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Advertorial: A Motorcycle Adventure


Don’t we all love it when our little one watches a cartoon with high educational value? After all, they do absorb and learn a lot more just by watching their favourite cartoon characters in action.

Just the other day, my girls and I had the privilege of watching Handy Manny’s Motorcycle Adventure. In Manny’s adventure this time round, he is taking a ride on his motorcycle to attend a family reunion with his talking tools where he plans to introduce his talking tools to his aunties and uncles. On their way to the reunion, Manny talks to the tools about the need for a family reunion. Of course, the tools being tools, do not really understand what a family is, and are really curious to find out more. In a desperate search to find a family of his own, Pat the hammer, goes off searching for a hammer just like himself. Pat believes he is on the right track when he sees a huge advertising image that he thinks might lead him to a family member. He ends up getting lost, and ultimately realizing that at the end of the day, Manny and his fellow tools are still his true family. Manny has to travel out of his way on his motorbike with his remaining tools in order to save Pat and the other absconders. Though he ends up missing part of his family reunion to do it, Manny does not mind at all. At the end, Manny explains to his tools that although they all come from different families, he and the tools are one.


Handy Manny’s Motorcycle Adventure is full of bright colors, lots of songs, and a bunch of Spanish words used. Watching the premiere will definitely expand a child’s learning experience.

I admit, I have never watched Handy Manny before- I thought it was simply a cartoon teaching the young ones to use tools. But I was wrong, obviously. The one hour spent watching the show taught not only Sharleez but me as well about many lessons in life in particular, friendship, cooperation, and the importance of family life. And the other thing I really like about Handy Manny is the immediate translation each time Manny and his friends use Spanish words and phrases in their speech. So what if you are not even Spanish or do not understand Spanish in the first place? Watching Handy Manny encourages viewrs to be more sensitive and tolerant of other languages and cultures. That’s the whole idea. Cultural diversity is definitely an important lesson that every child must learn from young.

Handy Manny’s Motorcyle Adventure one hour movie special is premiering on 22nd Jan, Friday 10am on Playhouse Disney Channel, and I think you should really take the time to watch this one together with your children. I had the priviledge to watch the preview with my girls, and we really enjoyed it.

Handy Manny Season 3, premieres on 29th Jan, Friday 10am, on Playhouse Disney.

Hop up, jump in! Make it date with Manny and his tools.

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