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Advertorial: Exclusive Nursing Shawls


I remember vividly the same thin black cotton nursing shawl I used in public to nurse Sharleez, and a year later, Mysha & Myreen. I did not even have a choice to begin with because it was so difficult to find nice and affordable nursing shawls here. And when I finally did find one, it was really of poor quality – it wrinkled easily and that alone was enough to make me look like one unkempt mother. Mummies out there who breastfeed or who intend to breastfeed your babies, you definitely need one good nursing shawl in your bag all the time. And it certainly does help (your public image) a lot if the nursing is made of a material that does not crease, crumple or wrinkle easily.

 When my friend Sharinna showed me the nursing shawls which she is selling, I was in awe. Yes, my friends, I was in awe still despite not being a nursing mummy anymore. I was in awe because of the following reasons:

  1. The nursing shawl can be styled in so many ways! Wear it like an off shoulder top or even a front button ed cardigan! Nurse your babies in style, mummies!
  2. It is made of netted lycra, a breathable, cooling, and stretchable material. Its stretchability accomodates to all body size so you do not have to worry about your baby or yourself not being able to fit into the nursing shawl.
  3. Workmanship of the nursing shawl is excellent. Can you believe it, Sharinna made all the nursing shawls herself!? She too was a frustrated nursing mummy like me because she could not find a nice nursing shawl that she could bring along for her outings with her babies. Unlike me who did nothing about it, Sharinna decided to start from scratch and sewed the nursing shawls herself. Superwoman, I say.
  4. It comes in the many attractive colours below like lacy blue, dark grey, purplish brown, purplish blue & pink. Each nursing shawl has 4 crystal/designed buttons to make it all the more exclusive and glam looking. The ordinary nursing shawls in the market are usually just plain black or plain cream. How boring for happening mummies like us, right?! ;p





 And the best thing of all is, the price is reasonable, ranging from $30 to $40 only.

 I tried on the nursing shawl myself to test it myself! It is indeed very stretchable, and the shawl does not wrinkle at all! I say it is definitely a MUST buy for mummies or mummies to be. I give it 5 out of 5 squirts of breastmilk! ;p

So nursing mummies, never leave home without one of these nursing shawls.
Bring your privacy everywhere you go.

Bring Sharinna’s Exclusive Nursing Shawls!

Click HERE to be directed to Sharinna’s website.


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