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Advertorial: KFC Egg Tarts

Hi aunties, uncles & friends!

Just the other day, Mummy and Daddy brought us to KFC. I thought it was going to be one of those KFC visits- order chicken and eat chicken.  Although I am just a three year old toddler, I have already associated KFC with chicken. Not that I do not enjoy eating at KFC- chicken is my most favourite food in the world, hello? I am just like Mummy, we cannot live a day without chickens! What I did not know that day was the fact that I was in for a super sweet surprise, that there was more to life than just hot chicks, or chickens. My sisters and I were waiting (never patiently) in the baby chair as usual while waiting for food to be served. Mummy finally brought to the table two red boxes which looked as good as ang pows! I was really curious to know what was inside the boxes. I mean, that was really something new.

Do you want to know what was inside?

EGG TARTS! To be exact, Portuguese egg tarts!

I am sure you know what egg tarts are. Portuguese egg tarts however, are different from the normal egg tarts – they have caramelised sugar on the surface, with creamy and smooth egg custard. If that’s not enough, the pastry is crispy, fluffy and oh so flaky.

Mummy has a confession- she does not like anything to do with eggs at all. She is the total opposite of Daddy who loves egg tarts! Is that the reason why Daddy is affectionately called Tatek (read as TARTek)? Anyway, the moment Mummy tasted the egg tarts from KFC, she went “Ooooooooo” and “Aaaaaaaaa” and “Mmmmmmmm.” She kept on eating and finished the whole egg tart before finally offering me and my sisters a piece each. Oh yes, I was ONLY offered an egg tart after Mummy finished one. Unfair. Thank goodness there are half a dozen of egg tarts in each box. And we had two boxes! H E A V E N .


I could not control myself any further the moment I got hold of the egg tart. I grabbed it fast, dipped a finger into the custard, licked it. I continued dipping my finger into the custard and licking it till the custard was gone. Don’t blame me, the custard is really finger-licking good! And oh, they are french fries-licking good too – I dipped my fries into the custard and ate my very own custard fries! Whoever said you cannot be innovative while feeling hungry? The rest is history. I finished the custard first, and then the pastry. I created a mess thereafter but because I am a big girl, I cleaned up the mess myself. Mysha and Myreen had to be fed and boy were they frustrated waiting for their turn to come! I know they did not want to share the egg tart with each other. Poor little sisters of mine. I guess the reason why Mummy did not allow them to eat the egg tarts on their own was because they are not as grown up as me as yet. I am a big girl. I am three years old. I can clean up my own mess, okay? That is really something that deserves commendation. He he he.






Daddy, the self confessed egg tart lover, ate about four egg tarts! When asked, Daddy said that KFC Egg Tarts taste just right, which was why he could easily eat up four egg tarts within ten minutes. The sweetness of the custard is just right – its not too sweet. The pastry is crispy, fluffy and flaky. And the best thing about KFC Egg Tarts is they are served warm and fuzzy! The egg tarts are freshly made, and prepared there and then. They are definitely not those kind of instant egg tarts which only need heating up. Quality and freshness guaranteed.

So the next time we visit KFC, I will make sure I get at least a box of egg tarts! It does not even matter which part of the day we get to visit KFC because the egg tarts are served throughout from breakfast till night time.

And I now know of the perfect gift for my classmate Natasha Lim who celebrates Chinese New Year- a box of KFC Egg Tarts! After all, the KFC Egg Tarts come in a nice Chinese New Year box. Super red and super nice. I am sure I would be Natasha’s best friend ever once I give her the egg tarts! Now, does anyone know Natasha’s address? I want to surprise her, you see?


 To Mummy and Daddy, thank you for the constant effort to spend time with my sisters and I.

Thank you for already inculcating in us the importance of good family values since young.


 And I LOVE KFC Egg Tarts too!



 For a list of the restaurants serving the egg tarts, CLICK HERE!

The price is so affordable at $1.30 a piece only. But I am so sure one piece is not enough so do get a box of them at only $7.50!

 I say it’s time to visit KFC now with your family.



Signing off

Sharleez N



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