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The Little Fella’s Birth Story

You have been waiting for this rightttttttt?

I have been trying to find the time to put together my birth story. Whatever time I had, I typed out in my notepad first as I lay in bed while my baby was sleeping or while I was nursing him.

Here it goes.

When I went for my last gynae check up on 4 August 2016, I was secretly hoping for some progress because I was already 39weeks and 2 days pregnant.

The attending gynae did some serious digging VE on me before telling me that my cervix was still far, far, farrrrrr behind.

This was my Facebook update after that checkup.



The day before the check up, I also had my massage session and my Nenek Urut told me that my tummy was still high up. She was right. Everyone told me the same thing too.

“Relax, your tummy still very high. It will not be anytime soon.”


So yeah, I was already prepared to wait till my 40th week and give birth to an overdue baby.

But I was secretly hoping that I could still give birth to him on the 5th somehow.

5 has always been my favourite number ley.

5 August 2016:

When I went to bed that night, I could not sleep well. Things did not seem right. At about 3 am, the contractions started. I was actually unsure at first. After all, this was the first time I got to really experience contractions naturally Previous pregnancies,  I was induced and contractions came later by force. So okay, I started to monitor the contractions. They kept coming and going. Strong. Persistent. Repetitive. They started to come really close together unlike the normal lame Braxton Hicks contractions. So I just had the urge to start timing. True enough, they came every 4 to 5 minutes. And they continued to come and go all the way.

When the girls were getting ready for school, I was still in bed timing the contractions because I am a freak like that. Still 4 to 5 minutes apart. Painful, yes. But bearable still. That was about 6 am.

At 7 am, just when Tatek and the girls left the house for school, I saw a dark pink mucusy discharge with a tinge of red.


So I called Tatek ever so calmly and said,

“B, I think right, it’s time. But no worries, I want to shower first.”

He panicked lah obviously. Forever panicking, this guy.

He was like,

“Alamak! REALLY??? Ok ok you faster get ready now!”

I asked him to pass the phone to the girls and I informed them one by one that I would be going to the hospital soon. Told them what they needed to do upon reaching home from school and explained to my helper what needed to be done also.

I then took a nice warm shower (because that’s what almost everyone who is in labour will do before she goes to the hospital) despite the contractions which kept coming.

Still bearable.

Got myself ready. And yes, I do mean putting on makeup. I figured why not? Since I could still do it, then do it. I wanted to look reasonably okay when I greeted my boy, bearing in mind that I have this birth story to put up. So thoughtful of me, huh? Want to give birth also still think of my blog readers.

Hur Hur.

Here you go. My last picture with my tummy.

I am actually already missing it as I am typing this (with a flabby tummy as a replacement).


39 weeks 3 days pregnant – that was how long I carried my boy in my tummy.

So anyway, we bought KFC for breakfast. My breakfast was the porridge and the chicken burger.


I told Tatek to let him satisfy my final cravings before confinement.

He was like “Ya ya ya.”

Ate inside the car on the way to KKH, of course.

Reached the delivery suite at about 9.50 am.


The nurse asked whether I wanted to self admit myself or whether I wanted to be given painkillers so that I could go home and manage the contractions.

I requested for self admission, duh!

“Just give birth already lah!” I was telling myself.

I was given delivery room number 12. No significance actually the number. But just telling you lah.


Changed into my white hospital gown woohoooooooooo! #OOTD


Time check: 10.02 am


Since Dr Suzanna was still on leave till 6 pm, Dr Jessie Phoon attended to me.

She came in at about 11 am to say hello before doing a VE.

“You are already 3 cm! Good job! Yesterday your cervix was still not ready. Must be the VE I did on you!”

I think so too, doc.

So from 11 am I was just lying down, checking my nails, and tolerating the contractions.

No lah, actually was already in so much pain.

Look at my face.


And then I did some mental calculation too.

3 cm at 11 am.
I would most probably be 10 cm at night.
Contractions were already unbearable because they were 3 minutes apart.

There was no time to recuperate from one before the next one hit.

So should I lie down, get the contractions to accompany me till night and be in a very, very very, bad mood meanwhile?
Or should I opt for epidural and be happy and calm so that I could reserve my energy and then concentrate on giving birth when the time comes?

Of course I decided to opt for the latter.

Time check: 12.10 pm

Epidural was administered.
And unlike the previous ones where the husband was not allowed to be inside, this time round Tatek was allowed to be inside – not to observe how the epidural was administered, but to distract me while it was being administered. After all, we are talking about my back being jabbed by big needles.




After it was done, I was lying down happily. I even took a selfie because I was thinking, “Yay cannot really feel the pain now.”


Pretty or act pretty? Doesn’t matter because I was in pain again soon after the picture above. LOL.

I started to notice that only the right side of my body was numb even after twenty minutes. The left side was not. I could still feel the painful contractions on the left side. LIKE SUPER PAINFUL! So I asked the nurse whether it was normal.

Apparently the reason why that happened was because I was lying down on my side and facing the left right after the epidural was administered. Not my fault actually because the nurse requested I lie down in such a manner so that they could detect the baby’s heartbeat.

They inserted a higher dosage of epidural in order to numb the left side of my body a bit more.

Time check: 3.15 pm

5 cm dilated

“Wow that was fast!” I thought to myself.

Mind you, I was not induced this time round, unlike the previous TWO pregnancies with my THREE girls. So it was really like a first time experience for me. I was pretty excited actually to know that my cervix dilated naturally.

While waiting for time to pass by, I listened to all the Surah collection that I have compiled for my baby and myself. Special thanks to my family friend Liyanah for preparing for me the list of dua to ease my labour, and personally delivering air zamzam to my house for me! She did not have to, but she did! So touched by her kind gesture.

Okay back to the birth story.

The husband was really wide awake this time round. Thank goodness he managed to have a good night sleep the night before so he was very alert and attentive to my needs this time round. And oh, he helped me take a lot of photos too! LOL. Guess he was just excited to see his son.

He even took a picture of his Husband’s Pass!


And he arranged the baby clothes before taking a picture!


Meanwhile, my girls were at home waiting anxiously for me to give birth. They were already dressed for the hospital and waiting for the right time to rush to the hospital! Yes, they were that eager to meet their baby brother.

Meanwhile, they did whatever I had told them to do!

They showered and ate their lunch.


They did their school work.


They performed their prayers with my helper.



My mum took the pictures above and updated me via the family group chat.

So sweet of them, right? <3

For every progress I made, Tatek would also update the family group chat so that everyone was well-informed.

Time check: 5.47 pm

8 cm dilated


The midwife on duty asked me whether I already felt the sensation to push.

Been so long since I last heard that word.
You can click HERE to get what I mean.

But no lah, no sensation yet.
Didn’t feel any pressure down there even.
And besides, it was not 6 pm yet.
I wanted to wait for my gynae Dr Suzanna!

Oh, my water bag broke somewhere in between. I didn’t even feel wet down there. I only realized it broke when the midwife told me. I was like, “Oh water bag broke already? Okay!” LOL.

At about 6.15 pm, Dr Suzanna arrived and she screamed,

“Diahhhhhhhh! Baby waiting for me is it?”

Noting the fact that I was already 8 cm dilated, Dr Suzanna told me that I was making really good progress so far since everything happened naturally without having the need to induce.

“Since everything is progressing on its own, do expect a faster labour this time round, Diah.”

Ya. I think she said something like that lah.

Time check: 6.30 pm

Dr Suzanna did another check down there and said ever so casually,

“Diah, I can see your baby’s head already, you know? His hair is so thick! Husband, you want to see?”

Tatek took a look and told me excitedly,

“B, his hair very thick! I can see his head already!”

Dr Suzanna continued,
“Diah, you wanna push now or wait till you feel the sensation? If you push now, baby will be out in about two pushes only. Wanna try?”

Of course that made me want to push baby out all the more!

I could not wait to see the cheeky little fella who had been kicking me so much during my pregnancy.


Time check: 6.43 pm

So I started doing my thing.
Took a super deep breath, exhaled and gave a long pushhhhhhhhhh like I wanted to pass motion like that.

“Excellent Diah! Just one more long push! You are doing well! We might not even need to stitch you up!”


Time check: 6.48 pm

I gave it one more long push and the little fella was out!





I was like, “Eh that’s it? Baby’s out? Seriously?” 



I couldn’t grasp it even then. It was all just happening so fast and I wanted to savor it all.

But hey,


(I waited forever for your arrival and ended up shopping too much, you know?!)

When I went for my last checkup with the gynae the day before I gave birth, I was told that baby’s estimated weight was around 2.8 kg to 2.9 kg.

But errrmmm.



I am just so excited to introduce my boy to the world!

Born on 5 August 2016 at 6.48 PM, weighing 3.54 kg and measuring 51 cm.

: Shakeel Adly :






Shakeel means: Handsome & good looking.

Adly means: Of fairness and justice


I was told that the moment Tatek updated the family group chat when baby was out, my girls jumped and shouted uncontrollably. Then they rushed and pestered my parents to quickly drive them to the hospital so that they could see their baby brother.


And they waited along the corridor outside the delivery suite with a bouquet of flowers for me, no less.




Oh, they even got a gift for their baby brother!

It’s a baby shark keychain!


“His name is Shakeel right Mummy? So we got him a Baby Shark because his nickname is going to be that!”


Can my daughters get any sweeter than this?

I know they are going to be the best sisters to their baby brother!


And as my way of saying thank you to them and to reaffirm the fact that I love them no less now that the baby brother is out, I surprised them with a gift each which I had prepared weeks before I gave birth.


Of course they were so thrilled to receive the gifts, and even happier after they unwrapped their gifts.

Oh there is another picture that I must share with you –  my mum sitting on the floor with my girls while waiting for us to be out from the delivery suite.


Really a touching sight, right? So much love for all them lah. <3

Big thank you to my family and everyone else for your prayers and well-wishes. 

Thank you to my husband for being there throughout for me, and for being so patient with me. <3

As usual, my big family came to visit on the same day. Every single one of them. Needless to say, the hospital ward was as noisy as a wet market with their presence! LOLOLOLOL.




Special thanks to the best gynae in the whole wide world, Dr Suzanna Sulaiman from KKH! All my checkups with her had been nothing but pleasant and stress free! She is such an easygoing gynae, and is also so assuring and encouraging.


And I do not know how she did what she did when I was in labour, but she was really so cool, calm and relaxed all the way. I just love her strong positive aura!


So yes, I will highly recommend her if you are looking for a gynae but do be prepared to wait and wait because she is one of the most popular gynaes at KKH! Don’t say I never warned you. 😀

Okay I am done with the birth story.

Alhamdullilah for this easy labour. I couldn’t have done it without your prayers and support all along.

Sorry I took more than a week. I am after all a mother to four kids now. *gulps*

It all seemed like a blur, getting pregnant, my pregnancy, labour – it felt like a blip in time.

Still adjusting.

Still trying to adapt to changes.

Still trying to learn to divide my time.

Still getting used to breastfeeding and sore nipples.

Still trying to get the hang of expressing milk.

Still getting used to wearing hideous maternity bras which only make my boobs sag even more.

Still getting used to rushing every time and all the time.

Still trying to get used to the idea of having a baby yet again. (The last time I had a baby babies was eight years ago!)

But I am definitely so in love with my baby Shakeel.

This boy means a lot to me. A lot.

I didn’t have it easy during the first few months of pregnancy. Very challenging. Very depressing. Now that he’s here, it feels like everything is finally in place. I am going to do the best I can and take really good care of him. 

I will never ever forget what it feels like to long for your baby being handed in your arms – it’s so real, you can touch it. There is so much more I could write and I will – in the chapters of my life to come.

But for now, this is the birth story of Shakeel Adly, my fourth child and only boy.


I am complete now.

(Okay fine I remember saying “I am complete” so many times before his arrival. But this time, I am really, really, reaaaalllllly complete!)

<3 <3 <3

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The Kitchen Challenge: RESULTS!

Okay after calculating the total number of votes received via my Instagram and Facebook, I have the winners for THE KITCHEN CHALLENGE by Icon Interior Design!

First Prize: $1500 CASH


217B Sumang 3 550px

217B Sumang 6 550px

Second Prize: $1000 CASH


615 Bedok 5 550px

615 Bedok 3 550px

Third Prize: $500 CASH


217A Sumang 2 550px

217A Sumang 4a 550px


Winners, Icon Interior Design will be contacting you real soon with regards to your prizes!

Congrats to the other two participating kitchens as well for making it to the competition! 🙂

To homeowners who will be getting your keys or renovating your house anytime soon, Icon Interior Design wants the opportunity to beautify your house as well!

Who knows, you can be the next winner for their next KITCHEN CHALLENGE or HOME CHALLENGE!

Do visit Icon Interior Design during their upcoming HOME DESIGN FAIR from 6 to 9 August 2016 and receive ALL OF THE FOLLOWING freebies once you sign up!






Just to recap, I had my house renovated by Icon Interior Design too like a year or two ago.

I even blogged about the whole entire process to share with my readers, and the response was overwhelming right after that. So many of you signed up with Icon Interior Design! Hehe. My readers are loyal like that.  

Some excerpts from that blog post.





So do you want to know why the renovation process took slightly longer?

Do you also want to know how was my experience like with Icon Interior Design?


Hope to see all of you during the HOME DESIGN FAIR!

Make your appointment now with your preferred ID from Icon Interior Design!

Icon Interior Design is located at 441 MacPherson Road, Singapore 368152.

If you need advice or recommendations, feel free to email me at or you can also PM me in my Facebook (Diah Mastura).

I will be more than glad to assist you! <3


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Something’s Cooking!

The focus of my blog post this time round will be on the kitchen.

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home.


The kitchen is the most important room at home because it is the central focus of our family’s day-to-day living. In our kitchen, we find love and family and togetherness…AND LOTS OF GOOD FOOD.

And only in my kitchen can I find #AZIZAHCANCOOK.


Therefore, it is not a surprise if much attention is being paid to the kitchen’s layout, design and functionality, no matter the size.

This is the reason why Icon Interior Design has decided to have a KITCHEN DESIGN CHALLENGE this time round.

More about that (together with photos of the finalists) later.

Let me talk a bit more about the kitchen.

When I re-renovated my current place, the main focus of the renovation was actually the kitchen.

My kitchen is small. No, it is tiny. Miniscule.

I bet this is the case for most kitchens these days. The kitchen just keeps getting smaller! I am not too sure why. If married couples in Singapore are encouraged to have more babies, shouldn’t the size of the house and especially the kitchen get bigger too? We are not hamsters living in an overcrowded wire cage, you know?

When I heard about urbanKITCHEN by Blum, I was sold immediately. Icon Interior Design happens to be Blum’s certified partner, so what they did for me was to get to know my lifestyle and habits before planning the layout of my kitchen together with Blum.

If you have a problem with the size of your tiny kitchen and keep wondering how to keep it organized, then you should really consider getting urbanKITCHEN instead of the normal kitchen.




What if I tell you that you can even get a FREE UPGRADE to the urbanKITCHEN?

Will tell you more as we go along. Reading my blog post is like a taking walk at the park you know? You got to accompany me till the end.

But let me ask you – what is the point of having a really beautiful kitchen when you have problems storing everything and keeping them organized?

In other words,

“People have to know there is more to living than just physical beauty.”

Deep huh?

Yes, as deep as Blum’s drawers.

No, really. Their drawers are really deep, and this is just one of their many ways to help ensure you have a lot of storage space in your kitchen.

Come on now, let’s compare a normal kitchen with an urbanKITCHEN. All these kitchens have been designed by Icon Interior Design.

Normal Kitchen











And of course, this is my very own urbanKITCHEN!




Can you more or less figure out the differences already?


Guys, the kitchen is there for a purpose. It has to prove its worth in day-to-day use, especially for heavy cookers. Agree?

What are the things you should consider when renovating your kitchen and make it worth your money?

  1. Good workflow – if you plan where your things should be stored so that they can be within your reach, you can save a lot of work, distance and time. Things that you should also consider will be whether you are right or left handed. Trust me, you may not think all these little details are important right now. But once you are in the kitchen on a daily basis, you will be thankful that you have carefully planned the layout of your kitchen.
  1. Adequate storage space – Okay, not having much space does not mean you have to miss out on your dream kitchen. It is still possible, as long as you make optimal use of every space. How so? Pull-outs in a high cabinet, deep drawers, in the corner or under the sink are just some ways you can gain plenty of useful storage space. And this is only possible with urbanKITCHEN.
  1. Total comfort of motion – Furniture that is really easy to open even when fully loaded makes the kitchen practical. With urbanKITCHEN, you do not even need handles or knobs anymore. Just a light touch on the front with the hip, knee or foot is all that is required to open the drawers and pull-outs.

When you meet up with your designer from Icon Interior Design, they will go through a number of factors:

  1. Kitchen size
  2. Location of water & power connections
  3. Storage space
  4. Size of household
  5. Habits
  6. Lifestyle

From there, they will let you decide whether or not buying an urbanKITCHEN will be a better choice for you, or whether a normal kitchen will suffice.

But should you decide to go for the urbanKITCHEN current promotion instead of a normal kitchen, you will get to enjoy the following PLUS A FREE UPGRADE!

Promotion upgrade includes:-

  • 26ft Kitchen Cabinet
  • 13ft Silestone worktop
  • Moisture resistant high-density particle board for cabinet doors & carcass
  • 1 set of Aventos-HF Lift System




To find out more plus see for yourself what an urbanKITCHEN looks like, why not you ask the trusted IDS from Icon Interior Design yourself?




Interesting dates, guys.

So tempted to call it a BABY FAIR instead because my EDD is on 9 August 2016.

Perhaps they could also plan a baby shower for me as well, you think? Hur hur.

On a serious note, I looked through their promotions for the upcoming fair and I strongly think homeowners (especially BTO homeowners) should not miss out on this upcoming fair. You can miss out on anything else, but just not their HOME DESIGN FAIR FROM 6 TO 9 AUGUST 2016.


The promotions are really, really, really reaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyy good this time round.

Okay I mentioned earlier about the urbanKITCHEN promotion, which you will get to enjoy only if you sign up with Icon Interior Design during the fair?

Actually, the usual upgrade price is $1248.

Only during the fair, they will give you a FREE UPGRADE TO URBAN KITCHEN which also means you do not need to top up in order to get yourself an urbanKITCHEN instead of the normal kitchen.



The first 15 people who sign-up for the urbanKITCHEN will receive a FREE Legra-box and a FREE house call service that aims to provide you solutions for a more efficiently organized kitchen!

Just in case you are wondering.

This is a Legrabox.


You will be in love with its loading capacity and the slim drawer slide, trust me!


For every sign up with ICON INTERIOR DESIGN during the fair, you will get to SPIN THE WHEEL!

What will the prizes be when you spin the wheel? Good news, they have upgraded the prizes!

  1. 4 pairs of GV Gold Class tickets
  2. 3D/2N trip to Bangkok
  3. Carousel dinner for 4
  4. Italian EF Conventional Built-in Oven
  5. Italian EF Hood & Hob
  6. $300 IKEA voucher
  7. $300 electrical vouchers
  8. Digital Lock
  9. Eubiq
  10. 43 inch branded TV
  11. Nescafe DOLCE GUSTO
  12. SAMSUNG Sound Bar



It means you will definitely win one of the above-mentioned prizes.


  1. $500 Lighting Voucher
  2. TEKA discount vouchers
  3. Silestone current promotion/ discount
  4. WMF pots & pans OR cutlery set



So many free goodies just by signing up with Icon Interior Design!


It’s just their way of saying thank you for your support during the previous Icon Home Challenge. It was definitely a great success!

I have been told that they have been receiving a lot of enquiries ever since, and hence this upcoming Home Design Fair!

Just do not forget to mention ETRANGLE (in order to enjoy the above deals) when you contact them, and bring your floor plan when you come down for your appointment, okay?

So why not you contact them now to make an appointment?

Okay fine, so you want to just walk in during one of the fair dates. That’s okay too.

But if you are the impatient sort like me, then you would not want to spend your time waiting for the ID to attend to you. I would rather book an appointment with my preferred timing and/or ID. It’s better that way, isn’t it?

Actually I am not even done yet with the promotion by ICON INTERIOR DESIGN.

If you sign up with Icon Interior Design during the Home Design Fair from 6 to 9 August 2016, you will also get to qualify for their next KITCHEN OR HOME CHALLENGE!

Prizes that await you?

All cash prizes!

Once again, here are their contact details:


WHATSAPP/SMS: 8212 7652

HOTLINE: 6285 1817



Meanwhile, let me show you the six finalists for the first KITCHEN DESIGN CHALLENGE!

Show you the pictures first before I tell you how to vote.

The voting system is going to be a bit different this time round.


217A Sumang 2 550px

217A Sumang 3 550px

217A Sumang 4a 550px

217A Sumang 4b 550px

217A Sumang 5 550px

217A Sumang 550px


815B Sumang 1 550px

815B Sumang 2 550px

217B Sumang 5 550px

217B Sumang 6 550px

217B Sumang 3 550px

217B Sumang 4 550px


615 Bedok 1 550px

615 Bedok 2 550px

615 Bedok 3 550px

615 Bedok 4 550px

615 Bedok 5 550px

615 Bedok 6 550px


815B CCK 1 550px

815B CCK 2 550px

815B CCK 3 550px

815B CCK 4 550px

815B CCK 5 550px


Sunglade 1a 550px

Sunglade 2 550px

Sunglade 4b 550px

Sunglade 9 550px

Sunglade 8 550px



Yes that is right. Please vote for your favourite KITCHEN DESIGN via my FB (DIAH MASTURA) and help the homeowners win the following prizes: 







Alternatively, for those of you without any Facebook account, you can also vote via my Instagram (ID: @etrangle)


So two ways to vote okay! FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM!

If you do not have both, then you just read my blog lah okay and secretly wish your favorite kitchen will win? 😀


So make every vote count!

I will announce the winners on 1 AUGUST 2016, MONDAY (hopefully).

Yeah, I hope I have not given birth by then.

Kwa kwa.

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#MyNumber4: Anytime Now.

I should have updated my blog more frequently throughout this pregnancy.

Should but didn’t.


I am almost at the last stage of my pregnancy now. Whoops? As I am typing this, I am already 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Yay I have reached full term! Alhamdulillah.

What a jerky ride it has been so far!

Let’s recap the tummy progress with my never-ending selfies in the toilet (well, most of them), shall we?












Suddenly, I am anxiously waiting for the little fella to make his appearance anytime from now.

Meanwhile, the third trimester common annoyances have already started in anticipation of his arrival.

What are they?

Oh, I will be more than glad to list them down for you because frankly speaking, I really need to vent it out. LOL.

  1. Frequent urination – I am talking about going to the toilet every 1 hour or 2 hours. I can no longer hold my urine very long.


It is due to the increased pressure on my bladder.

  1. Vaginal Pain – My vagina feels really sore and bruised, especially after walking for quite a bit or at night when I am sleeping.


It is due to the pressure on my cervix. My cervix is most probably starting to dilate.

  1. Pelvic Pains – I will always feel sharp pains and pressure in my pelvic area. Getting out of bed at night to go to the toilet is especially challenging.


This is due to the shifting of my pelvic bones and the loosening of the ligaments attached to my pelvic bones. Apparently, the more pregnancies you have, the more you will experience these pelvic sensations. Crap.

  1. Insomnia – I think I can already safely say goodbye to a good night’s sleep from now till the baby is born. I have been waking up every hour to go to the toilet. Finding a comfortable position to sleep is almost impossible. Shifting from one position to another is so hard due to the pelvic pains I am experiencing. The little fella’s rapid and violent movements can get pretty uncomfortable too.


I think the reasons I stated above explain everything. Need I elaborate still?

  1. Restless Legs Syndrome – This is really super annoying. Each time when I am lying down and the limb is still, my foot, calf and upper legs will feel really uncomfortable. I will get so restless and easily annoyed as a result.


I did my readings and they say this may be due to iron and/or folic acid deficiency become I got pregnant. Not my fault lah. I did not plan to get pregnant again in the first place, you know? LOL.

  1. Braxton Hicks Contractions – I guess this is something that every pregnant woman will need to experience. My problem however, is to differentiate the real contractions from the err…not real ones? See, for my previous pregnancies, I was induced. When I was pregnant with Sharleez, my water bag broke. So I had to be induced once I reached the hospital as I was not even 0.00000000000001cm dilated. When I was pregnant with the twins, I chose to be induced a week before raya. So I can safely say that for both pregnancies, I did not really get the opportunity to experience them contractions naturally. I only got to experience them after I was induced.


Warm ups for the real thing, they say.

Many of you have emailed and PM-ed me to ask for tips and recommendations for a lot of baby related issues. My apologies if I have yet to reply to you.

So let me now list down some recommendations for you to consider, mummies and mummies to be! 

My chosen gynae: 

I do look forward to my checkups with Dr Suzanna at KKH Private Suite.


I remember asking for gynae recommendations the other time and almost everyone asked me to try Dr Suzanna. When I called KKH appointment hotline somewhere in January this year to fix an appointment with Dr Suzanna, I was informed that she would only be available sometime in May! Yes, she is THAT popular. Of course I could not wait that long to see her. So I thought I should just choose another gynae. However, one of my followers was kind enough to contact me and she asked me whether I would like it if she were to give her 25 February (my birthday!) appointment to me. Here’s the story. She had initially chosen Dr Suzanna as her gynae but decided at the very last minute to go with her previous gynae instead. Of course I said yes immediately! Such a perfect birthday gift! And yes, that was how I have managed to secure Dr Suzanna as my gynae. I am truly blessed to have wonderful followers who are always more than eager to lend me a helping hand whenever possible. Heart you guys a lot!

And just for the record, Dr Suzanna is indeed a super duper awesome gynae! Whenever I meet her, I feel really at ease. She is so warm, jovial, friendly and approachable. The things she says will always make me feel like everything is going to be alright. She is not the kind to make me worry unnecessarily.

My chosen hospital:

Even though this is already my third pregnancy, I still choose KKH. Okay fine, service wise, I have heard a lot of horror stories from patients. Some even complained about their bad experience with the nurses at KKH or the long waiting period. My take on these issues? I have yet to experience anything negative throughout my pregnancies. In fact, I enjoyed my stay so much for my previous pregnancies till I did not hesitate to choose KKH again this time. My previous gynaes are now at Thomson Medical, and I could have easily chosen Thomson Medical if I wanted to, you know? But I just like the environment at KKH. I like how I can always (window)shop at Mothercare and the other baby stores there after every check up. I like how most of the food at the Kopitiam is HALAL. And most importantly, I like how pink my hospital gown is. LOL.

Registration for admission has already been done! Thank you Tatek for making sure everything is done on time so that I will not end up panicking at the very last minute.


My chosen baby store:

Shopping for baby stuff started the moment I reached my sixth month of pregnancy. Most of the baby necessities like stroller, car seat, baby bath set, bottles, breast pump, baby swaddle, diaper bag and baby monitor set, we got them from Motherswork (Great World City).


Thank you Motherswork for putting together the best of everything we need for our baby, all under one roof! Super convenient. You can even shop online by clicking HERE.  For purchases above $800, you will also get to enjoy free delivery!

I am going to share with you my purchases from Motherswork along the way, so do keep a lookout, okay?

It is just so therapeutic to shop for the baby. So every outing of mine these days must include shopping for baby stuff. Even my girls love shopping for their baby brother! Whenever I fetch them from school, they will always ask me, “Mummy, can we go to a baby shop today and buy something for Adik?”



You know, I really thought this pregnancy would be a breeze. After all, this is not my first time being pregnant. Whenever people asked me about previous pregnancies, I have always said how much I enjoyed them.

So when I found out that I was pregnant again with baby no.4 (totally unplanned, okay!), I thought I would be a pro at this whole pregnancy thing. But I forgot to take into consideration that the last time I got pregnant was 7 years ago! And 7 years ago, I was not even 30 yet. Now, I am 35. I guess age does play a big part too.

But my morning sickness throughout the first and second trimester really made me so miserable and depressed. I could not really do or eat anything much. I was nauseous 24/7. I had excess saliva 24/7. I could not tolerate so many things including my mother’s cooking. I hated the smell of garlic. I hated the smell of my husband’s perfume (and this was the case for my previous pregnancies too!). Maybe he should just consider changing his perfume for good. LOL.

All of a sudden, I could no longer function like a normal person. My sufferings made me question why I was pregnant again after so many years. Believe me, it was that bad. I was just soooo moody.

Things only got better for me in the middle of my second trimester. Appetite started to improve. I stopped spitting excess saliva. I started to smile a bit more when I saw how my tummy was growing.

But the bigger the tummy gets, the lesser clothes I have to wear. Every day is a constant belly struggle to find clothes that fit.

Oh don’t get me started on all the pregnancy myths too. I can go on and on and onnnnnnnnn.

But don’t care lah, I will still start.

Myth 1:

“You will look extra good and glow-y when you are pregnant with a baby boy.”

It is nothing but a myth! I do not think that it is true. It actually really depends on your condition. If you are having a bad morning sickness or nausea, of course you will not really have the mood or energy to dress up. That was the case for me during the first few months FOR ALL OF MY PREGNANCIES. Frankly, it has nothing to do with the fact that you are pregnant with a boy or girl.

I always take the extra effort to dress up whenever I go out because it makes me feel good. On certain days, it will take me longer to get ready (due to my laziness or nausea) but I will still dress up all the same.

Myth 2:

“If you are pregnant with a baby boy, your nose will expand and look bigger.”

Wah I tell you, I keep looking at my nose every single day but it still looks the same. Thank goodness! I am not too sure why this happens to some pregnant mummies but it is definitely not because of the gender of the baby you are pregnant with. At least, not for me lah.


Myth 3:

“The shape of the tummy determines the gender of the baby.”

They say that if you are pregnant with a girl, your tummy will be high and wide. And if you are pregnant with a boy, your tummy will be low and narrow (protrudes outward, towards the front). But my tummy was protruded outwards towards the front when I was pregnant with my girls (including the twins!). And my tummy still protrudes outwards towards the front when I am pregnant with my boy. And it is very round too, like a ball. So round till my girls will always hug it tight and exclaim, “EEEEEEEEE SO CUTEEEEEEEE LAHHHHH I FEEL LIKE BITING YOUR TUMMY!”

I will not deny the fact that I do enjoy watching my belly grow bigger and rounder by the day. Of course I enjoy feeling the little fella’s movements. Of course I enjoy getting treated like a diva by everyone. Of course I enjoy throwing tantrums while using my pregnancy as a valid excuse. Of course I enjoy escaping from attending events or functions that I would not be able to escape from otherwise. Of course I enjoy all the special privileges. And of course I will miss whatever I have just mentioned the moment the little fella is out.

But along with this pregnancy and the arrival of the little fella anytime soon, I will also miss a lot of other things too.

Other things like spending girlie time with my daughters, having lots of ME time when girls are in school, and napping as and when I like it without the need to worry about anything else.


I am sure my daughters too will miss having me all to themselves. I am sure they will miss our late nights together. I am sure they will miss going out with me to watch movies. I am sure they will miss taking turns to sleep next to me.


Having said that, I want to thank them also for being such sweet and helpful daughters throughout my pregnancy. They have done whatever they possibly can to make me happy – from the daily head massages to tummy rubs to them taking charge of their little brother’s wardrobe! It’s all them! Thank you Nadyas! I am sure your baby brother will love you girls a lot once he is out. <3


But for now, you practise with this dummy first, can? LOL.

My husband, as excited as he is for the arrival of his son, will definitely feel like he can never have my fullest attention anymore. NAWWW. I mean, I have been spending so much time on the girls since they were babies till now. And just when we thought that parenting would get easier for us when the girls are more independent, out comes the baby. LOL. So let’s just stick to wefies as and when we can, okay Tatek?


Looks like ALL OF US will need to make a lot of adjustments to our current lifestyle. Not just me. Not just the girls. Not just my husband.




Did I mention that being emotional is one of the major annoyances during the third trimester too?

Wait. What am I saying?

I have been emotional throughout the entire pregnancy!

Okay okay, lets add an element of fun to this blog post.

How about we do a poll and guess when the little fella will make his grand arrival?


Thank you for your participation!

This has been done in good fun.

At the end of the day, please just pray for me to have a safe delivery to a healthy baby boy, okay?


I would really like to thank every single one of you for supporting my pregnancy with your never-ending prayers and kind words right from the start. Truly appreciate it.

May the one above bless you always.

Now, let’s just wait.



I really am looking forward to the new addition. <3

For my updates, follow me in FB by clicking HERE.


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Don’t we all get super entranced and ecstatic the moment we get the keys to our new house? In fact, some of us will start sourcing for home renovation ideas and the renovation company even before we get our keys.

Amidst the excitement, I think we should also be well informed about the whole home renovation process to avoid disappointment at the later part of the renovation, especially if it is our first time renovating our house. This is also to safeguard both our interests as homeowners and that of the interior design/renovation company.

So in this post this time which is brought to you by Icon Interior Design, I am going to share with you the…



: A discussion is arranged with the client to understand our client’s design style, use of space & budget

My input:

You should really make it known to the interior designer handling your project what your budget is at this point. At Icon Interior Design, they are very realistic in the sense that they will inform you if the budget that you have set aside is enough for the type of renovation or design style that you are looking at for your house. There is really no point in hiding or being shy about how much you can fork out because ultimately, you will still need to pay. Correct? This is also the part where you should make it known if you will be going for a bank loan or not. The interior designer will then assist to do the calculations of the monthly installment for you based on the loan amount that you intend to take up.


: We research and brainstorm ideas, layouts & mood boards based on the client’s brief and given budget

My input:

It will be really helpful if you could show the interior designer pictures of home inspiration ideas that you would like to achieve for your house since Icon Interior is strong and versatile different concepts & designs. Do note that while they will try their very best to propose what you like, the end result will still depend on your budget, and the type of materials you choose (based on the budget set aside) for your house. If they are unable to find the materials exactly like the ones in the pictures shown to them, they will let you know before suggesting similar alternatives.


: We discuss with our clients about with the proposed layouts and some concept photos before proceeding to 3D



My input:

Make it known to your interior designer the theme and colours that you would like for your house. If you are confused as to what you really want, then discuss with the interior designer and get him/her to assist you based on your personal preferences. There are instances where the homeowners ended up having different kinds of themes or choosing the wrong furniture because they did not consult the interior designer beforehand.

Trust me, I have seen many cases where the renovation was nicely done but the wrong choice of furnishings spoil the entire look.


: Design illustrations are created to demonstrate the space and concept in a life like visual presentation.


And the 3D drawings by Icon Interior Design are always so nicely done.

Just seeeeeeeeeee!







Wait till you see the actual house! 

My input:

The 3D drawing will give you a rough idea of how your house will look like. Should you require some changes to certain parts of the house, do make it known to the interior designer.


: Colour and material selection are discussed over detailed carpentry elevations to make sure that everyone has the same vision for the end results of the renovation.



My Input:

This is when the interior designer will accompany you for your material selection. Tile selection for your bathrooms and floorings will take quite a while because believe me, you will be spoilt for choices once you arrive at the tile showroom. Besides selection of tiles, you will also need to choose the materials for your carpentry. So please make it a point to set aside one free day to do the selection with your interior designer. You will need at least 4 to 5 hours for this.


: After site measurement is done, the designer will propose carpentry and other work details for confirmation.


My Input:

Personally, I feel that elevation discussions are really useful. Yup tried and tested. Want to know why? During my renovation process with Icon Interior Design, I realized that it was only through the elevation process was my designer able to find out about my family’s lifestyle and exactly I would like to go about utilizing the internal compartments of the cabinets.

A good point to note is that since the dimensions are based on the site, the elevations are drawn in real life measurements. This allowed me to have a better sense of the actual space compared to the 3D.


: urbanKITCHEN by Blum is a new kitchen concept that integrates Blum’s heavy duty mechanism systems with high quality materials, to provide perfect motion for your drawers, shelves and kitchen storage. Icon Interior Design is one of Blum’s few partners that are urbanKITCHEN certified to provide you with a detailed lifestyle planning for your urbanKITCHEN needs.

If you choose to fit your kitchen with Blum’s urban KITCHEN, this is when we will plan in detail how the various compartments can be utilized to their maximum potential.



My Input:

I am using urbanKITCHEN for my kitchen, and can I just say it is god sent? I have mentioned this in my previous posts but I am going to reiterate on the fact that urbanKITCHEN makes even the smallest kitchen have a lot of storage and moving space!

The utensils, cutlery and basically everything in my kitchen are so well organized now. My helper does not have an excuse to now say “I don’t know where to keep this and that!”

You have got to find more about urbanKITCHEN by Blum to get what I really mean. Do feel free to ask your designer to elaborate more on urbanKITCHEN and even demonstrate to you the effectiveness of having one in your very own kitchen.


: Before the renovation process begins, a schedule is set so that designer and client can be on the same page when it comes to the timeline for the renovation to commence and to completion.


My Input:

This is where sometimes problems can arise since most homeowners are usually very concerned about the deadlines. See, whatever that has been discussed with your interior designer during the planning process is based on what you have both agreed on. However, if changes are to be made during the renovation process (like change of materials or unavailability of certain materials, for instance), then that will slower down the renovation process. Its inevitable.

Despite having said so, the designers at Icon Interior Design will always do their best to expedite everything and complete the renovation on time.


: Designers will manage and coordinate the site and to ensure that everything is on schedule and done according to the design.





My Input:

So you have seen the 3D design and wants some changes to be made. Understandable, because I was like that too! When I was renovating my house, I also requested for changes to be made to certain parts. Blame it on my fickle mindedness. HEHE. However, as homeowners we need to also understand that revising the 3D design will need some more time. And that additional time required will definitely extend your deadline. Zzzzz.

Once you are happy with the revised design, they will then need to arrange for the workers to come in since we will be talking about new working dates now.

The equation goes something like this:

Revising the 3D design = More time required = Revised schedule = Extended deadline


: Completing the renovation and handing over the house to the client.










My Input:

This is usually the much-awaited part. Handing over the house to the client also means that the client will usually check the house for defects or rectifications. If there are rectifications to be done, DO NOT PANIC.

This is where the warranty part will come in.

At Icon Interior Design, you are given 3 years warranty. What does this mean? This means that should there be any defect, which is caused by the renovation, Icon Interior Design will cover it for you and get it rectified even after renovation is over and done with. But of course, they will only cover you for a period of 3 years, okay? Don’t call them like 10 years later and demand that they rectify the defects for you. 😛

To sum it up, every home renovation process can actually be a pleasant one. It is achievable. Sure, it can give you stress and panic attacks along the way when you think that things are not going as planned. That is normal. There will also be times when you will just feel like screaming at the top of your lungs, especially when deadline is extended due to unforeseen circumstances, which cannot be helped. Trust me, the interior designer’s ultimate goal is to complete every renovation as fast as he/she possibly can, within the deadline agreed upon. Taking his/her sweet time to finish the project without any valid reason also means that it takes up more of their time and resources, which can be spent on gaining new projects instead. Does it benefit anyone in the end? You do the math.

This is the reason why it is important to build a good rapport with your interior designer. VERY, VERY, IMPORTANT. Get to know him/her well. Understand his/her working style right from the start. And lastly, trust that he is doing his best for your home. He may falter and not deliver according to your expectations at times – just address your concerns to him and work together towards meeting the deadline at the same time.

Just like founder of Ford Motors, Henry Ford says,

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Every successful renovation is a result of a great partnership between home owner and designer.

Hope this post is comprehensive enough for you.


Check them out in FB too: Icon Interior Design

Do not forget to bring your floor plan too when you come down for your appointment!

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