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Advertorial: Cook in.

Just a few days back, I decided to cook a healthy dish together with my husband and girls!

Yes, time for a change.

Besides, a family that cooks together, eats healthy together. When you are cooking a meal together at home with your kids especially, you will be motivated to prepare something healthy. You have control over what goes into the food you cook, and what gets into your stomach and your kids’. If you use cooking a meal together as family time, you will know that your family’s nutrition requirements are being looked after. I mean, why would you want your kids or husband to eat something unhealthy prepared by you? It does not make sense at all.

I have a confession – I am a very pampered daughter. I take for granted the fact that my mum will always handle the cooking part at home. I cannot live without her cooking. All of us cannot live without her cooking. So, the cooking at home is always done by her. Sometimes, even when I take the extra effort to cook for Tatek, Mak will cringe because she does not want me to cook too much. “Later nobody eat!”


But hey, I think I have been doing a good job so far, cooking and all for my girls and husband. So far, Tatek will finish whatever I cook for him. So far, he has yet to vomit out my cooking. So far, he will always have a second serving whenever I cook. So far, he does not cringe whenever I tell him I feel like cooking. I think Tatek likes it when I cook for him because well, it is something every husband wants his wife to be able to do – COOK.

Do not worry Tatek, I will keep getting awesome recipes from Mak, and then I will cook them for you (when Mak is not cooking). Meanwhile, together with Masterchef Sharleez, we prepared Steamed Fish for break fast.

Mysha and Myreen were actually waiting to cut those mushrooms too but sadly, they are not that ready yet to use the knife. Tatek did not do much actually but he was just there to watch us prepare the dish. Good enough, I say! I like my husband to be very involved in whatever we do as a family, be it cooking or whatever (girly) stuff there is to do.

Cooking encourages creativity. Masterchef Sharleez was given the freedom to be original and to arrange the presentation of the dish.



Not bad, huh? No salt or MSG was used. I mean it when I said we cooked a healthy dish together.

(Of course Mak was behind the camera telling Sharleez what to do. Hahahahahaha!)



Actually, I really enjoy eating my hot plate of rice with Steam Fish. Super syok, and definitely very healthy. Mak has been trying different kinds of fish to steam but I have to say the best so far is seabass and pomfret! Do you know actually that 40% of Singaproeans are overweight or obese? That’s almost half the population of Singapore, and that’s not even funny! I guess the main reason why there are so many obese
people around is because everyone is too busy to cook or prepare a simple meal at home everyday. By the time they are done with work, they just want to go home to rest and sleep. So what happens then?


Very convenient right?

But we all also know how outside food is like, right? It is definitely not as healthy as home-cooked food. But the fact is, not everyone is doing something about it. Easy home cooking meals are better than greasy outside food with high content of MSG. Nobody expects you to make a gourmet dinner every night, anyway.


So how would you like to cook a healthy meal together with your family? And while you are at it, do make sure you participate in…



There are awesome prizes to be won!

1st Prize:

$3000 FairPrice Vouchers
3 cooking classes for a family of 4 at Cookery Magic

2nd Prize:

$2000 FairPrice Vouchers
2 cooking classes for a family of 4 at Cookery Magic

3rd Prize:

$1000 FairPrice Vouchers
1 cooking class for a family of 4 at Cookery Magic

11 Consolation Prizes:

$100 FairPrice voucher each. So how do you participate?

Simple, just click HERE & click ENTER CONTEST

Closing Date: 16 Sept 2012
Voting of finalists: 11 Sept 2012 (09:00) to 21 Sept 2012 Announcement of winners: 28 Sept 2012

Do remember to submit 2 colored photos in JPEG format – 1 photo of you and your family cooking, and another photo of the dish.

For more details, you can visit HPB’s website HERE.

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