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A lacy affair

Hello, its time to talk about lace again because we just love lace so much. And because we know how much most of you love our exclusive lace maxis, we have decided to restock the other colours as well. Just so that you remember, click on THIS to see how our buyers rocked our lace maxis. We are really so proud of them because each of them brought out her unique individual style. That’s what style is all about – you don’t follow. You set it.

After restocking the black lace maxi for so many times already, it is now time to restock the lace maxi in red, pink and white as well! Don’t blame us, blame the lace maxis for being so stretchable and comfortable to wear! Don’t know what we are talking about? HERE.

The actual stocks for the lace maxis will arrive end of October but you need to order and make payment for them soonest if you want to secure a piece or two for yourself.

Let me fill you in on a little secret. We restocked the lace maxis at 2.30 pm today but as of now, we have only a few pieces of each colour left.



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