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Advertorial: Brighter Days With Kao!

Just the other day, we brought the Nadyas out for dinner. We can never survive any outing without eating – my girls enjoy eating so much! Bring them out, and they will be looking for food in less than an hour.

“Mummy, I’m so hungry I cannot walk anymore.”

With a drama like that, how to continue shopping or run our errands? Hehe.

Since they are now all big enough to eat on their own, we let them eat on their own most of the time. As much as Tatek minds the mess that they are bound to make as a result of their self-feeding, I insist that they get to feed themselves at least 70% of the time. And as much as we cover them up with napkins, they would either “accidentally” drop the napkins, or stain some of the uncovered parts. Heart pain, especially if they are wearing newly bought outfits!

Basically this is what normally happens whenever they are left on their own to eat. Parents, I’m sure this scenario has taken place many times before right? This time round, I left a jar of Nutella for Mysha & Myreen to eat.

































NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Look at the mess & stains all over my mess monsters! And look at their happy faces once the mess was done!

Therefore, a good clothes stain remover is very VERY important in our daily lives. So many times I lost control whenever my helper told me that she could not remove the stains on the girls’ clothes. And what made it worse was when the colour of the clothes got duller after many washes AND the stains were still there! What did the girls eat, permanent marker or something?! In fact, I was slowly coming to grips with the fact that all the stain removers that we have been using just didn’t seem to cut it. Oh yes, the proper procedure was always carried out for the washing of the dirty clothes. It didn’t matter, though. Inevitably, there was at least one stubborn stain left behind for all of the others that came out each time laundry was done. Most of the time, the stains were still very prominent despite several washes that I had to reluctantly say goodbye to the clothes. It upsets me absolutely when things like this happen because I take great pride in shopping for clothes for my girls. No amount of money can ever replace the clothes they wear… and of course them too. Hehehe.

But this was until Mak started using Kao Colour Bleach Powder for our laundry. Mak somehow always knows the best whenever it comes to laundry and of course, cooking. But really, mothers know best! So when she told me to use Kao Colour Bleach Powder for the girls’ clothes, I knew my daily clothing massacre was about to end.

Take for example Mysha’s terribly stained tee. Eeewwww.


So what did I use in order to remove the stubborn stains fast and easy?


Simple, half a cap of Kao Bleach Colour Powder, and 2 litres of warm water.



Step 1: Pour half a cap of Kao Bleach Colour Powder into the pail of warm water.



Step 2: Let it completely dissolve.



Step 3: Place the stained tee into the pail, together with laundry detergent.



Step 4: Let it soak for 30 mins.



Step 5: Wash & Rinse with detergent.


And the stains were all gone, just like that!

What’s awesome about Kao Colour Bleach Powder is how it not only removes stubborn stains, but also helps to brighten colour clothes and whiten white clothes. It leaves every wash with a really nice fresh floral fragrance. And it is really simple to remove the stains. So simple that even my two year old twins could do it themselves! For that Kao Colour Bleach Powders gets 5 stars from me! Hehehe.

Besides Kao Colour Bleach Powder, there is also Kao Colour Bleach Liquid! How different are they?

Kao Colour Bleach is available in both powder and liquid format. Kao Colour Bleach Liquid is suitable for all washable fabrics, while Kao Colour Bleach Powder, on the other hand, is not suitable for wool and silk. Other than that, they both work the same way!

Frankly speaking, I HATE doing the laundry because I have always found it to be so complicating. Must sort the clothes first la, separate them la, soak them first over night la, and pre-wash them before they can finally go into the washing machine. Man, I can take forever to do this. But Kao Colour Bleach has definitely proved me wrong! Why take forever when I need only 30 mins to remove the stains and wash the laundry?

But how would you like to receive FREE samples of the Kao Colour Bleach Powder (30g)? Come, let me help you IF YOU HELP ME! We help each other okay? Hehehe.

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Try out the Kao Bleach Colour Powder and review it, and you’ll stand to win 1 year supply of Kao Laundry products! You will receive a notification of the url to review the sample together with the actual sample mailed to you. After you’ve done the review, do stay tuned to  as winners will be announced on the site weekly (every Tuesday) from 26th July to 16th August, so hurry and apply for the sample now!

With Kao Laundry Products, you will never, ever have to air your dirty laundry anymore.
Oops. No pun intended.

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