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32 Bites.

On February 25, I will turn 32.

No, don’t throw confetti as yet.



I still remember being 2. I was in the kitchen together with my late grandmother. She was frying banana fritters while I accidentally spilt a kettle of hot boiling water all over my tummy. I have a tiny scar on my tummy till now to remind me of that eventful day and my late grandmother. I really miss my late grandmother. She loved me with all her heart and soul. She really did.

I still remember being 12. The PSLE age, so how can I not remember that? On the day I got my PSLE results, I remember being so disappointed with my results. I remember crying and hugging my mum. I remember telling myself that I would perform even better in secondary school.  And I did just that.

I still remember being 22. I was in NIE and remember having the time of my life doing something I really enjoyed, and not something that I was forced to do. I was already dating Tatek for four years at that point of time. Do you want to know how we met? It was pretty cute. My close friend back then used my handphone to call him, but he only returned the call hours later. And when he finally did, I was already at home, without my friend. So I ended up chatting with him for hours instead. We made plans to meet up, and he asked me to be his girlfriend right after our first date. Fast game, you say? But of course. Thank you Tatek for loving me today as much as you did ten years back when you first met me. <3

I still remember the days before I turned 30. It was such a nerve wrecking moment for me because the number 3 looked so HUGE and terrifying. I remember not looking forward to my 30th birthday. I remember everyone around me (especially Nurul) telling me that I was already so old. HAH! Well guess what? Nurul is already 30 and she will be turning 31 this year. We are not that far off, sista!

Two years down the road, and I am like what, turning 32 already?

Sure, age is just a number. Like what Mark Twain once said (or maybe he said it more than once),

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

I do not mind it a single bit actually. Truth be told, I am enjoying life after hitting the over-30 mark. It’s no longer about the number because there is life after 30!

I am already starting to know my strengths and weaknesses as I go through life as a real adult. There will always be people who are constantly hoping to advise me or define who I am. While I truly appreciate the advise (they make sense sometimes), the thing is this; they will never be able to define me in the same way I see myself now that I am already older, together with a baseline of experience.

But one thing for sure, I know I am loving and pampering myself more than I have ever done before. I have more self-confidence and a stronger sense of self now. I am definitely more independent in other areas of my life, and I am more able to express what I really want as compared to before.

At 31, I know who I am.

I am also starting to appreciate others around me even more. For instance, I make the effort to spend more time with Tatek now as compared to before. I used to be so preoccupied with my girls that I sometimes forgot about his existence. It’s all about prioritizing and rescheduling my daily tasks without neglecting my loved ones or myself along the way. My husband is just as important as my girls even though I still think being a mom is the most beautiful gift a woman can ever receive. HAHA.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” 

Yesterday was so funny. I asked Tatek this simple question since we were at Whitesands and the salon was pretty empty .

“B, look at my hair. Should I trim it today or let it be?”

Remember I told you before that Tatek does not like me with short hair because he thinks all women should have long hair?

What do you think his reply was?

“Alamak. You ah, so vain.”

What’s the answer then to my question, you think? Is it a yes or a no? Beats me. Tatek, when you read this post, do tell me your answer okay? I mean, the last time I trimmed my hair was like, early last year, just so that you know. 😀

Why did I even mention the above HAIR-y conversation I had with him? Nothing actually. It’s just a simple example of how I still ask for his permission before I do things on/for myself even because well, at the end of the day, he needs to be happy with what he sees on his wife. Understood.

So how memorable will being 32 be for me? I cannot wait to find out either.

It should be noted that I still really love Backstreet Boys despite how big the number keeps getting. 

Some things never change, huh? <3

Now, you can throw that confetti and celebrate my 32nd birthday with me come 25 February 2013!



In conclusion, I want more than 32 LIKES for this picture blog post. 😀

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