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A SAHM Life.

So exciting. Chanced upon this comment from a certain lady in FB.



My only comment is this; you do not only send your kids to daycare just because you have to work or you cannot be there for them. Sometimes, the kids can get so bored at home from doing nothing besides watching TV while the mummy tries to settle the laundry and the chores. So isn’t it better for them to be at a daycare where they can learn to socialize, and be independent at the same time? Well, I am just saying because I do not send my girls to daycare, in the first place.

But it is always good to look at things through a lens of positivity and respect that there can be different perspectives. You are not always right, you know?

When I decided to be a SAHM (Stay At Home Mummy), it was not because I wanted to lead a tai tai life, or anything like that. It was not a choice I recklessly made. It was a choice I carefully thought through beforehand.

Do not make it seem like it is that bad to be a SAHM, dear lady above.

Everyone has their reasons.

I had my reasons too.

Finding out I was pregnant at that point of time was one thing. Finding out I was pregnant with twins was another thing. So it was double the surprise for me! The twin pregnancy was not easy for the first few months because I was pretty frail and kept vomitting. I remember taking 6 months of no pay leave from teaching and used that period of time to decide whether I should just leave the service and stay at home, or continue with the no pay leave for another year. Either way, I was not ready to go back to work immediately. I knew also that it was unfair for me to leave it to my mum and my helper to handle all my three girls. It is not as easy as that, especially if you have twins.

So I finally decided to quit teaching, say goodbye to rules & routines, and be a SAHM.

To begin with, I am a person who needs order and routine, and being a SAHM certainly does not offer that by default. So I set my own rules and routines, and I am able to stick to them most of the time, if not all the time. The work as a SAHM has no definite beginning or end. Nobody will tell you what to do and when. You decide on everything. You do the timing. You do the planning. It’s all you, you, and YOU.

When there is no schedule or plan, it is so easy to become unmotivated and undisciplined, which explains why I prefer to just lie down on the bed and stare at the ceiling on certain days. Sometimes, doing nothing takes precedence over my daily routines even! Hehe.

But despite that, I still have tasks to complete every single day without fail. I still have to carry out my duties as a mother. I still have to perform my obligations as a wife. I still have to manage my business. And sometimes, I will wake up and realize that I am a little tired from all the running around. Being a SAHM is a marathon, not a sprint. I have to slow down at times, and that’s perfectly okay.

On days when I am lucky, I get a breakfast date with the hubby…



On other days, it’s either breakfast alone & posing myself silly before whatsapping the picture to the hubby…


A visit to the gym…


Or a visit to Singpost to send out packed orders. Want to know why the queue was this long? Well, the lady first in the queue was doing everything there and then, from packing to writing of addresses to filling up of registered slip forms. She had about twenty packages in total. She should have done everything at home! I was right behind her actually sighing and sighing like an auntie, but I went right to the back to take this picture. I am sorry but I was pretty cheesed off already by then. LOL. She made us wait close to 40 mins, and the queue got so long as a result! So yeah anyway, this is what I have to put up with if I am not that lucky on certain days.



So you see, my mornings are always packed.

And everything has to be done by noon because that’s when I have to fetch these cuties home from school.


Should I need to continue running errands or go for my weekly retail therapy, then it will only be done after I send them home, settle them down and feed them their lunch.

Yeah, that is basically how my weekdays are. So easy to stalk and find me, you say? IKR.

Being constantly around my kids, I need to figure out how exactly I can get that breather once in a while to make me sane. Otherwise, I will be seeing them for 366 days a year. Fine, I know there are only 365 days in a year, but it feels longer when you are a SAHM. So dramatic, right? HAHAHA!

I love my girls soooooooooooo much but now I understand why most mummies nag;


I do not get my scheduled lunch breaks to read a nice book or do whatever I want. Why, my girls even open the bathroom door in the middle of my shower to chit chat with me or ask when I will be done! Lock my bedroom door for just one minute, and they will come knocking on the door.

On most days, I will just scream at them…

“My goodness! Give me a few minutes to get ready can?!”

“I am showering, can?!”

“Please. I am not wearing anything right now. Let me change!”

Their replies?

“Oh okay, make it quick Mummy.”

“How long more, Mummy? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? 20 minutes? FOREVER?”

“But Mummy…I miss you.”

Don’t know whether to cry or to laugh, or to laugh then cry.

I can never understand my girls sometimes.

“Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.”



Have a prosperous Chinese New Year to my blog readers who are celebrating. To the rest of us, let’s enjoy sleeping and waking up late for the next three days or so.


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