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The Reveal.

My girls, they want to do whatever I am doing.

THEY ARE SUCH CUTE COPYKITTIES (a nicer and cuter way of calling them copycats lol)!

We share the same interest in music because they basically listen to whatever I listen to. How convenient.

Our conversations will be mostly about music on most days. We talk about the artistes like they are friends we hang out with. LOL.

For instance,


Did you guys know that Sandra (from The Sam Willows) does yoga?


Yah lah I know. She does it every time.


And she always has a band around her left arm.


I wonder where she does her hair. It is so nice!


Aiyah, I think from Shunji Matsuo. Check her IG lah.


Yes, if it is not obvious enough, their recent craze is The Sam Willows. Now my next question will be, who did you think introduced them to The Sam Willows?


We sing along to songs from Backstreet Boys, One Republic, Muse, Keane, Imagine Dragons, The Beatles, The Killers, Demi Lavato, P!nk, Taylor Swift, and so on. The list is of course, non-exhaustive.

My girls talk exactly like me. Sharleez especially reminds me a lot of myself when she talks because she always has her hidden jokes. And she is a super sarcastic person too. So each time I get annoyed at them, I will pause and think, “Hey, they are just like me. I must be that annoying to others as well.”

It is nice to know that I am my daughters’ role model and they find me cool! HAHA. That was my ultimate goal when I first became a mummy.

My daughters are indeed my best friends. I mean, we practically do almost everything together. At this present moment, they want to be included in almost everything that I do. I am just thinking whether this would be the case when they grow up into teenagers. By then, their mummy would not be so cool anymore to them. Boohoo. With the social media influence and rapid pace of technological change, I expect them to look up to a certain celebrity or icon as their ultimate role model anytime soon. Would they want to include me in their lives still, or would I be a total hindrance? Boohoo again.

But hey, everyone needs a good role model.

As a blogger myself, it is not a surprise if some of my followers refer to me as their role model too. Some will always support me in everything I do. Some just follow me because they want to be busybodies. LOL. Some do not really like me that much but still follow me because they want to be updated with the good and bad in my daily life. LOL again. Do not worry, I am cool about it.

My mission as a social media influencer is to influence, inspire and motivate in the most natural way possible via my blog and other social media postings. I do not like to be seen as perfect because the reality is, my life is far from perfect. If you have been following my recent Facebook posts, you would have noticed my frequent meltdowns. Please just blame it on my PMS. It is never easy being a woman.

My point is, I can always choose to abstain from showing you the other side of me or my life. But hey, I want my followers to see that I am just like everyone else too, with bad days and all. I am loving, clumsy, careless, candid, comical, temperamental, and easily agitated. Yes, I am all that and more. Now, of course you should know my style by now – I do not exactly share everything with you. Only stuff that I feel will not do much harm to those reading it. I am pretty much selective. If they can benefit or learn a thing or two from my posts, all the better.

Back to my girls.

We have a new baby.

Okay please do not get so paranoid and just continue reading to know more about our new baby.

Most importantly, the baby is definitely not the pregnant kind of baby. 






Disappointed already? LOL.

Read on if you still want to find out.

I have promised my girls some time back that I will let them blog like me once the time is right. And they have been pestering me ever since.

I kept forgetting. I kept being preoccupied with other things. I kept telling myself that I would work on it the next day. And when the next day came, I would forget all about it.

When I had a conversation with my sister the other day, she told me that I should have done this waayyyyyyyyyyy back. I recall her telling me, “Go lah, go and do this. It’s something for you and the girls to be proud of.”

I brainstormed with her for ideas. It is not going to be just a blog. It is going to be everything included into one website, and Ili will be in charge of the web design. Thanks Ili ( for your help!

Now now now, you know how much I love dressing my girls up, don’t you? I have been doing this ever since they were born, and I am still not sick of dressing them up. To me, it is just like a good habit of mine which I believe has been successfully passed on to them. My girls take pride in the way they dress up, and I am not complaining. Kids who dress up or take the effort to look presentable for themselves and others will always feel good about themselves everywhere they go. I think that is definitely a good head-start as far as self confidence is concerned. What do you think?

So yes. Besides setting up a blog for the girls, I was thinking that I should also sell brand new kids clothing. Now when I talk about kids clothing, I am referring to the kind of clothes that I will normally buy for my girls. I mean, each time I post their photos online, I will have people asking me to share where I shop for their clothes.







Little fashionistas aged 2 to 9, this website is for you to shop! (Ask your mummy or daddy to pay for you, though!) HAHAH!

The designs you see are carefully selected by the Nadyas and me. We just love dressing up so much!




From today onwards, you too can own whatever the Nadyas wear, we promise! Brand new some more.

And yes, we will have preloved items too, of course. Keep a lookout!


The Nadyas want to give away ONE My Little Pony gift hamper worth more than $50 to one lucky little fashionista!

What do you need to do in order to qualify?

Follow me in in IG (@etrangle) & FB (Diah Mastura Roslan) first.

Will update about the giveaway via my IG & FB soon!



Okay now you can congratulate The Nadyas…and me! <3

For a start, you can LIKE this post since you cannot leave a comment in my blog.


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