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Active Minds = Active Kids

“Diah, what kind of supplements do you give your kids?”

Gonna share one of them in this post!

When I was introduced to int3Tree mind supplement for my kids, I was as usual, a bit skeptical.

(HAHA, what’s new? Diah is forever skeptical about everything in the world!)


But since it’s chocolate flavoured, in powder form and all, I thought why not let my girls try it out first?



(I tasted it too!)


It tastes exactly like Cadbury’s Peppermint Chocolate! I am not kidding!

The chocolate mint taste melts in the mouth within seconds, leaving a slightly minty after taste!



Can you tell?



(My twins love it so much and always ask if they can have more than a sachet each daily!)

If your kids are not too comfortable with mint, then perhaps you can add a sachet each of int3Tree mind supplement to your kid’s favourite beverage like Milo, milk or any cold dessert!

I am not too sure whether you know this but regularly eating cocoa has been linked to improvements in working memory and visual information processing and cocoa could be particularly beneficial for certain people.

Dark chocolate in particular, helps to:

  • boosts mood
  • protects the brain from damage
  • improves memory and focus
  • reduces stress and much more.

Of course besides getting our kids to eat healthy and get enough sleep (on top of the daily revision which they need to do so that they do not forget what they have learnt in school lol), supplements like int3Tree mind supplement can also help in a way or another.

The fact of the matter is, it’s very hard to ensure that our kids have a balanced and healthy diet. I know my kids do not. They love their fast foods, processed foods, snacks and occasional carbonated sodas (which can leach vitamins and minerals from their bodies). And when that happens, they are not getting enough vitamins and nutrients daily.

The int3Tree mind supplement is the first product in Asia for kids with #NoAddedSugar.

And best of all, it is HALAL!

After a month of consuming it, I have noticed that my girls are not as sluggish anymore after school. Their daily practice does not take that long for them to finish too! It’s either the assessment book is too easy for them or the int3Tree mind supplement is already showing some its benefits – the improving of memory! I choose the latter please because before they started consuming int3Tree brain supplement, they used to take such a loooooooong time to finish one revision topic! They even complained that they were tired or sleepy.


Let me provide you with the fact-file summary of the product:

  • It is Asia’s 1st mind development supplement with health benefits in sachet form
  • Unobtrusive, pocket friendly, and that means you can bring along anywhere!)
  • specially formulated for children and students aged 3 – 22 years old.
  • It has already received Health Sciences Authority (HSA) Singapore classification as a non-drug/non-pharmaceutical product and also approval from Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) to import to Singapore.
  • Direct under tongue absorption which ensures optimal amount of nutrients are absorbed, thanks to sublingual administration technology. Did you know that this method is more efficient in absorption of nutrients as compared to other oral digestion method (e.g. pills, syrups etc.)
  • 1st in Asia to use DarkChocolate (Switzerland) as an integral ingredient in their mind supplement product.
  • First product in Asia for kids that has #NoAddedSugar.
  • Top quality ingredients are carefully selected & 100% imported direct from overseas (i.e. USA, Switzerland and New Zealand).
  • int3Tree takes a holistic approach to children’s nutritional well-being encompasses a wide range of benefits for IQ (Intelligence), EQ (Emotional) and Physical (Health) well-being.
  • Every box comes with 30 sachets (complete month’s supply!) and is more affordable as compared to other mainstream health supplement products.


Additional information you might want to know:

  • Another integral ingredient ( FloraGLO Lutein ®) has received a patent in the USA and int3Tree is the 1st product in Asia which has attained rights to use it in its product. In our day and age, our children are continuously exposed to radiation from harmful “Blue Light” (electronic hand-held devices, computers, television etc.). Lutein actively helps to protect their eyes and repairs the damage!
  • int3Tree has also attained rights from world renowned Meg-3 ® (USA) to use its trademark exclusively in its product. Meg-3 ® is the most trusted source of Omega-3 EPA and DHA from fish oil, without the fishy taste and smell!


And wow, int3Tree has been awarded the prestigious Asia Pacific Super Health Brand (Emerging Enterprise) 2017-2019!

An unbelievable achievement given that the product has just been in the market since earlier this year.



For more details/greater savings, you can contact the Singapore authorised distributor:

Whatsapp/SMS: 87277321

Facebook: int3treesg 

IG: @int3treesg


Quote my name ETRANGLE OR DIAH to receive 12% off retail price, yo!

Okay done. Caring is sharing! <3

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