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About Etrangle

Who exactly is Etrangle?

For starters, Etrangle is just a nick which I found by pure luck, and fell in love with waaaay back in time – I was only 16 back then. Yes yes, so my name or surname  is not Etrangle by default but DIAH MASTURA ROSLAN. So do not address me as Diah Etrangle because you see, my daddy’s name is not Etrangle.

Diah Mastura Roslan is actually a simple person. YES I AM! In fact, I am such a  homely person I can bore you at times. So you see, I am not lying whenever I blog about my family and my life which basically revolves around…my family. Haha! Told you I am that simple.  But hey, I have truly awesome parents who are always there for me and my family, siblings who stick like glue, a husband who is really the other half of me, and of course my three girls who just keep making me smile (and frown!) every single day. I love them that much because I know that a close family bond is like a safe harbour – they will always be there to pick us when we fall, to save us when we drown & to bring us up when we are down. I am sure many would say, “Cannot be. How can her life be so perfect?” Simple.  Hide the imperfections by painting the wall with colours of the rainbow. Try it! 🙂

Like they say, you can choose your friends but never your family. So make the best out of what you have.

And have you met my pride, my joy and my life? Goodness, where have you been?  You should be worried by now.  The Nadyas’ pictures are everywhere in my blog, you should be pretty sick of them by now. I am obsessed with my daughters, don’t you know that?  O B S E S S E D.




Once a primary school educator (and an employee of MOE), I left my job after right after giving birth to my twins, Mysha Nadya and Myreen Nadya aka the M&Ms.  Oh, and for the last time, they are not identical twins. They are fraternal twins. “How can?! They look so alike, they must be identical!” Right?  WRONG.  Here are some facts about fraternal twins:

  • they do not share the same placenta
  • they share only 50% of their genes
  • they are not supposed to look alike BUT some can look even more alike than identical twins.
  • they have their own sets of personalities and interests.

So please, do not try to correct me when I say my twins are not identical. A mother should know her children best, right? And believe me, my twins are really so different, it does not take much to differentiate them. But of course, you need to know them before you can have the magic powers to do so. How fun!

And just for the record, I did not regret leaving my job as an educator. I do miss my job as an educator though – the sweet memories I had with my pupils are enough to last me for a lifetime.

So what do I do now that I have left my job and am pretty much jobless? I am a stay at home mummy most of the time, and on certain days of the week, I am a work at home mummy. Yes yes, I now work from home and face my laptop almost all the time during my working days. Heard of No? Just click on the link there. (Again, where have you beeeeeeeeeeeen?) Studiofrost is really something that my best friend and sister-in-law, Nurul Aini and I work so hard on until today. From just the selling of preloved items, we started to sell trendy clothes for a few years, got bored of them because everyone else was doing the same thing online slowly but surely, and finallystarted our own line of clothes which we both design. Woohoo! Our focus now is mainly exclusively designed kaftans and dresses for special events and occasions. And because we design them ourselves, you can be sure not to find them anywhere else.

Besides Studiofrost, I am pretty much busy with Studioperfect/Studioperfect Weddings too. Oh yes, I can do makeup too –  for weddings, engagements or special events.  “Do makeup? She thinks makeup is so easy is it?” Excuse me, I went to learn more about makeup, did pretty well in Cosmoprof, and am now a certified makeup artist. So of course I think makeup is easy. Give me any face now, and I will doll you up. Why, Nurul and I have even done makeup and styling for Manja magazine! And let’s not forget the famous Nona Kirana’s engagement. 🙂


You see,  I believe in the impossible.

Let’s just say I am stubborn like that.


Welcome to my blog and about 70% of my life. Can’t possibly expose everything for the world to read, can I? ;p

Okay lah, maybe not exactly for the world to read. Maybe for about 3000 readers a day to read only? Oops, did I just reveal how many people read my blog daily? Haha, no intention at all to show off, seriously. It was intentionally done for the sake of advertising. Okay seriously now, would you like me to do an advertorial , advertisement or garage sale for your company/products/items? You have come to the right place! I have done quite a number of advertorials thus far and the following are just some of them:

  • Huggies
  • KFC
  • Pizza Hut
  • Freshlook ColorBlends
  • Garmin Asus
  • Playhouse Disney
  • Neutrogena Wave
  • Dove
  • UIC
  • Sony
  • Singapore Red Cross Campaign
  • Singapore Sports Council
  • Jipaban
  • Olympusdc







And the list goes on.

I have even written a series of advertorials for Huggies in Mother & Baby magazines. Below are just several of the articles which featured mainly Mysha and Myreen, and their progress from little newborns to 1 year old toddlers! I had a lot of fun doing these. Thank you Huggies once again for this wonderful opportunity which serves as wonderful keepsakes for me and my twins.








Sharleez, on the other hand has shown her potential in modelling and already had a few stints for Mother&Baby magazine!









Here is a video of Sharleez in action! 🙂

So tell me, how can I NOT  be proud of my Nadyas when they have already shown their potential despite still being so young? They have so much to offer, and they definitely have my support all the way in whatever they like doing! 🙂

And I hope you are convinced by now that I am really serious about blogging, writing, and my girls! In short, I truly believe in pursuing what I love doing.

Yup. That basically sums up Etrangle.

This is obviously not updated from time to time. Want the update version of me and my life? Read my blog then!

Do you have something that you have been itching and scratching to ask me? Advertising enquiries, perhaps?


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