photo contest

The Photo Contest is designed to invite those of you with great passion in photography to send in your entries.
Winners for the contest will take position as fan photographers at the side of football pitch of World Cup SA 2010 and have the chance of a life time to watch world-class footballers in action up close.

The theme for the contest is Dot Your Moment, and all you need to do is capture the most meaningful or wonderful moment in your life and submit it online, together with 160 words to describe your entry. For all you know, that picture might just be the winning entry!

8 entries with the highest votes will get one of the FOUR dream prizes sponsored by Sony:

Option one:
-1 pair of tickets to SA
-Free airport transfer (not including VISA)
– Accommodation
– 1 pair of seats to watch World Cup SA 2010

Option two:
– 1 pair of tickets to SA (parent and child)
-Free airport transfer (not including VISA)
– Accommodation
– I pair of tickets to watch world cup SA 2010
– 1 entry pass to the centre of pitch for the accompanied child (age 10 to 16) to participate in the flag bearer ceremony (pre-match ritual)

Options three and four:
A different combination of Sony products. Each set is worth $5,000.

Period of Submission: 11 Feb to 14 Mar 2010.
25 finalists will be selected by Sony to be posted online for voting from 1 to 14 April 2010
Announcement of winner online on 16 April 2010.

So, what are you seriously waiting for? I know of a lot of you readers out there who are really good at photography. And I too know of some with dreams that have yet to be realized.

make.believe that your dreams can come true because they really can. 

Click HERE to join the contests now! I believe in all of you! 🙂

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