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Advertorial: KFC a.m. Blueberry Pancakes

Good morning blog world!

Had your breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, if you have not already had yours today. But honestly if you ask me, the true value of breakfast is not just the nutrition the body gets. The true value of breakfast is how much quality time you get to spend with the family, and the parental guidance your child gets at the table. Isn’t it sad to know how many of us often rush through breakfast or worse still, skip breakfast?

I therefore make it a strong point to have breakfast with my girls and husband on days when everyone is around. And our breakfast menu keeps changing all the time. It does not mean that breakfast needs to be just one of our daily routines. It does not mean we have to keep eating bread, bread, and more bread every single day. Preparing our own breakfast is of course the best way to go, but on days when we just feel like eating out, there are only certain places for breakfast that the girls and we like to go to.

One of our favourite places has got to be KFC.

I have always loved having my breakfast at KFC at least twice a week because believe it or not, I only eat porridge from KFC and nowhere else. You have got to try out the porridge if you have not already done so – it is freshly prepared every morning, and served piping hot with chunks of the Original Recipe chicken fillet. No other porridge can ever beat KFC porridge, for now.

Let’s not forget the egg tarts too, shall we?


And to add novelty to the awesome KFC a.m. breakfast menu now is…..

The a.m. Blueberry Pancakes!


Yet another great creation of KFC.

How should I describe these heavenly tasting pancakes? Or did I just describe them?

Or should I get my girls to describe them?



Give my girls great tasting cupcakes, muffins, cakes, or pancakes, and that’s when they will be completely honest with you. Their facial expressions won’t lie! While Sharleez and Mysha were super engrossed with their a.m. Blueberry Pancakes, Myreen was enjoying the pancakes her usual fun way – by giggling and making funny faces at me and Tatek at the same time. Each time she sees me snapping pictures, she would make monkey faces instead, as you can see from the picture above. Sharleez and Mysha on the other hand, take breakfast very, very seriously all the time.

When I asked the girls whether they were enjoying their a.m. Blueberry Pancakes, Myreen kept on exclaiming “It’s amazing Mummy, it’s amazing!”

Just what’s so amazing about a.m. Blueberry Pancakes? Unlike the normally plain pancakes that we often eat for breakfast elsewhere, the a.m. Blueberry Pancakes have the perfect blend of blueberries and pancakes. Oh yes, you read me right, the pancakes have blueberry fillings! Believe me, the taste of blueberries exploding through the golden brown, light and tender pancakes is enough to make you wish for breakfast any time of the day!

And as the pancakes are tasty and sweet enough to be eaten on their own, you do not need the maple syrup to enjoy them like how you need maple syrup to enjoy almost any other pancake.



 But of course, what are pancakes without maple syrup right? So go enjoy the pancakes with maple syrup, if you must.



And regardless of whether you are alone or with your family, you can still enjoy the a.m. Blueberry Pancakes. Just what am I talking about?

If you are alone and want to have the a.m. Blueberry Pancakes all by yourself, you can order the a.m. Blueberry Pancakes & Eggs meal at $5.30. If you are with your family, save money and order the NEW a.m. Family Feast which consists of:

  • 2 x a.m. Blueberry Pancakes & Eggs with Hash Brown
  • 1 x a.m. Platter
  • 1 x a.m. Twister (Original Recipe)
  • 2 x Coffee/Tea
  • 2 x Hot Milo


 So go make that morning visit to KFC alone, with your family or friends to know what exactly I’m talking about.  This picture here was taken with the good people from KFC! 🙂


And did you know…

“He who goes to bed hungry dreams of pancakes.”



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