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29, turned.

So I have turned 29 on the 25th of February 2010.

Being 29 puts me so close to 30. This makes it the last year that I can actually say, “Oh, I’m still in my 20s”. Boohoo. Can you imagine how that feels? I am sure those of you who have just turned 30 can relate to this and empathize. It sucks. As I am racing into my 30s, I know that I cannot take life for granted anymore. One thing for sure, the days of having not to worry a single bit about what I eat are all gone. I know I need to take charge of my diet already before my body turns from medium to large to extra large to extra, extra large!  But then again, even if I do turn extra, extra large, hope is not entirely gone. I can be big and beautiful, and model for Studiofrost’s plus size collection.  Nurul would be so proud of me. So it’s not that bad actually. ;p

Oh heck, why care so much about the number or the size? I already have three children at the age of 28, and that’s an achievement already. That’s all that matters.


So Happy Birthday to me! Happy turning 29. Happy turning 30 in a year to come. Can’t wait for my first strand of white hair! 


Thank you all for your wishes. Sorry I could not reply to all but I read them all, and I tried replying to as many tweets, FB messages and emails as I possibly could. Thank you to my family for celebrating it with me, as usual. Thank you Mak for cooking a finger licking spread of seafood. Thank you Daddy for the black pepper crab. Thank you Sofia Dendroff and Bertram for being there.  Both of you were lucky that we decided to go themeless for my birthday. We did not want you guys to think otherwise of us. After all, first impression does matter. I seriously hope both of you were somewhat impressed by our  good manners and our “moderate” sense of humour. It was not easy for us to be as well-behaved as that, you know?





 Now, let’s see whether there will be baby number 4 before I turn 30.







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