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Advertorial: 3M Polarizing Light BL5100

Do you know I have perfect eyesight?


Hehehehe. But hey, I believe that’s really an achievement because nowadays, there are just too many people who either need the glasses or contact lenses. I need neither for now, so PHEW!

Right now, my only worry is my girls’ eyesight. Sometimes, they strain their eyes too much by watching TV all day long without hardly blinking their eyes. Sometimes, they will even get teary as a result. And then, I will start to get panicky and tell them to rest first and blink several times to soothe their eyes.

And what I am especially against is them reading in bad light. When there is not enough light, we have to strain our eyes to read or to look at something.We all love to read, but some of us do not realize how important it is to have a good reading light, and what a difference it can make in the process of reading. I was guilty of it..until I was introduced to 3MTM Polarizing Light BL5100 reading light. A good reading light should be bright enough for them to read a book or do any near vision work without having to strain their eyes. However, reading light should not also be too bright so as to cause glare. Sometimes. if the lighting in the room is not bright enough, a reading light like 3MTM Polarizing Light BL5100 will help to supplement.

My point is, it is important to cultivate good reading habits. 

 I have been using the 3MTM Polarizing Light BL5100 reading light and I like what it has to offer.

This was taken without a reading light. Besides the fact that it was quite dim, can you see the glare on the left page? Honestly speaking, I used to think nothing of the glare I saw on books because I thought the books were just glossy or that the camera flash was too strong. And that was that. Little did I realize that the poor lighting can actually cause the glare on books, and the glare is not good for the eyes.


The picture below was taken with the 3MTM Polarizing Light BL5100 reading light turned on. Very clear and bright enough to read indeed, with minimal glare.


 Can you see the differences now, with and without a proper reading light like 3MTM Polarizing Light BL5100?

The Polarizing Filter present in the 3MTM Polarizing Light BL5100 effectively:

  • Reduces direct and reflected glare by up to 80% & improves reading
  • Blocks out UV & protects both eyes and skin
Now, not all reading lights have this amazing filter technology. The amount of glare reduced is dependent on the viewing angle, and what I really like about 3MTM Polarizing Light BL5100 is its adjustable lamp neck.  Okay here’s a tip – the best way to reduce glare is to place the 3MTM Polarizing Light BL5100 to the side during use.

Wah so bright?”

“Will it use up more electricity?”

“Will the electricity bills increase next month onwards?” 

Of course not!

3MTM Polarizing Light BL5100 is fitted with energy saving light bulbs that save up to 80% energy used. So in other words, you not only save cost but you save the environment as well.

And most importantly, you also save your eyesight!

Parents, our kids need proper reading light. If the lighting is dim, there is a tendency to hold the book to close to the eyes, and therefore will aggravate myopia (short sightedness).  And the most worrying thing to note is that most children do not even know if their view of the world is normal. In other words, they will not even know it if they have an eye problem. As a result, their eyes may ‘switch off’ or become ‘lazy’ without us realizing it fast enough.

 So what are the signs to look out for and how do we know if our child has an eye problem?

The signs can be:
  • headaches;
  • squinting up their eyes when looking at things;
  • constantly rubbing their eyes;
  • unusual head postures;
  • always wanting to be close to things such as TV or getting up in class to go closer to the board.

Positioning of the reading light is also important. The reading light should be positioned close with its light shining from the side. A good reading light is really important especially when you intend to burn the midnight oil or if your child needs to complete his/her homework or assignment at night. As for me, I think I will start using a reading light from today onwards for both my late at night desk job as well as for the Nadyas’ bedtime stories. Sure, it is very cosy and convenient indeed to just lie down on the bed with them under the dim light and read one bedtime story after another. But if I really care about their eyesight, then I should be doing something to reduce the risks of them getting myopia


I guess 3MTM Polarizing Light BL5100 will be my next best friend at night whenever I have deadlines to meet.

It’s really time to have good reading habits before it is too late.

Want to start good reading habits with me? Here’s your chance to win 3MTM Polarizing Light BL5100 for your family! The generous people from 3M will be giving away 5 pieces of 3MTM Polarizing Light BL5100 worth $189 each!

 So here’s the question.

Tell us in 100 words or less, why you need a 3MTM Polarizing Light BL5100?

Send your answer together with the following details to by 17 June 2012.:

  • Name
  • I/C number
  • Mobile number
  • Email address

Don’t forget to mention ETRANGLE too!

“First we form habits, then they form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you.” 

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