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Tiny Balls Of Pleasure: Kinder Schoko Bons Crispy

Finally, we will now be able to share our chocolate equally as a family (without the squabbles too)!

(And when the kids are not watching, we can share them with each other – just my husband and I!)


When the husband and kids are not home, they are all mine to enjoy!


Seriously now (haha!), Kinder Schoko Bons Crispy is our new favourite when it comes to family sharing and treats!


Kinder Schoko Bons Crispy is a crisp and milk chocolate coated wafer biscuit with a delicate milky and cocoa filling! And if that’s not enough, it is covered with crunchy wafer & crispy cocoa sprinkles!

Basically, it looks like this.


Bite size and individually wrapped – what could possibly go wrong?


Whenever it’s the weekend, we love to spend our time together watching TV and sharing our favourite treats like Kinder Schoko Bons Crispy together. That’s one good way we can catch up with each other’s life and stay connected with one another.

How to enjoy your Kinder Schoko Bons Crispy together yet individually?

  • Pull the tab
  • Turn it around
  • Enjoy the crispy sound

Kinder Schoko Bons Crispy is available at all major retailers! (Hyper & supermarket)


For more information, click on Kinder Singapore’s FB page


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Tooth Fairy, where are you?

Just the other day, I bumped into a family friend and the first thing she said when she saw Sharleez with braces on was, “Why so early wear braces? You should wait for all her adult teeth to come in before you put on braces!”

Little did she (and I) know that Sharleez should have done her intervention braces wayyyyyyyyy earlier, in fact. As it is, the latest CT Scan X-Ray shows that we might have started a little too late for a simple early treatment. She might possibly require a minor surgery later on to correct the permanent canine and get it into the correct position.

In case you didn’t know, Sharleez started wearing braces when she was only 9.

You can read more about Sharleez’s braces journey so far by clicking on the following links:

Post 1:
Post 2:


Sharleez has been on the braces for about half a year, and we have noted the following changes:

1. Looks
2. Alignment of teeth
3, Wider smile
4. Confidence




Look at her now! Awwwwww.

Oh yes, my girl now feels weird if she doesn’t show her teeth when smiling. Just about a year ago, she felt weird when she smiled showing her teeth.

Enough of Sharleez for now. I am going to leave her alone for a while since we are all very happy with the progress of her teeth this far.

Let’s move on to her twin sisters, Mysha and Myreen.

Just like Sharleez, my twins also have crowded teeth issues. As a result, my twins are still very conscious about their smile and showing their teeth.

Whenever I take a picture of them nowadays, it will only be Sharleez showing her teeth.


No way will I let that happen and affect my twins’ confidence! When the confidence is not there, it will restrict them from moving forward and explore their many talents in life, I feel. I actually spent my childhood being so conscious about my smile and only decided to do something about it when I was in my thirties! Using Invisalign aligners now and never felt better!

I learnt a lesson when Dr Ooi from DePacific Dental Balestier told me that I had sent Sharleez a bit too late for her dental treatment. Hence, I made the decision to send Mysha and Myreen in for evaluation and to get their crowded teeth issues fixed!

I want my twins to have that perfect smile too!

Being a parent is all about practising partiality, you know? 🙂

So they did their X-Ray and CT Scan, for a start.

Mysha and Myreen, both have a constricted upper and lower arch resulting in crowded teeth and also cross bites, which could possibly cause early wear of their permanent teeth.


Based on the X-rays that were taken, both Mysha and Myreen had their permanent canines growing in a non ideal position. That said, early treatment would have been beneficial in hopefully allowing their permanent teeth to erupt nicely.

So what’s next?

Dr Ooi explained that early treatment for Mysha and Myreen will involve removing the baby teeth to allow the permanent canine to erupt in a nice position.



Mysha already had her upper two baby canines extracted first the other time. Now, this girl of mine is a scaredy cat. She was so nervous prior to the extraction and hesitated going for the extraction! Sharleez was assuring her all the way that she would not feel any pain at all!

Sharleez even asked her this,
“If mine was painful, why didn’t I cry when the dentist extracted my teeth?”

But she was not convinced entirely, I could tell. She was exceptionally quiet throughout our drive to the dentist.

Dr Ooi (being the expert that he already is), sensed that Mysha was scared.
The first thing he asked was, “Who is your favourite singer? I can play the songs for you via Spotify!”

Of course Mysha chose Charlie Puth! HAHA.

With Charlie Puth singing in the background, Dr Ooi kept talking to Mysha throughout the procedure to make it seem like she was not going through a procedure even!

“If you feel any pain, just lift up your hand and I will stop right away,” he assured her.

And to make things even sweeter, Myreen was holding Mysha’s hand throughout and she kept whispering to Mysha “It’s okay, Mysha.”


Twins and the wonders they do to each other.

As usual, Dr Ooi really took his time to make sure that his patient was comfortable and at ease. I like how he always does not rush just to get things done fast. When kids are involved, extra attention needs to be given to them – and that’s what Dr Ooi is good at!

So he numbed Mysha by firstly using a numbing gel to numb the tissues that the local anaesthesia would be placed.

Once Mysha could not feel anything at all, Dr Ooi proceeded with the extractions.

Within minutes, both baby canines were extracted!



Mysha was so relieved and proud that she requested to bring home her extracted baby canines.




She placed the extracted teeth under the pillow and demanded that the Tooth Fairy come to give her $2. The Tooth Fairy has yet to do so till today. Oops! Sorry Mysha, Tooth Fairy has been too busy of late. I will remind her again.

Right after we left the clinic, Mysha exclaimed proudly

“It was not painful even. Myreen, don’t worry. It won’t be painful for you also.”

Wah! Someone is a pro already!

Mysha was instructed to not eat anything for about two hours or so. And once the numbness went away, I thought she would need some painkillers to help her cope with the pain. But she told me that she did not require any.


Weeks later, Mysha had the bottom two baby canines extracted next!

Since she already knew what to expect, she was more composed this time round.

Extraction process took even faster this time, and she was done before I could even take a proper video of it! HAHA.

Once again, well done Mysha!  And that reminds me  – 4 teeth extracted but the Tooth Fairy is still missing in action. She owes Mysha $4! LOL.


And thank you Dr Ooi for always NOT making their trips to the dentist so dreadful!

Just look at what Sharleez had to say about Dr Ooi. So sweeettt!




Meanwhile, if you are intending to sign up your child for an early intervention treatment with De Pacific Dental, you may call them directly or schedule an appointment today!

Do not forget to mention MYSHA or ETRANGLE because a pleasant surprise awaits you! Can’t say it here. Call them and you will know!



If your child lacks confidence and does not want to talk or smile that much due to his or her teeth, please do something about it fast! The earlier you act, the less painful it will be for the child. More about that in my upcoming posts. 

Do give DePacific Dental a call now to find out more about the surprise that awaits you!

You should also follow Dr Ooi in Facebook and IG! I simply love all his dental related posts!

FB: Ooi Jing Liang
IG: @OoiJingLiang

And of course, do follow De Pacific Dental Group in FB & IG for updates on dental health issues and upcoming events which you can attend in future!

FB: DePacific Dental

IG: DePacific_DentalGroup



Tel: (65) 6684 4862

Address: 20 Ah Hood Road, #01-25, Zhongshan Mall,
Singapore 329984
IG: @DePacificDentalGroup
Opening Hours:
 Mondays to Fridays: 10am to 10pm
Saturdays to Sundays: 10am to 6pm
Public Holidays: Closed

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Protecting my kids means…

I never knew I could love this much until I gave birth to my kids – all four of them.


When I grew up in the 80’s, children wandering in the neighbourhood on their own without parental supervision were a common sight. I then thought to myself, “Why aren’t their parents with them? What if something happens to them?” Even though I was still a kid back then, I knew that a parent’s job is to protect his/her kids. I guess my mum has brought me with so much love and hence I know I must reciprocate when my turn comes to be a mother myself.

Being a mother means I need to always be ready to take care of my kids emotionally, physically and financially.


I work from home and hence; I am there with and for my kids almost 24/7. And that also means that I am always updated with even the slightest change in any of my kids. For instance, I will detect it first when any of them is about to have fever. Mother’s instinct, you think? Super power, I think. But what’s the bigger picture here?

They may have just the normal fever now, and that’s fine. Nothing much to worry about. Medications are still affordable. But what if something even worse were to happen to them in the near future? What if the medical expenses or hospitalisation bill cost a lot more than I could ever afford? Will I be prepared financially?

I feel like it is my responsibility if anything bad were to happen to them – I am taking every extra step possible to ensure that I am not overprotecting my kids at the same time. When parents overprotect, that will create more problems for their kids in the long run. But I will save parental overprotection for another post.

Even though I am always with and for the kids, I can never quite prepare myself enough for my kids.


But I can certainly protect them for the future.

Having children also means that we already have the basic instinct of parents to        protect them.

Our children are completely dependent on us for all their needs.

Of course, before we can attend to our children’s needs, we need to protect ourselves first, financially. In this way, if anything bad to happen to us, there is always something that we leave behind for our kids – financial safety net.

Financial safety net is meant to protect us AND OUR FAMILY from losing our financial security should an unexpected event like a catastrophic illness or personal tragedy happen to us.

Before anything, start with a rainy day fund.


Rainy day fund is so crucial yet so hard for many to attain and maintain, especially due to the high cost of living here in Singapore.

The objective of a rainy day fund is mainly to be easily accessible in times of emergency. Without rainy day fund, many will resort to taking loans from the bank with high interest rates. That may help us in the short run but will add burden to us financially never in the long run. Something for us to think about.

Did you know that an average working Singaporean would require at least $626,000 to meet their Protection needs?


Health care costs have also increased over the years, and hence we need to be adequately covered against life uncertainties.

How can we possibly achieve that?

(1) TM Term Assure: Covers mainly working adults and parents

  • Basic and affordable term plan that provides significant lump sum payout upon death, terminal illness and total permanent disability
  • For someone aged between 25 to 35 years, it is as little as less than S$1 a day for a 5-year TM Term Assure plan with coverage of S$500,000.


(2) KidAssure GIO Rider: A juvenile rider that provides coverage for 24 medical and hospitalization conditions

  • A death benefit is also payable regardless of prior claims.
  • Can be attached to most of Tokio Marine’s basic plans
  • Only need to pay 5 years of premium and coverage is till 19 years old.
  • A refund of 80% of the total annual premiums paid for the rider when the child reaches age 19.
  • Guaranteed acceptance with no medical underwriting required

For more information on how you can protect yourself and your kids, click on


Or come on down to Baby World 2017 and visit the Tokio Marine booth (K15) for exciting fun and games!

Are you going? I definitely am!


Date: 30 June to 2 July
Time: 11 am to 8pm
Venue: Suntec City Exhibition, Level 4

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What my family means to me.

My kids mean the world to me.


It’s saddening to see how people fall victim to dengue fever unexpectedly.

If it can happen to them, it can happen to anyone of us including our loved ones.

Dengue fever can lead to death. Even if it doesn’t, one does not have it easy when he or she contracts dengue fever. Do read up on my first blog post on Dengue Fever by clicking HERE if you have missed it.

It’s also worrying to know that dengue cases have increased from 11,298 in 2015 to more than 13,000 in 2016 and two-third of the cases occur between the ages 15-45 years old in Singapore. This means, I’m one of the potential candidates for dengue! Dengue can be contracted up to 4 times as the 4 sero-types of dengue (DENV-1 to 4) co-circulate in Singapore all year round.


I often imagine how it would be like if any of my loved ones, including myself, were to get dengue fever. With four kids in tow and a baby to handle, dengue fever could actually cause havoc to my daily routine with my family. I don’t think I’d be able to cope – it would be an extremely tiring process. And when that happens, that would also mean that my husband would need to take time off from work to help me with the kids.

Just imagine the many things you would not able to do as a family and for your family if you were to get dengue fever!

  1. Who would take care of the kids?
  2. Who would settle their meals?
  3. Who would help the kids with their school work?

Family time means everything to me. Nobody can and should take that away from us.

With just a few simple changes to your everyday life, you can help protect your family and yourself from dengue.

How so?

Step 1: Follow the 5-step mozzie wipeout


  • Turn over all water storage containers.
  • Change water in vases / bowls on alternate days.
  • Remove water from flower pot plates on alternate days.
  • Loosen soil from potted plants
  • Clear blockages and put Bti insecticides in roof gutters monthly.


Step 2: Protect yourselves from applying insect repellent

Dengue fever is passed on to humans through the bites of an infected female Aedes aegypti mosquito, which mainly acquires the virus while feeding on the blood of an infected person.

We can avoid being bitten by applying insect repellant regularly.


Dengue cannot be stopped or controlled if it’s only you taking action for your family and yourself.

Let’s all play our part in preventing dengue so that it does not disrupt our lives. Share your dengue story or how would your lives get disrupted if you get dengue using the hashtag #BeAWallAgainstDengue




Share me your dengue fever experience by clicking HERE! The best comment will receive a little token of appreciation!


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The CHOICE is mine

Just recently, I decided to change the sofa in my living room to a leather sofa.




As you can see, someone’s certainly pleased with the choice.


Sofa 6 550px


Here’s why.

My previous sofa was a fabric sofa and we were pretty okay with it except for the size that it occupied, and the fact that it was pretty challenging to maintain.

The initial colour of my previous sofa was cream.


And then I changed it to black.



Didn’t help that much.

See, maintenance was pretty challenging as it absorbed odours easily. Now, my mum does a lot of cooking on a daily basis – not a good idea to have fabric sofa! My sofa often ended up smelling like the dishes my mum cooked. HAHA.

So I thought I should opt for a leather sofa instead for the following reasons as well:


  1. Leather is a very durable material and can last long – for parents with kids who like to jump and do stunts on the sofa (lol), leather sofa is indeed the solution!
  2. Spills and dirt can easily be wiped off – this one will really help me since I have kids who are so clumsy and keep spilling everything they eat!
  3. Leather is easier to clean and maintain – just use a damp cloth
  4. Sofa will look better as it becomes worn down with age.


Sofa 3 550px


I came across Choice Furniture, and decided to visit their showroom to have a look at their collection.



Their showroom is HUGE!









And if what you want is not there, you can refer to their catalogue to view even more of their collection! (That was what I did, actually!)

Another option is shop online via

Nowadays, everyone prefers to just shop online anyway.

Let me share with you some of their online catalogue.





Look at the prices Choice Furniture offers. I am sure you will agree that they do not overcharge and everything is reasonably priced.

With the rising cost of living in Singapore, every homeowner will definitely not want to spend beyond his or her budget without compromising on the quality of the furniture.

Buying furniture has always been a perilous and complex affair.

Choosing the right furniture store is just as important as choosing the correct furniture for our home. Falling in love with the look of the furniture, without considering its construction and durability is one of the biggest pitfalls customers often encounter.

As customers, we need to be satisfied with our purchase(s). But sometimes, we do not know about the products that much and that’s when the sales person’s genuine and honest recommendations will really come in handy. Some furniture stores will just totally ignore our concerns and complains the moment they deliver the furniture to us. Many times, I have seen customers complaining because what they received was not the same as what they ordered or what was promised to them.

There were also occasions where the furniture vendor became so hostile just because customers noticed defects in the product, and wanted an exchange.

Dan from Choice Furniture was so accommodating to all my needs right from the start, and he delivered what he promised promptly.

Most importantly, I like how patient and polite he was throughout.

Needless to say, his customer service was tip top.

So based on my budget, needs and lifestyle, Dan recommended several sofas before I decided on THE SOFA.

 Sofa 2 550px
Sofa 1 550px




Let me help you!

Sofa 4 550px


Here are some tips on choosing the correct sofa:


  1. Size matters: If you have a bigger living room, how much of the living space do you want your sofa to occupy? Do also consider your walking space.
  2. Orientation: Decide how and where the sofa will be placed. Start by analyzing your lifestyle. Do you watch TV? What do you do most in that space? Do you like to sit in front of the TV? Or do you use the living room simply to relax and read?
  3. Sofa shape: Decide which shape will best suit your living room. L-shaped sofas are usually great for separating the living room from the dining room. A rounder shaped sofa is better for a smaller space.
  4. Material: Which one is best for you? I have mentioned earlier on the reason for my switch of sofa fabric from fabric to leather.
  5. Style: Choose a sofa that complements your home. Do not have a modern theme furnishing and then go for a vintage couch. Like errrr?
  6. Colour: Choose a colour that will suit your lifestyle most importantly.


Sofa 5 550px


Thank you Choice Furniture for making my living room now so much easier to maintain.

We are pleased with the choice, indeed.

Now now, of course my readers will also get the furniture of their choice plus the special treatment.

Enjoy 10% all products when you shop online at All you need to do is to typeDIAH10’ on the check out page.

If you prefer to walk-in to their showroom instead, just mention my name Diah to enjoy the 10% off too! Oh I have to mention that you can just park right opposite their showroom! Ample parking space, guys!


Instagram: @choicefurnituresg


Location: 63 Hillview Avenue, Lam Soon Building, #01-05 S669569


This bird nest swing (worth $399) can be yours, you know?





All you need to do is to go to my FB (click HERE) and follow the instructions there on! I will pick the winner based on your creativity because the CHOICE is mine.

Closing date will be 30 April 2017!


Special thanks to Zee & Marina for the sofa shots. If you are looking for a lifestyle photographer, look no further!

Right, Shakeel? <3


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Avoid this bloodsucker.

Is there someone you know but you will avoid at all costs because he/she is toxic?

Tell me about it.

I have decided to reveal who that someone is in this post, together with an accompanying photo as well. Sometimes, you just need to give them maximum exposure so that others will be wary of them. I am sorry, I am only human.

I cannot tolerate such PESTS in my life.

For a start, the pest I am referring to is forever in black and white stripes.

Okay let’s just reveal who she is.







HAHA! Got you there!

You were really expecting me to mention a real person right? I know how much you love controversies but nah, let’s save them for a later post.

Time to get serious now because dengue fever can be life-threatening if it takes a turn for the worse. For sure, it is not just a matter of having a fever and taking panadol to feel better.

For starters, dengue fever is an illness caused by infection with a virus transmitted by the Aedes mosquito.

Just so that you know, only the female Aedes mosquito bites as it needs the protein in blood to develop its eggs.

Dengue fever is something that is pretty unfamiliar to my family and me, we have never had anyone in the family contract it before. And I hope it will remain that way.

Having a normal fever is already torturous, but why would we want to have dengue fever?

Dengue is the most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne viral disease in the world, did you know?


I had an online discussion recently with several of my Facebook friends and acquaintances, and thought that I should share several of these friends’ experience with dengue. I do not think we should be complacent and think that we will never get dengue fever.

Time to educate ourselves to prevent dengue fever, or know what to do if we were to ever contract it.

The first one is from Zalina.

“I’m not the kind who easily fall sick and even when i do, panadol would normally do the trick. But i can remember the fateful night very well. My son was only 4 months old back then. I was at work and i was shivering like mad. I had a sudden headache out of nowhere. My eyes was scorching hot and my eyes were stingy and very painful. Took my temperature- 39.2! Not funny at all. I don’t care if I was having a fever – my concern was my young son. I didn’t want anything happening to him. I took panadol as usual. At the meantime, i texted my mum of how i felt and she willingly took over my son so that i could be away from him for a while. I was crying like mad coz i had to stay away from my very young son. I went home and slept in a room away from my husband. I did not want any virus to be around him or our bedroom as well. So i drank as much water as i could. And guess what? Four hours later, my fever shot up to 40! I was feeling so lethargic. So nauseous and giddy. The panadol did not seem to work. I was starting to panic and began to breakdown.. Am I dying? Why is my fever not going down? Will i get to see my son ever again..? I remember crying endlessly to my husband as I was so worried about my son. Every 4 hours i took panadol and drank lotsa water but the fever just would not go down. The next day, i developed rashes on my hands. I almost fainted. I went to the hospital immediately and they took my blood test… And after a few hours, it was confirmed I was dengue-positive. I was shocked. Dengue? Me? How and where? So many questions were running through my mind… The doctors said they had to report my case to the NEA and not long after NEA came down to my house to check on the environment to see if the environment in my house contributed to me getting dengue – like having stagnant water etc. The whole process was extremely painful. I had to go to the polyclinic every few days to check my blood. I always thought it would never happen to me. It was not just a fever. It was extremely painful and drained me out. The doctor gave me meds. My brother’s friend suggested I drink papaya leave juice extract. Not the diluted kind but those which you have to prepare from scratch. So the whole family had to literally search for the leaves. I tried it and till now I do not know if that helped in my recovery process but i just wanted to recover fast at that point of time. My baby needed me. It is so important to keep yourself away from dengue. Check your house and make sure there’s no stagnant water. Use the repellent. Yes it is a bit tedious but it can help to save the trouble and most importantly your life!”

The second story is from Sha.

“I had high fever for 1 week and body was aching to the max especially on my lower back. I was referred to Communicable Disease Centre and warded there for observation for 4 days. I felt like I was in a prison there. And I was discharged, I had to go back CDC to repeat blood test everyday to make sure the blood counts were back to normal.


The above picture was taken at the CDC where Sha was warded when she had dengue fever.

And the last story is from El.

“It started with normal fever. Difference is its duration. Dengue fever will last for more than 3 or 4 days. It really kills your appetite. So, key is to keep yourself hydrated with water and force feed yourself as much as possible. I felt nauseous all the time. Nausea was due to my low blood count. My bones felt like they were breaking and I had rashes breakout. The rashes were not itchy but painful when touched. Fever for the first few days was hot subsequently after 3,4days, the readings were high but I did not feel hot at all. For me it lasted near 2 weeks but the after-effect recovery lingered for a month. I thought I was not too bad as compared to my brother who got it around the same time as me. My brother was weaker and he could eat any thing at all. He had to force himself to eat fruits. I had to take blood test every day as they needed to track my blood readings. I had to maintain a certain level because anything below that reading would require me to go to the hospital for blood transfusion. I was so nauseous and weak.”

This is how the rashes will look like when one contracts dengue fever.


As mentioned in all the personal recounts above, the recovery process from dengue fever is a distressing period. The patient experiences a huge amount of discomfort and pain. May I add the fact that dengue fever will result in out-of-pocket expenditures, as well as absenteeism from work and disruption to daily routines.

Do take note also that when one is re-infected with dengue, he/she is likely to develop more extreme symptoms.

What about you?

Do you have a dengue story which you would like to share with me and everyone else on Facebook?

Why not you join #MyDengueStory contest in my Facebook post about it by sharing your dengue fever experience? You can click HERE to be directed to my Facebook.

Do not forget to use the hashtag #MyDengueStory when you share your dengue story.

Special thanks to my friends and acquaintances for sharing with me their experiences with dengue fever.

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Exam Smart kids?

I have been sending my girls to enrichment classes ever since they were three! Of course, the younger they are, the easier it is to tame our kids and to sculpt them the way we want them to be.

But our kids, like plants, will only grow well if all the conditions for growth are met. It is really not so much about the technique.

More often than not, parents like myself will get overly concerned about the kids’ studies and behaviour. The moment we think they need help on a particular subject, we will start panicking and look around for tuition classes.


We want them to do well in school, that’s why!

So when I heard of this Secrets to Exam Success Seminar , I was intrigued to attend it and find out for myself whether it would be of any use to my kids, and my husband and me as parents.



Besides, it would be a good way to spend our weekend together – by attending a workshop as a family!

Time to get the husband more involved! LOL



Parents, why are we only thinking on the surface most of the time? Why do we focus so much on how to change our kids’ behaviour?

Isn’t true growth actually more about the maturation of their emotional system and how they can bring themselves to express their inner world into language? As we all know it, the bigger our kids get, the bigger their emotions will get and the tougher it will be for us to reach out to them.

Suria Mohd who is no stranger really, if you ask me, conducted the workshop.



Suria’s biography is quite lengthy since she has done so much for the past few years!

Let me break it down for you.

  • She was a former school teacher and had taught in both elite and neighbourhood schools.
  • She is a mother of 2 kids.
  • She is a 3X Amazon best selling author
  • She is a celebrity nutritionist and have appeared in various TV programs, local newspapers and even on the cover of magazines. (Not a surprise since she is quite a stunner! HEHE).
  • She is a motivator, trainer and public educator, and gives regular talks at HPB’s events and forums.
  • She provides Positive Parenting seminars and workshops
  • She provides business coaching for start ups

And the list can pretty much go on and on and on.


Is Suria Mohd qualified to give talks then?

Let me see:

  • She received her Nutrition degree from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia and completed an exchange program with Illinois State University, USA.
  • Suria attained a Postgraduate degree in the teaching of Food Science and Nutrition Studies from NTU/NIE Singapore
  • She taught Nutrition in secondary schools


The workshop was truly inspirational, and it made all of us cry like babies at the end of it.

I am not kidding you.

Read on.

So what was the workshop about?


Suria Mohd covered the following:

  1. Five top secrets and shocking truths why smart students fail or underachieve in school
  2. Steps to help our child overcome low self-esteem
  3. Twelve MUST HAVE power techniques to help improve our child’s grades
  4. Six different ways our child can tap into his/her brain’s full genius potential
  5. Top brain booster foods for exam smart brains.
  6. How to make our child more motivated, confident and eager to study
  7. One Skill that can help our child do well





Suria Mohd even shared with us some really awesome apps which we can download for our kids to play!

One good way to unleash their genius potential is via the apps which Suria Mohd recommended to us parents during the workshop.


You go attend the workshop lah to find out.


Come on, to tell our kids that they are not allowed to play with their phones or ipads is a bit ridiculous because almost everything involves technology these days. That said, our kids need to be IT SAVVY! It’s definitely an essential skill!

But of course, we need to constantly monitor what they are watching or playing online so that they do not get lost in their own world.

Listening to Suria Mohd made me guilty for always focusing on how to improve my kids’ grades rather than how to help them help themselves.

But what choice do we really have, especially if we are living in Singapore?

As parents, we only want to bring out the best in our kids.

And as such, we are always so ready to spend lots of money on private tuitions despite seeing no or little improvements.

Imagine this.

We spend $200 per child on tuition.

In a year, that’s about $2400

In 6 years (primary school), that’s $14,400

In 10 years (primary plus secondary school), that’s $24,000

And that’s only one child!

Imagine if we have more than one child!



It’s not just about having a high IQ.

EQ is just as important, if not more important.

Have we ever thought about this?

Kids with high EQs (also known as emotional intelligence) are known to be overall better performers in school than those with only high IQs

And that’s what Suria Mohd stressed on during the 2 hours workshop.

When our kids are equipped to handle high-pressure situations like exams better than their counterparts, they will perform better.

It’s a no brainer, really.

And don’t we want our kids to continue to have good relationships with us?

Suria Mohd tapped into a place deep inside ourselves, and we ended up in buckets of tears by the end of the workshop. I cried. My girls cried. I suspected my husband cried too. (Men and their ego!)


It was so impactful, really. Crying in a way, is a survival mechanism – most of the time, it is a signal that we need to address something. And that was what happened during the workshop – Suria Mohd made us realise how much we love each other and how we have often let daily routines and the stress of life affect our relationship.

I shall not divulge too much because you need to attend the workshop with your kids in order to find out for yourself.

You will cry too, but you will definitely feel so good after that, trust me!

Suria Mohd will also be conducting other workshops during the March holidays, so take a look and try to attend them with your kids! Trust me, she is really good!



The next workshop will be on:

  • Sunday 19 February 2017 (that’s tomorrow! you still have time to sign up!)

  • Sunday, 26 February 2017 


If you have kids who will be sitting for the big exams like PSLE, must go for this one! Trust me, it’s really something!

I repeat, it’s FREE for parents and kids!

Register here:

SMS: 9023 7147

Meanwhile, I am going to practise my HEART to HEART HUG with my kids!

What’s that? You will find out during the workshop too! LOL.

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When I was first introduced to JAMUlicious, I actually dreaded tasting it because of the word JAMU in it.

Like, I really dreaded!


This is me just staring at it and thinking whether to drink it or not. #nodrama

I remember asking the client for assurance about the taste before really tasting it. I even told my helper to taste it first! I have never eaten jamu all my life but I know for a fact that jamu has never tasted nice.

For starters, jamu is a herbal medicine made from natural materials such as plants, roots, flowers, seeds, barks, and more. The main ingredients are turmeric and tamarind.

I realized that JAMUlicious also has LICIOUS in it, which I believe stands for delicious? Or yummylicious?

The client told me to refrigerate it first before drinking it.

Now of course you should skip this part if you have asthma or you are undergoing confinement.

I refrigerated it, shook the bottle, poured a glass of it….





It tastes like Asam Boi Drink actually.


Yes guys, JAMUlicious is a very tasty herbal drink.


So why drink JAMULICIOUS?

  1. Better blood flow
  2. Helps with weight loss
  3. Reduces pimples
  4. Reduces Sinus
  5. Anti Cancer
  6. Expels wind from body
  7. Reduces menses cramp
  8. Reduces whitening discharge
  9. Gives Energy
  10. Reduces Body Odour
  11. Acts as an Anticeptic
  12. Removes odour from menses
  13. Slows down Aging
  14. Helps reduce blood pressure

JAMUlicious is to be consumed 2 days once, right before bedtime. It is suitable for both men and women.

And in case you are wondering, yes, JAMUlicious has HSA Clearance!

Price: $10.50

Weight: 500ml


You can purchase it from Toko Indo by Alhinduan Trading #01-38/39 which is located at East Village Mall.

Otherwise, you can order it online or via whatsapp!



Whatsapp: 94311143

Facebook: YahYahYah

Delivery is $10.

FREE Delivery for Orders above $50.

Self Collection: 20 Teban Gardens (via appointment only)

And strictly for my readers and followers only, enter or quote ETRANGLE when you order to enjoy 20% off your orders!

Plus, you will get to also enjoy FREE DELIVERY for orders worth $50 and above!

Thank you Yah Yah Yah Online for introducing JAMUlicious drink to me and for helping me overcome my jamu phobia! LOL.

Yah Yah Yah Online is a home-based business set up by Liyanah Md Ali, a SAHM who is dedicated to massaging and distribution of high quality health products such as Pomegranate Concentrate and JAMUlicious Herbal Drink (Home Made).

Yes, she provides whole body traditional javanese massage for ladies too at just $50 for 1.5 hours! If you are staying near Teban Gardens or do not mind travelling to Teban Gardens, you might want to try out her massage!

Click HERE for more details!

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What a waste!

 Do you remember secretly hiding food you could not finish until your parents were out of sight before throwing it?


I would take a tissue, put the food I could not finish inside the tissue and throw it secretly. My childhood basically consisted of me not being able to finish my food before worrying about being scolded by my dad.


Actually, if you were to really think about it, it’s sad how we often waste food on a daily basis. Most of the time, we will just throw whatever food that we or our kids cannot finish because they will go bad anyway.

But did you know that in 2015 alone, SG generated 786 million kg of food waste – that’s two bowls of food waste generated by each person, EACH DAY!

Okay, some of you may be asking, “SO WHAT?”

See, at this rate of producing waste, SG will need a new incineration plant every 7-10 years, and a new landfill every 30 – 35 years.

Are you still asking me “SO WHAT?”


Singapore is just a tiny red dot. You understand what that means, don’t you? Yes, we live in a super duper small country with limited space for EVERYTHING. As it is, we only have one landfill which may run out of space sooner than expected if our food wastage habits do not or cannot change.


It’s very worrying, guys.

Very, very, worrying.

Something for all of us to think about.

My experiences at home have led me to believe that kids like to waste food – their eyes are bigger than their stomachs most of the time! Their appetite change too easily – one day they can gobble up a glass of milk and ask for some more, the next day they can be so picky and get full too quickly.

Believe me, my girls are small eaters with super big eyes on some days. They simply cannot resist the urge to take more than what they can eat, especially right after school.

And when they cannot finish their food, the following excuses will be audible:

“I have a stomachache.”

(They will proceed to eat something else instead.)


“I think there’s something wrong with the food. It tastes funny.”

(Sometimes they speak the truth. Sometimes there’s really nothing wrong with the food)


“Mummy, can I eat this again later?”

(They will never eat it again later)


“Mummy, do you want some more? You can have mine!”

(Nadyas applying the concept of sharing here)



But I’m smarter because I was like you girls too. LOL 

So what I do with them nowadays is to tell them to take HALF THE AMOUNT of what they think they can finish.

“Huh? So little ah Mummy? Like baby eating like that!”

My reply?



The food will always taste nicer when you have less of it on the plate.


And true enough, someone finished her food and asked for a second serving!


Meanwhile, the small eater like Mysha managed to finish her food.


Tip: Always get them to eat first, and drink later. The more water they drink during mealtimes, the faster it is for them to be full.

My husband especially is very particular about the girls not finishing their food because he is not the sort to waste food. And nobody likes it when the husband starts to nag. LOL.

But of course I understand where the husband is coming from. If we don’t teach our kids from young about preventing or reducing food wastage, then it will just become another habit of theirs till they grow old.

Teach kids the value of food and the importance of not wasting resources.

Sometimes, our kids go to the supermarket and want things that they don’t need but they just feel like eating… because mummy or daddy will buy them anything! Obviously they have a hard time understanding the amount of work and resources that go into putting food on their table and so they take things for granted as a result. Thus it’s important to start teaching the kids from a young age the resources that go into producing food, so they will learn to respect the value of food. Implementing rules so that they use a bit of their allowance to pay for their food (giving them some practical motivation) also helps make them realize the cost of wasting money and food.

The more we get our kids involved, the more they may be likely to eat their meals instead of arguing about disliking something, and therefore not wanting to eat it.

I also did my readings to find out how we can prevent or reduce food wastage as a family because hey, doing so can actually help households save money as well!


  1. Shop smart.

Make sure we do not buy too much food, especially when we are doing grocery shopping. Making a detailed shopping list of what we really need at home is often what I do, and that helps us from impulsive buys. Whenever it’s a trip to the supermarket, the shopping list will always accompany me so that I will know exactly what to buy and not what I feel like buying.

My girls have pretty understood the concept of grocery shopping. When we run out of something at home, they will tell me to include it in the shopping list for our next supermarket trip. I am glad to say that our shopping list thus far contains needs rather than wants.


  1. When preparing food for the family, do not overcook or over serve food.

It’s pretty hard to gauge how much is enough for the family especially when you are not really an expert in cooking (like me!). But I think we all learn through trial and error.

Using small plates can help to ensure that we do not over serve food! Start with less food on your plate. If you want more, you can always have more.

  1. Save and actually eat the leftovers.

On days when there’s too much food cooked or prepared, save it in air tight containers, and date the leftovers so that we will know how long they have been in the fridge.

You can also have a cookoff with your kids repurposing leftover ingredients into new meals.

My mother will usually use the leftovers to prepare a totally new dish altogether. For instance, whenever we have leftovers from our steamboat or bbq session the night before, she will use the leftover meat to fry noodles for the entire family for breakfast the next day.


  1. Store food in the right places.

If we are throwing out food that has gone bad constantly, most likely it is because you are not storing them correctly. Yup, we often store food at the wrong places with the wrong temperature. Fruits and vegetables for instance, can last longer if we store them correctly.

I really like the infographics below about where to store your fruits and vegetables.





Source: NEA’s Food Waste Reduction Handy Guide, downloaded from

Wow! I did not know that:

  • Pineapples and lemons are best stored at room temperature.
  • Berries and grapes are firm fridge friends
  • Bananas have to be kept away from the other fruits and vegetables because they will result in most fruits or vegetables ripening too quickly and turning bad

I have actually been storing certain fruits like pears, lemons and avocados wrongly ALL MY LIFE!

The mentality used to be “Put it in the fridge if I want the food to last longer!”

  1. Monitor what you throw away so that you will be mindful of what to buy less during your next grocery shopping.

For instance, I used to buy the extra big loaf of bread instead of the normal sized ones so that I did not have to keep buying when we ran out of bread at home. But I noticed that half a loaf of the bread would not be eaten and by then, it was already past the expiry date.

So it’s just the normal sized bread for us these days.


  1. Tempt our kids!

It’s always good to work towards something when you have an end in mind. In the case of my kids, it’s always treats like…BUBBLE TEA or GUMMIES! Since I do not allow them to drink bubble tea and snack on sweets all the time, to be rewarded with such treats is a big deal to them! Not all the time though. This really works like magic especially when you want them to finish their meals.


Planning your meals to prepare just enough food, and storing food properly can help your household waste less food and save more money.

Even though you may need to make some little changes in your routine to reduce the amount of food you’re wasting as a household, with a little commitment and focus, the suggestions above are very achievable, I reckon.

Less food wastage gives you a Clean and Green Singapore too! Want more tips on reducing food wastage at home? Download the Food Waste Reduction handy guide from

And of course, I know who will be the happiest after reading this post.


His naggings about food wastage have been justified…finally!


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Bag It: Randoseru

My girls have this craze for unique looking bags that they can bring to school or for their outings with us. So they are always on the lookout for bags to add on to their current collection.

What can I say – girls will be girls!


The latest one that Sharleez got is this randoseru bag from Atsuta online




She even brings the back to school!


For beginners, a randoseru bag is a firm-sided and fashionable backpack made of stitched firm leather material, most commonly used in Japan by elementary school children. They are usually given to the kids when they begin their first year of school. The bag will be used all the way until they reach grade 6!

What am I trying to say?

A randoseru bag is built to last because kids carry the same bag for six years! So cost saving.

This bag even withstands any weather conditions like rain and snow. This makes it very practical actually, since bigger children commute to school.


I like how the backpack has a sturdy back so that in case of falling, it will protect the child’s spine from injury.



In a nutshell, the bag is:

  • Fashionable
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • User friendly
  • Handy
  • Unique Interior




And on days when Sharleez is not using the bag, I can use it just like those adults in English. LOL.

Besides this design, Atsuta online also carries other designs like the following!








And check out the details of the bag!







Definitely a good choice, Sharleez! I approve!



And now that the twins have seen for themselves how cool and chic Sharleez looks with the bag, they too want one Barandoseru each!

To purchase the randoseru bag for yourself or your kid, you can click HERE 

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#IThinkShakeelTalks: Drinking from the bottle

Hi ladies everyone! It’s me, Shakeel, taking over Mummy’s blog for a while first now…then permanently in future. But don’t tell her I told you that!

But first, Mummy needs to change her blog’s picture.

I mean,


Way overdue, Mummy. What have you been so busy with until you have no time to revamp your blog? Sheesh!

So what should I talk about?

Ah, I should mention the woes of a breastfed baby who is sometimes forced to drink milk from the bottle due to some unforeseen circumstances. Life sucks. It’s tough being a baby so what makes you adults think that only you have the biggest problems in the world? Babies like us have only one problem and it’s often milk problem. But hey, that’s big enough a problem!

Mummy does train me to drink from the bottle. She keeps telling me that drinking from the bottle is pretty much the same as drinking from her mammillas. I am sure. I feel like asking her whether drinking latte Starbucks is the same as drinking latte from McDees.

The answer is, “NO! IT’S NOT THE SAME!”

Whenever she asks me to drink from the bottle, it’s always the same ol’ process.


I will hold the bottle like I am so eager to drink.





I will throw the bottle to the side or sometimes on the floor because ewww the milk does not taste as good from the bottle AND I am not good at pretending.





I will get thirsty after some time and decide to drink from the bottle when Mummy refuses to give me her mammillas. And yeah, I will even finish the milk. Pretty embarrassing. I must say.




Don’t believe me because it’s too good to be true? Watch this video then!



I will pat the bottle to eternal sleep and wish never to see it again.




Wishful thinking on my part, of course.

Yeah that’s pretty much what Mummy and I have to go through each time drinking milk from the bottle is involved.

But if you ask me, I want Mummy’s mammillas anytime!

I sincerely hope she will stop forcing me to drink from the bottle.

I promise I will be good!


Lots of love & saliva, 

Shakeel Adly


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Review: Bonbijou LUXOS Stroller

Since there are too many baby products in the market and I’m always spoilt for choice, I have decided to do reviews for them!

To kickstart my review for baby products will be the new…

Bonbijou LUXOS Stroller.


This stroller will be launched anytime this month! Yes, December 2016!

To begin with, the exterior and colour of the stroller is already a winner. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. I mean, come on, how can you possibly go wrong with a grey and brown leather combination?


If you ask me, the cloud combination makes the stroller look really classy and expensive.



But read on and be pleasantly surprised when I finally reveal to you the retail price of this gorgeous stroller.

Features of the Bonbijou LUXOS Stroller:

  • Suitable for use from birth up to a maximum weight of 25 kg
  • Multiple recline seats positions
  • Additional padded cushion seat provide comfort for your child
  • Open or Fold the stroller with only ONE hand, this leave your other hand to carry your little love one
  • Extra spacious seat gives baby a lot of kicking space and lets them stretch out for comfort anytime
  • Ultra light weight: easy to handle even taking public transport
  • Handle reversible, enable mummy to view the baby even while strolling
  • Full canopy to prevent child from direct sunlight
  • Extra hood windows provides ventilation even though baby is fully covered by the canopy



The Bonbjiou LUXOS Stroller is definitely a fuss-free stroller that is comfortable, stylish and most importantly, affordable! And because it is so easy and convenient to use this stroller, I let my girls bring their little brother for a stroll downstairs anytime they wish to.


And now, the retail price.

Are you ready?

It will be retailing at…



Really reasonable and affordable for a stroller, don’t you think? 

So be the first few in Singapore to own the Bonbijou LUXOS Stroller!


For updates on the exact launch date and where to purchase it, follow BONBIJOU in Facebook by clicking HERE HERE HERE!


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Brace(s) yourself.

So now that Sharleez is finally on braces, all the what ifs and fears are gone.

In fact, I was actually worried for her when she first put on the braces. I thought she would not be able to tolerate the pain or discomfort.

But hey, she is really doing super great so far!




But, she is only 9 years old!

Shouldn’t she wait till all the baby teeth fall out?

Shouldn’t she wait for all of the adult teeth to come in?

Shouldn’t she wait till she is at least 12?

Ah okay. If you are asking me the above questions, that means you have missed the first blog post about this. How about you click HERE HERE HERE \to read that blog post? But do not forget to come back for this post once you are done, okay? 😀

Many children and parents delay the process of straightening their teeth due to fear.

What are the different kinds of fear that may arise?

FEAR #1: Fear of pain.

The most common concern that children have when starting to put on braces is that it will be extremely painful. As a parent, you may also share the same fear as your child since obviously, no parent would want to see their child in pain.

In reality, orthodontic treatment does not involve the use of twisting or wrenching their teeth into position.

Newer Orthodontic appliances use gentle, consistent pressure to realign the teeth gradually. Now, this pressure can cause the gums to become tender and ache a little at the start or after each adjustment. However, this discomfort is really temporary and minor.

In most cases, this discomfort can be solved through over the counter medications.

But if you ask me, Sharleez does not even require medications so far because the treatment is bearable.

Want to know why?

Sharleez is using the self-ligating Damon Braces to allow minimal a very gentle force to be applied on the tooth to reduce and discomfort.

But I did my part too and prepared her mentally.

Days Weeks before, she kept asking me, “Mummy, will it be painful? How tight?”

Since I am currently wearing the Invisalign aligners, which is an almost invisible alternative to braces, I told her what it feels like to have aligners on. I also told her how important it is to have an exceptionally good dental hygiene when she is wearing braces.

Sharleez: “Did you cry Mummy when you have the aligners on?”

Me: “Have you ever seen me cry when I put on the aligners? In fact, I am laughing even more than ever!”  

Sharleez: “Okay, I can do this! I want a straight teeth!” 

FEAR #2: Fear of the Unknown

Most people are afraid of situations where they do not have control or understand what is happening.

A dental clinic can be a very intimidating place for a young child.

Just imagine this.

Your kid is laid out horizontally on a chair with bright lights shining in their face. The doctor then proceeds to use a collection of unfamiliar instruments in their mouth.


Well, it can even be an intimidating place for adults! I remember fearing my every visit to the dentist when I was still in primary school. I remember still fearing my visit to the dentist even after I reached adulthood.

But here’s the thing – my kids look forward to their every visit to De Pacific Dental despite them always being very selective of the people they choose to warm up to! They really adore their dentist Dr Ooi Jing Liang because he always takes the effort to create conversations and joke with them. So really, it is not like a visit to the dentist!

At De Pacific Dental, they understand the parents and child’s concerns, hence they take the time to find out the fears that the kids may have.

On the day when Sharleez was supposed to put on her braces, she was very nervous, as expected.

Dr Ooi already anticipated that Sharleez would be pretty nervous on the day of her braces procedure. The moment he saw Sharleez, he first started by asking her about her day and how she was feeling. He did not mention anything about the braces at all initially. Once Sharleez was less tensed, Dr Ooi went on to explain to her what he was going to do and what she should expect to feel.

He then asked her whether she liked Finding Nemo and who her favourite character in the show is.

Right before he started to put the braces on for Sharleez, he played Finding Nemo for Sharleez to watch. It was definitely a good form of distraction as Sharleez was more engrossed with the movie than the procedure that she was undergoing at that time.


In fact, even her little supporters (especially Shan!) were so engrossed with the movie and they totally forgot to cheer her on! Nice. HAHA.


The procedure was pretty painless, with a little bit of discomfort experienced by Sharleez. Dr Ooi was thoughtful enough to keep checking on Sharleez throughout.


FEAR #3: Fear of Embarrassment

Kids and teens often feel especially fearful that they will “look funny” or get made fun of while they are wearing their braces. These types of fears tend to get worse around special occasions such as birthday parties or other gatherings.

Sharleez had the same fear too before she had her braces on. She was like, “Mummy, I don’t want to open my mouth when have my braces on. Later my classmates will notice and make fun of me!”

To that I asked her, “But you look at all those people with bright coloured bands and brackets on their braces. I think they are cool. Don’t you think so too?”

She replied, “Ya actually they are kind of cool. I have seen some really pretty girls with braces.”


Dr Ooi then showed Sharleez the various colours of band that she could choose for her braces. Sharleez looked so excited and was pretty confused as to the colour of the band that she should choose.


She chose baby blue, as expected. Sharleez’s favourite colour is blue, you see?

The braces were fitted to two of Sharleez’ upper front teeth and two of her bottom front teeth.




This is because Sharleez still has some baby teeth left, somewhere at the back. So while waiting for them to drop off and for the adult teeth to fully grow, Dr Ooi will straighten her front teeth first. So the treatment that she is undergoing is called interceptive orthodontics. To recall what I blogged in the earlier post, intervention may begin as early as age 6 or 7. At this age, teeth are still developing. Early intervention takes advantage of the fact that a child’s jaw is still growing. That means certain conditions, such as crowding, may be easier to address.

Types of teeth and bite conditions that may be cause for early interceptive treatment include:

  • Open bites
  • Deep bites
  • Cross bites
  • Overjets
  • Crowding (Sharleez’s case)
  • Spacing
  • Teeth not emerging in the right sequence
  • Missing teeth
  • Congenitally missing teeth
  • Ankylosed teeth: a condition where the tooth stops erupting and stays in the same place, causing the permanent tooth to be displaced upon emergence

Children who receive interceptive orthodontics generally still need braces or other orthodontic appliances later. However, this early treatment may shorten and simplify future treatment in selected cases. This is commonly known as two-phase treatment.

The moment the braces were placed, Dr Ooi gave Sharleez a mirror and asked her to smile showing her teeth.


I don’t know about you, but I think that anyone with braces is really cute! 

  1. Fear of Food Getting Caught in the Teeth

Another common fear regarding orthodontic treatment is that large amounts of unsightly food will get caught in the wires and brackets, leading to embarrassment, bad breath, and even tooth decay. In reality, a person with braces is not more likely to get food stuck in their teeth than someone without them. Misaligned teeth also cause a much greater risk of gum disease.

For a start, drinking plenty of water can help wash away any stray bits of food.

At De Pacific Dental, they also make it a point to educate and teach the children on proper brushing and care of their braces. And Dr Ooi did just that after the braces were fitted!


It’s inevitable that Sharleez will still get some food particles stuck in her braces after every meal.

Hence, the three steps approach for her and anyone with braces to follow:

  1. Make it a habit to head to the bathroom after every meal to clean the teeth. First, start by swishing water vigorously around your mouth then spitting it out. Repeat the process several times.
  2. Next, use a small dental pick or tooth pick to remove small particles that are stuck between the wires and teeth or trapped by a bracket.
  3. Finally, carry a small travel toothbrush to brush after every meal.

And that was it! Sharleez now has braces on and she could not have looked more cuter!

This was her smile and teeth after the first time she had the braces fitted.


This was Sharleez 8 weeks later.


And this is Sharleez now!





 So confident already with the different poses! 


We are slowly getting there! Actually, the progress is surprisingly fast.

Every 8 weeks, we will have to make a date with Dr Ooi to make adjustments to her braces by way of wire-changers, adding springs, elastics or other accessories.

If you’re curious whether your child needs early orthodontic treatment like Sharleez, do not hesitate to call up De Pacific Balestier to find out more!

And oh, if you want to know more about Invisalign, you can find out from them toooooo!

What is Invisalign?

  • Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible so it’s difficult for others to notice
  • Invisalign aligners are removable. You can remove them before eating/drinking and easily brush and floss to maintain good oral hygiene.eatment

I am wearing Invisalign too in almost all of my photos, can you tell?

Trust me, the people at De Pacific Balestier are a bunch of awesomely nice people! Your kid will enjoy his visits to the dentist once he meets Dr Ooi!

And only for my first 20 readers,


Let Dr Ooi advise you FOR FREE (with no obligations) on what needs to be done for your teeth before you consider or even decide!

Contact details:

Tel: (65) 6684 4862

Address: 20 Ah Hood Road, #01-25, Zhongshan Mall,
Singapore 329984


Opening Hours:
 Mondays to Fridays: 10am to 10pm

Saturdays to Sundays: 10am to 6pm

Public Holidays: Closed


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Stuck On You Forever.

Hi mummies and daddies!

After almost a month of fun and more fun, preparations for a new school year can be overwhelming and intimidating, agree?

How’s it going with the preparations for the new school year, then?

I do not know about you but I always look forward to buying their school books. The next best thing to do will be to label all of their belongings for school.. and wrapping their books too!


Ever since Sharleez entered primary school, I have been using Stuck On You Classic Mini Pencil Labels for her books and belongings their size is so compact and makes them perfect for school books, stationery, calculators, glasses, drink bottles, lunch boxes and more. Yes, you can even use them for lunch boxes because they are microwave safe! And now that Mysha nd Myreen are already in primary school, the tradition is to continue using Stuck On You labels for them as well! Hehe.


You might want to check out their new Gelati Junior Value Kit which comes with:

  • 21 Square Clothing Labels 26mm x 26mm approx
  • 26 Small Name Labels 50mmx20mm approx
  • 1 Button Bag Tag


Sample Previewer!




Final product!



Besides name labels, Stuck On You can also personalize the following:

  • Backpacks
  • Lunchboxes
  • Toiletry bags
  • Wallets/Purses
  • Notebooks
  • Diaries
  • Coloured Pencils
  • Baby Onesies
  • Dribble Bibs
  • Muslin Wraps
  • And the list goes on! Why not you check them out HERE?


My girls were thrilled to receive their very own personalized Duffle Bag from Stuck On You! They have been using the bag for their outings, and they are already planning to use the bags for their school trips and on days when they do not have to bring so many books to school.


What makes it special is the fact that my girls had the opportunity to personalize the bag via Stuck On You website!



The final products look exactly the same!




And just for today, Stuck On You is having 20% OFF ALL LABELS!



All you need to do is to use the code SGBTS17 before you check out your orders!

Thank you Stuck On You for making preparations for the new school year such a breeze for me and my girls!


You can follow Stuck on You in FB for their future updates (and sales!) by clicking HERE!



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Rasa Sayang Hey.

I am always on the lookout for interesting books for my kids. It has been a favourite past time of mine ever since I had them.

The Rasa Sayang Sing and Record Fun book is definitely one of them – this book connects culture and modern family.


Read on to find out why.

The Rasa Sayang Sing and Record Fun book is the first book of its kind – featuring 7 familiar Nusantara folk songs like:

  1. Rasa Sayang
  2. Chan Mali Chan
  3. Burung Kakak Tua
  4. Lenggang Kangkung
  5. Bengawan Solo
  6. Gelang Sipaku Gelang
  7. Anak Itik Tok Wi


Each song comes with beautiful illustrations and listen-and-record functions.

Now, didn’t we all grow up listening to these folk songs? No matter how old or where we are, folks songs endure and will never fail to help us get to the good parts of our shared humanness.

I do not know about you but I feel that folk songs have always been the doorway through which our children find their own voices. Through these simple yet mesmerizing songs, children learn to bring themselves to a tune and to sing comfortably with others.

But as we all know it, we are now living in the digital age and we do not listen to folk songs as often as we listen to pop songs.

That said, it was so hard to search for the folk songs with culturally relevant yet high quality materials suitable for both kids and adults… until I came cross the Rasa Sayang book.

Want to know what’s really interesting plus engaging about this book?

  • It plays the song of your choice at the push of a button
  • You will find a list of buttons at the right side to correspond to the image of the song you want to listen to.
  • It records you singing the song too!
  • It plays back your (beautiful) singing!
  • It allows you to sing the folksongs in English because all the folksong have been translated in English.









My kids love this book so much!

And every gift set comes with  BABA BAA plushie, which plays the Rasa Sayang song the moment you press it!



This book is definitely perfect for ages 6 months to 6 years, and can be used to teach, play and share at home and in the classroom!

So parents and teachers, this book, you must have!

No matter how modern we think we are, our culture remains and will never cease. And this is the important message that we would like to put across to our kids despite them growing in a world of technology.

The Rasa Sayang book and giftset can be purchased online and major bookstores in Singapore.

And guess what? I have one Rasa Sayang giftset to give away!


To possibly be the lucky winner,

  1. LIKE Baba Baa on Facebook
  2. LIKE & SHARE my Facebook post about the Rasa Sayang book
  3. Leave a comment on my Facebook post as to why you want to receive a copy of the book.

For more links and information, please visit





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Now that I have Shakeel, baby fairs is a must go because they usually have everything I need under one super humongous roof!


I don’t know about you but baby fairs like Baby Baby Exhibition are just so therapeutic.

In any case, time to shop for yourself and your baby this Christmas!

Yes! Baby Baby Exhibition is back!

For the first time ever, exciting exhibitors and brands such as SweeTooth, Tokidoki, Blackmores, Kalila Organics, Kippins and Young Living will be joining the Baby Baby fair.

They will also offer essentials from popular brands such as Philips Avent, Spectra, Capella, Aveeno, Parklon, Lamaze and more!

It’s the best time to stock up on milk powder and diapers from MamyPoko, Moony, Huggies, Pampers, GOO.N, Gain IQ, Friso, Enfagrow, Nestle NAN, Similac and more!


There will be over 500 Brands & Star Buys and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes such as strollers, toys, a staycation package and more in their Lucky Draw! Have fun in their specially curated Lifestyle Area with the Stroller Park, Demo Stage and more!

Stroller Park? What’s that?

At the Stroller Park, you can actually test drive strollers on actual terrains!

Demo Area is where there will be talks from renowned experts speaking on important topics such as Infant Massage, Babywearing and health-related topics!

Here are some topics that caught my eye:

  • Infant Car Seat Installation by Elise Mawson, certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (Baby Car Seat Specialist)
  • Be A 5-Star Safe Road User Today by Terry Tan from Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS)
  • Childbirth Odyssey by Kong Choon Yen, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula and Infant Massage Instructor.


Slots are still available, so register now! Limited seats available.


Plus be among the first 20 to register and come down for the session to receive a limited edition goodie bag (worth over $10)!

There will also be Super Crazy Deals at 2 pm daily with more than 2,000 items with the lowest prices guaranteed! Prices are as Low as $5 so do be sure to be the first few ones in line! Crazy deals will include breast pumps, Car Seats, Carriers, Bouncers and more!

Attractive Star Buys / Promotions / New Launches will include:

  • Philips Avent 3 in 1 Electric Steam Sterilizer Bundle at $159 (U.P. $206.90)
  • Moony Wet Wipes Bundle (Comes with one case and one refill pack (i.e. 80 pcs x 8 pkts) @ $28 (U.P. $32.50)
  • NEW in SG: SweeTooth Teether – 25% off usual price (minimum purchase of 2 pieces) U.P. $27.50


To view the full list of Star Buys and add them to your cart, click HERE HERE HERE!

You know, you can even personalize your wishlist with the booth number(s) for the product(s) you are keen in, print it out and make your shopping easier.

Follow the simple steps below once you are logged in!

(I simply logged in using my Facebook account!)


Below is my Wishlist Cart!



And this is my printable wish list with the booth numbers!

So convenient!


What’s more, there are bottle trade-in promotions for Philips Avent, 5phases, Simba and Farlin!

To enjoy even more savings, why not you check out their E-Flyer which contains discount coupons. All you need to do is to show the coupons at the respective booths to redeem!

Be the first 1,000 visitors daily and redeem a free Baby Baby goodie bag worth more than $20!

I showed Shakeel the contents of the goodie bags and he looked pretty pleased!






Heh heh, Shakeel is not included as one of the contents of the goodie bag okay?

Goodie bags are to be redeemed at the redemption counter at 11 am daily!


I already have a list of stuff that I want to shop for Shakeel!

When is Baby Baby Year-End X’mas Edition?



2 to 4 Dec 2016

Singapore Expo Hall 6

Friday & Saturday: 11 am to 9 pm

Sunday: 11 am to 8 pm

Get exclusive Baby Baby Christmas Gift Wrappers:

  • With minimum $30 spent at Baby Baby 2016
  • Limited qty, while stocks last!




Like Baby Baby Facebook page and click going to their event page to get the latest updates

Register here to receive their latest updates directly in your inbox:



Baby Baby Dec Event Page:



Disclaimer: Please note that photos are from last year’s event, so not all brands shown will necessarily be at this year’s fair. Check out the website for the fully updated list of vendors. Other T&Cs apply

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My Hair-y Issue: Plantur21

But of course, one of the problems I experienced after giving birth was hair loss




Why must the hair fall easily after we give birth?

Just what causes it?

They say it’s due to stress and hormonal changes.

Okay fine, I shall accept that.

But hey, you do not suffer from hair loss only after giving birth. Other triggers could be also stress or nutrient deficit due to an unbalanced diet or weight loss diets.

Besides hair loss, my hair also lacked the shine and looked dull. For starters, constant bleaching and heat treatments like blowdrying and straightening of hair stress the hair. The surface will be rough and thus hair becomes difficult to comb.

Anyone else facing a similar situation?


When I was introduced to Plantur 21 shampoo that has been developed for colour-treated and stressed hair like mine, of course I wanted to give it a try.


Why caffeine in shampoo?

Let me tell me you why.

According to a new study, caffeine helps the hair to grow faster.

The complex in Plantur 21 helps to prevent an energy deficit in the hair roots. If used regularly, the Nutri- Caffeine Complex gives hair roots the energy boosts they desperately lack of.


Plantur 21 shampoo also contains conditioning agents that repair the externally stressed hair. This represents no burden on the hair, since no silicones that weigh down the hair are used.

Plantur 21 Nutri-Conditioner regenerates and fortifies the hair structure from the outside.


Fruit acid and active avocado components in the conditioner strengthen the hair structure and smooth the rough hair surface. The hair immediately gains shine and brilliance. It also brushes more easily.

After washing my hair, I will apply Nutri-Caffeine Elixir scalp tonic to the scalp once a day and massage in.


With its Nutri-Caffeine Complex, the scalp tonic provides protection from an energy deficit in the hair roots, and this will help to prevent premature disruptions of hair growth.

I have been using Plantur 21 shampoo, conditioner and scalp tonic for two weeks now and I can already see the differences. Hence, this blog post.

The most noticeable difference will be…



I also like how the surface of the hair is no longer as rough as before.

That also means that I can easily brush my hair now.

Another difference that’s noticeable is lesser hair loss now.


And this one is the best – my hair now looks shinier and more luscious!

So it’s true indeed – Plantur 21 helps to speed up process of  normalization of hair growth cycle and strengthens hair growth.

I am so going to continue using Plantur 21 even after my hair loss problem has been improved!

Ladies, conventional hair care alone won’t help. Instead, the problem must be directly tackled at the hair root. After 120 seconds, the active caffeine in Plantur 21 shampoo can penetrate the hair root and unfold its effect.

You can purchase Plantur 21 Shampoo online or at all major supermarkets and drugstores.



And especially for my blog readers, I have…



Simply share my Facebook post about Plantur 21 to stand a chance to win.

For more information, visit:


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The Best Year End Fair Yet!

I have with me the results for the Home Works Contest by Icon Interior Design.





You can click HERE  to view the participating houses if you have not done so. Come back here once you are done!

But before I get down to the results, I want to reveal the BIG SURPRISE that I mentioned in the previous post!


Icon Interior Design will be having a soft launch of their second floor showroom from 12 to 20 November 2016! And definitely they will want to celebrate the launch with YOU! That said, it is going to be a mega celebration!






Besides the usual Year End Fair (which almost every renovation and interior design company will be having) Icon Interior Design will also have….



Image credit: Chef Bob

Now, it’s my time to say that Icon Interior Design is the FIRST INTERIOR DESIGN COMPANY EVER to have a live cooking at their Urban Kitchen! LOL. I believe no other interior design company has done that before, so if you would like to see for yourself why the urban Kitchen is A BIG DEAL, here’s your chance! No gimmicks, no nothing. Just good food!

Guess what he will be cooking and what you will be tasting?

1. Salt Baked Seabass with Balinese Coulis
2. Buttered Pilaf Rice
3. Steamed Broccoli with Aged Shitake Mushroom


Chef Bob is no stranger, especially if you watch Suria Channel. Besides being a chef, he is also a very funny guy! I have always enjoyed watching all of his cooking programmes on TV – he is really good at finding the funny side in day-to-day life before inserting humour naturally into his shows.

And want to know what else will Icon Interior Design be having for the first time ever?


This means that you can actually purchase all your home/kitchen appliances at WHOLESALE PRICES! The bosses of Icon Interior Design have done a lot of research in order to bring you cheaper deals for their Year End Fair!


Expect to purchase the following appliances at wholesale price:

1. TEKA Appliances
2. Invisible Grille
3. UniArm Door Closer
4. Wallpaper
5. Digital Lock
6. LAN Point Conversion
7. Philips Downlight
8. Hansgrohe Sanitaryware
9. Grohe Sanitaryware
10. Digital Peephole Viewer
11. Storeroom Rack

And just to make you go crazy a bit, let me just show you some of the items that will be selling at wholesale prices!













For the rest of the items going at wholesale prices, you will have to drop by during the fair from 12 to 20 November 2016 to find out!

Please make use of this opportunity to get good stuff for your house at great deals!

Can I also say that Icon Interior Design is the FIRST INTERIOR COMPANY to introduce bulk purchases to their customers? Can lah, can lah! Some ID companies think that only their company can be the FIRST ID COMPANY to do this and that ah? Unfortunately, they cannot be the first to do bulk purchases already. TAKE THAT!


(Ya I am childish like that!)


Guys, for every signup with Icon Interior Design, you will be eligible for the SURE WIN LUCKY DIP! The earlier you are, the higher your chances are to grab the BEST PRIZE!

The prizes for the Sure Win Lucky Dip will be:
• 1 x TEKA Oven (worth $989)
• 1 x Soundbar
• 1 x 40″ Branded TV
• Eubiq PowerTrack L800mm + 3 adaptor plugs
• Digital Lock
• Nescafe Dolce Gusto (worth $259)
• Hood & Hob (worth $559)
• $200 IKEA Voucher
• $200 Carousel Dining Voucher
• $200 Capitaland Voucher
• $200 ToTT Voucher
• $200 CK Tang Voucher


I would love to win the TEKA oven and the TV and the Digital Lock and the Hood & Hob and the Soundbar and the Eubiq Powertrack and all the vouchers. Just give me allllllllllll!


And to thank you for your attendance during the fair, you will be given a door gift that contains:

• Maybank Pen
• Maybank Notepad
• TEKA Vouchers
• Blum Measuring Tape
• Blum Pen
• Blum Notepad
• Blum uK Folder
• Blum uK Bag
• Blum uK Magazine
• NipponPaint Tissue Box
• NipponPaint Sunscreen
• NipponPaint Catalogue


Now now, am I done? Not quite.

I will be choosing 15 VIPs to attend the live cooking demonstation by Chef Bob. These VIPs are special because they will be seated and they will also receive ADDITIONAL door gifts on top of the door gifts mentioned earlier!

How about:

  • WMF Cookware
  • Blum Umbrella
  • Apron w/ Chef Bob’s signature




But if you cannot wait, then you can email me at quick to reserve a slot for you!

Strictly for the first 15 VIPs!


Just a little recap, six extremely beautiful houses were chosen to participate in Home Works by Icon. A free photoshoot was then arranged at the finalists’ homes. I then put up the photos in my blog and got the public to vote.

Top 3 houses will win:


Yes, just by signing up with Icon Interior Design, you will get to enjoy all of the above that I have mentioned. Want to join the next season of Home Works by Icon? Sign up with them during the Year End Fair!

Let me now congratulate the TOP 3 WINNERS for the recent Home Works by Icon contest!

































So homeowners, who are planning to renovate your house, tell me ONE REASON why you should not consider Icon Interior Design when I have already given you FIVE GOOD REASONS why you should sign up with them.

*flips hair*

At Icon Interior Design, they have special packages for all types of private and HDB houses.

Plus, if you are keen to have an urban Kitchen, they even have a Blum uK One at just $6,888 with a Silestone tabletop!

I have done my part to share with you about their Year End Fair.

Your turn now to make an appointment with your preferred Interior Designer!.






Let me now answer my own question. 






And oh, the live cooking demonstration by Chef Bob is open to public! So please do drop by because the more, the merrier!

The full details below:

12 – 20 November 2016
10 am to 8 pm


12 November @ 12 pm
► Celebrity Chef Bob’s Live Cooking Demonstration

19 November @ 12 pm
►Chocolate Making Live Demonstration

441 Macpherson Road S368152

For appointments:
Whatsapp/SMS: 82127652
+65 6285 1817 (office line)



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How to make a pizza?

My girls are so into cooking and they love their pizza a lot!

So I brought them and my good friend Sabby to Doughworkz family bonding class the other time! The husband had a soccer match so he could not accompany us, unfortunately.


But anyway.


Doughworkz by PastaMania is a monthly pasta and pizza making class customised for children from 4 to 12 years old.

At Doughworkz, children become mini masterchefs and make their own pizza from scratch! Yes, they will be given their own chef’s hat and apron.


Plus, they will also get to enjoy their handmade pizza at the end of the session too.

My girls were really excited to know that they would be making their own pizza. But right before they started with the pizza making, they were introduced to the basics of food preparation hygiene by the friendly Doughworkz team! They also got to learn interesting facts about pasta and pizza to expand their food knowledge.

Let’s make pizza now!

Step 1

First, make sure the surface is clean and dry. Heap flour onto it.

The girls did not have to make the dough from scratch because the Doughworkz team already demonstrated how to make the dough and shaped it into balls for all the participants.


Step 2

So the next step is to use the pressure of both hands to flatten the dough.


Step 3

Then, use the fingertips and middle of fingers to gently stretch into a flat circle. Keep pushing the edges out until you get the desired size.

Step 4

Spread the sauce evenly on the base.



Step 5:

Since the theme for the class the other day was Halloween, the challenge was for the participants to decorate the pizza with the toppings and make it as scary looking as possible! Of course I had to get myself involved in this activity. So I helped Mysha with the decorating part!

Sabby was so engrossed with her pizza too!




Sharleez’s Pizza!





Mysha’s Pizza





Myreen’s Pizza



Step 6:

Time to bake the pizza!

Look at my proud girls with their baked pizza!


Step 7:

Time to eat!


No pizza will ever taste as fresh as it does when you eat it straight from the oven! And we got to do just that during the Doughworkz class!

Oh guess what?

Mysha was one of the winners for the BEST DECORATED PIZZA! Sabby’s pizza won too! They each won a scoop of ice-cream!


My girls had lots of fun kneading the dough and decorating their own pizza, definitely. I had a lot of fun too snapping their photos and helping them out with the pizza making. Definitely a great way to bond with the kids!

One thing for sure, it was not THAT EASY to knead the dough to the perfect shape, size and thickness! Thank goodness the Doughworkz guys were always around to assist us!

At the end of the class, my little chefs got to bring home with a goodie bag of mini apron, chef hat, certificate and a photo of them in the cute getup.

But of course we did not go home right away. How could we leave PastaMania without dining there? Wait a minute, you do know that Pastamania is halal-certified right?

Everyone ordered the usual.

Seafood Marinara for me!


Carbonara Pasta for Sabby


And kids’ meals for my girls!

I totally forgot to order my favourite Banana Pizza! You must try their Banana Pizza, guys! Its basically thin crust pizza with banana and chocolate shavings toppings.


Doughworkz kid’s class is at $28 per child and family bonding class cost $55 per parent and child pair.

You can book a session for your kid or with their friends for a fun get-together party! Sounds like fun!

The classes are available at:

  • PastaMania Sengkang Sports & Recreation Centre
  • PastaMania Singapore Management University (SMU)
  • PastaMania NEX


My girls and the other participants each received these too at the end of the class:

  • Certificate of Participation with their photo
  • Doughworkz Notebook & Stickers
  • Doughworkz Sling Bag
  • Pastamania apron
  • Doughworkz chef hat




Readers who quote ETRANGLE when signing up for the Nov or Dec classes will get a special rate of $25 per child and $45 per parent & child pair for the family class.

Only applicable for sign ups before 18 November 2016.

To sign up, proceed to

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I have a house, I have pineapple.


What’s with me? I am not sure myself.

Just read on to find out if I am still sane.

But now, it is for more beautiful homes by Icon Interior Design!

Yes, I have the finalists for Home Works by Icon Interior Design.

Oh yeah, previously it was known as Home Reno Challenge. I kinda got sick of the name, so we renamed it. Besides, change is always good.

So anyway.

You know the drill, don’t you?
I show you the pictures of the finalists.
You choose the most beautiful home (this is pretty subjective but oh well!)
You vote.

The top three houses will stand to win the following CASH PRIZES:

1st Prize: 3K cash
2nd Prize: 2K cash
3rd Prize: 1K cash

We have six finalists in all.








































































So have you already figured out why the blog title?

It’s because we have a PINEAPPLE HOUSE this time round!

Hold on ah. Let me sing some more .

I have a house. I have pineapple.

Apaprently the homeowners for the pineapple house love Spongebob Squarepants and I have been told by my kids that Spongebob Squarepants live in a pineapple house. The full address will be 124 Conch Street.

Okay jokes aside, want to know how we will calculate and determine the winners this time round? It’s no longer 100% votes by the public, to be fair to those finalists who are not so active in social media.

So it’s going to be:
40% votes by public
40% votes by bosses of Icon Interior Design
20% votes by meeeeeeee

Prizes that await them?






Time to vote, you guys!


Voting will end on 30 October 2016 at 2 pm sharp!

Results will be announced on 2 November 2016, together with THE BIG REVEAL!

What reveal?

To get you excited, Icon Interior Design will be having a soft launch of their second floor showroom! (Congrats, guys!) Have you seen their new showroom? That’s the first surprise! The second surprise, I am only going to reveal in my next blog post.

No lah, not another pineapple house. Not an apple house too.
What can be bigger (a deal) than a pineapple house, then?

Cannot tell you nowwwwwwwww. Think food.

Stay close to me. (But not too close until I cannot breathe, please!)

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Charlotte’s Web by SRT

Once their exams are over, I will be bringing the girls (and Shakeel) to Singapore Repertory Theatre to watch Charlotte’s Web!


I am still pretty bummed that we missed their 3 Little Pigs because I just gave birth at that time and was undergoing my silly confinement. So no, not going to miss out anymore on their productions! If you have never been to the plays by SRT, you are missing out on a lotttttttt of things in life. 😀

Who have read Charlotte’s Web before? ME!

Who have not? You should! But in any case, Charlotte’s Web is a story about a pig named Wilbur and his friendship with a barn spider named Charlotte and the lovable farmhouse animals. Together, they will have a magical adventure.

When Wilbur is in danger of being slaughtered by the farmer, Charlotte proves to be a true friend by coming to his rescue. Come watch how Charlotte uses her web-spinning skills to weave messages that praise Wilbur, making him a celebrated pig treasured by the farmer and his family.

Charlotte’s Web is a poignant play that spins a positive message about friendship.

The friendship part – all of us have a soft spot for that and will be able to relate to that!

Experience this timeless story with the entire family! I am so sure your kids will especially enjoy this.

Charlotte’s Web is recommended for 4 year-olds and above.

And especially for my blog readers, I have a special giveaway!


This will be for Saturday, 12 Nov 2016 at 11 am!

To participate, please proceed to my Facebook (search Diah Mastura) & answer some simple questions related to this blog post…and Charlotte’s Web of course.

I am choosing one lucky family to win this!

Otherwise, you can purchase your tickets now before they are all sold out (which always happen with SRT productions!)

DATES: From 28th October weekdays 10am and Saturdays 11am and 2pm. Please log onto timings as the schedules change during the run

PRICES: From $25 excluding SISTIC fee. Group discounts/ Family Packages available

VENUE: KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT

TICKETING: SISTIC at 6348 5555 or

Hmmm. I think the kids and I will be going for the 5th November show!

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When mummies become party planners

When my twins Mysha and Myreen told me that they wanted to have a big birthday bash for their 8th birthday, it was double trouble. I actually secretly cringed, you know? Okay okay, so bad of me. But as we all know it, it’s never easy to plan for a birthday party. It’s a lot of hard work. It requires a lot of time, patience and dedication.

But then again, their big Sister Sharleez had her big bash last year while her twin sisters watched in envy. So like it or not, I had to comply and plan for the twins’ birthday bash this year. I needed to get this over and done with so that they would not keep asking for a birthday party. Besides, when you are a parent, it’s all about fairness and equality. Are you with me?

Now, the twins will always celebrate their birthday together with Shan every year because their birthday is just a day apart. So it has more or less become a tradition to celebrate together.

Mysha even said this to me, “Mummy, can we still celebrate with Shan? Can we have our party together? It’s not fun without him!”

So nice to see the strong bond my kids and Nurul’s have!

Needless to say, this year was no different. When I told Nurul that I would be doing a birthday bash, she told me that she wanted to do one for Shan as well.

“Let’s combine party ah!” we thought.

But do you want to know the best part? Nurul and I decided to do the decor for the kids ourselves this time round instead of engaging someone else to do it for us. Besides, Sprinkie Parties was not available to do the party décor for us. Boohoo.

The twins wanted a Harry Potter theme whereas Shan wanted a Snake themed party.

So it was going to be two themed parties within one venue.

And just like Sharleez’s party, this one was going to be like a carnival with booths for the kids!


But what about the guests then?

To be fair to the guests (so that they did not have to bring THREE GIFTS), we decided to have our own guest list. So in other words,

Nurul invited her own guests/friends for Shan’s party and I invited my own guests/friends for the twins’ party.

So thoughtful of us, right?

Don’t worry, we understand.

We started to plan for the party like about two to three weeks before. It was a pretty last minute decision of ours. BAD MISTAKE. It was madness as Nurul was quite busy with her shooting. But despite it all, we both still made time because hey, we were doing it for our kids. Of course we would want the best for them. It was quite chaotic as we are both not party planners to begin with, but the chaos made it all the more fun and funny! Truth be told, we actually had lots of fun planning and searching for the decor stuff. It was also a good bonding period for Nurul and I as we had been too busy prior to that to even make time for each other.

For every birthday, the thing that I always look forward to doing is their goody bags for my kids! I am not really a fan of those pre- packed goody bags. I prefer making them from scratch albeit the extra effort and cost.

So since the chosen theme was Harry Potter, I did my research and once I figured out the perfect goody bag for the twins, I bought the materials and designed the necessary artwork.

I spent quite some time on the goody bags, but because every goody bag was designed from scratch, I got my girls, husband and helped to help out! Even my dad volunteered to help out by cutting out the stickers for me! Now that we have Shakeel, I can no longer be as efficient as before. So of course I will appreciate all the extra help I can get.

These are the goody bags! I did the artwork for the ties, logos, labels and collar. Printed them out as stickers to be pasted on the otherwise plain black paper bag.





As for the goodies, I labeled them as below:

Chocolate frogs



Flavor Beans


Jelly Slugs


Ageing Potion



And these are Shan’s goody bags, done by his mummy of course!





Mak volunteered to cook for the party because #AzizahCanCook, remember? She was like, “No need to find caterer lah! I want to cook for them!”

It’s always nice when family members are so ready and eager to help out in whatever ways they can, and I know I can always count on my family for that! Thank you Roslans!

Truth be told, I really could not wait for the birthday party because I was raring to do the decor!

This was the decor Tatek and I did for Mysha and Myreen’s Harry Potter themed party.




Not that bad, right?

My twins were so proud of me and praised me endlessly when they saw the decor! That was enough to make my day. 🙂

And Shan was super elated to see his snake décor all done up for him by his mummy!





So how do you actually for plan a birthday bash and what are the party services available?

I am going to list down everything for you (i.e. the party services we engaged) for your easy reference and planning should you need to plan for your little one’s birthday bash!

(You can thank me later!)



Now, it would be ridiculous to buy a Harry Potter or Hogwarts outfit for myself and Tatek. I mean, what would we do with the costumes after the party? So just like the previous parties, I rented our costumes from No.1 Costume 



Birthday Invites

I had the invites for Mysha and Myreen done by Sprinkie Parties because Ili (the big boss of Sprinkie Parties) knows Harry Potter better than I do!

Thanks Sprinkie Parties!





For your party needs, you can look for them:

IG: @sprinkieparties



Visit them at 60 Joo Chiat Road #01-04



I have engaged the services of Pink Elephant Labs once for Sharleez’s birthday party and I really liked the quality of the photos they took! Their photos are always so bright and happy looking, perfect for kids’ parties!

I then took a family studio shoot with Pink Elephant Labs for my previous blog layout!

So it’s not a surprise if Pink Elephant Labs was chosen yet again for the twins and Shan’s birthday party!

My dear friend Indriana from Pink Elephant Labs did not disappoint as usual! I liked how dedicated she was in ensuring that she got the shot of every single detail at the party! And she was  so accommodating! I remember always interrupting her and asking her to get the shots of us with certain guests who were leaving.  She did it ever so readily.

So all the beautiful birthday shots you see in this post are by Pink Elephant Labs unless otherwise stated! (Some will be from i-phone)

Ohhh, Pink Elephant Labs also conducts photography lessons!

Look them up!

IG: @indie_bindi




Our number one choice when it comes to photobooth has got to be Wishing Wand! Their photo quality, wide range of theme appropriate props, backdrops and the artwork they produce are just awesome! Everyone will never fail to look extra good in their photos!

Again, not our first time engaging the services of Wishing Wand!

These are the super wonderful and kind bosses of Wishing Wand!






And just look at these pretty bookmarks! I call this effort, Wishing Wand!



Need a photobooth for your party, wedding or event?

May I recommend you Wishing Wand and only Wishing Wand?

IG @wishingwand

FB Wishing Wand


Contact: 9733 4802



For the loose helium balloon and big balloon arch, we chose Wheebake by MagikPlanner!

If you are looking for under one roof party packages, you should consider Wheebake!

The services they provide include:

  • Dessert Tables
  • Party Food
  • Balloons
  • Balloon Sculpting
  • Photobooth


They also provide event rentals like:

  • Backdrop stands
  • Chairs
  • Table
  • Clothing racks
  • Mannequins
  • Shelves




Once again, not my first time working with Wheebake by MagikPlanner.

Contact: 66356693


IG: @wheebake


Henna & Face Painting

This is a must have for every kid’s party – Henna & Face Painting!



Kids just loooooooooooove to get their hands and face stained but only at parties can they do so without being questioned by their parents! LOL.

My  girls are currently into henna, so they were really excited when they saw the Henna booth!

All they needed to do was to choose a design they liked before getting it henna-ed on their hand. The henna took less than 30 minutes to dry up but once dry, all they needed to do was to peel it off! So fuss free and really suitable for kids!






And oh, the henna lasted for a week!

Thank you Tarted Skin Stains for the henna and face painting!







Tarted Skin Stains have party packages ranging from $220 to $550 for your consideration!

*Face & Body Painting*

1hr service
Average of 10 – 12 kids per hour

  • Henna ($80)
  • Face painting ($85)
  • Glitter Tattoo ($85)
  • Airbrush Tattoo ($90)

Games (45mins) + Prize Giving (15mins) + Cake Cutting (15mins) – $150

Handmade Deco Props – ranging $150 to $350

Art Batik Painting (Tote Bag) – $17/child
Includes materials (aprons , brushes , etc) and 2 certified art trainers
1hr service + 15mins (instructions to be given to parents and kids)

Live Popcorn – $125
free flow

How to find them?

IG: @tartedskinstains

Contact: 94592264/ 93397623


Popcorn & Candyfloss machines + Chocolate Fountain

What’s a party without candy floss and popcorn?

So we decided to engage the services of Sequin Events & Co this time for popcorn and candy floss live stations!

Throughout the entire party, guests (especially the kids) enjoyed free flow of fluffy candy floss and crunchy rainbow popcorn!

With the helpful staff stationed at the respective machines, we did not have to worry about anything at all!







Besides the candy floss and popcorn machines, we also had Chocolate Fountain for the guests! Chocolate fountain is a beautiful centrepiece for any event, and is especially ideal for children’s parties.  It was definitely a hit because the guests kept coming to the Chocolate Fountain station for their chocolate treats!

The dipping treats were marshmallows and fresh fruits, to name a few.





Thank you Sequin Events & Co for ensuring that everything went smoothly, and for your friendly services!

Besides birthday parties, Sequin Events & Co also cater to weddings and corporate events! They are definitely not newbies in the industry as they have done sooooooooo many events!

Sequin Events & Co are currently having a special promotion for 2016 and 2017 weddings!

Do check them out!

FB: Sequin Events & Co

Contact: 90099601


Birthday Cake

I have always wanted to try out Lynn’s Cakes over a cup of latte at her bakery cafe but I have yet to do so until now. But I have seen her wonderful cake designs time and time again and I told myself that I must engage her services for the twins’ birthday party!

True enough, Lynn delivered more than what Nurul and I expected for the kids’ birthday cakes!

I like how professional and efficient yet funny Lynn was throughout our discussions!


This was Mysha’s cake.



This was Myreen’s.





Superbly done!


And this was Shan’s!



She did these cute Snake Cupcakes too for Shan’s class party!



Okay sometimes, cakes can be so pretty looking but when you finally taste them, you would end up disappointed. Too sweet or too hard.

But Lynn’s cakes did not disappoint at all! Cake was really soft and not too sweet! Fondant was not too hard or too sweet.  For the first time ever, I actually ate a cake together with the fondant WITHOUT LOOKING FOR A GLASS OF PLAIN WATER THEREAFTER!

Thank you so much Lynn’s Cakes!

And oh, you can ask visit Lynn’s Cake & Coffee at 11 Eng Kong Terrace Singapore 598983 for your brunch or afternoon tea!

Visit their website to find out more by clicking HERE!

Tel : 63142886

Email :

Facebook : Lynns Cakes

Instagram : @LynnsCakesSg



1. Wheebake by MagikPlanner

Another cafe that I have yet to visit will be Wheebake!

Meanwhile, we had party desserts from Wheebake for the party! They do have a wide range of party desserts which include:

  • Kueh Bakar Lauk
  • Mini Black Pepper Chicken Burger
  • Mini Donuts
  • Ondeh-ondeh
  • Ondeh-ondeh cupcakes
  • Curry puffs










Visit them for a cup of coffee and some of their desserts!

415 Pandan Gardens #01-114

11:00AM – 6:00PM


FB: Wheebake

IG: @wheebake


2. Chocolate Mousse by Che’Wan


These Chocolate Mousse treats, you must try!

I repeat, YOU MUST TRY!

The treat comes in a small cup, filled with moist chocolate mousse.

The toppings are:

Oreo (2 different flavours)
Panda biscuits with Crushed Almond nuts




Even after the party, I had it once or twice a day until everything was gone! I am so going to order more!

How to order?

IG: @bachelorbakes OR @dapurberasapchewan

Contact: 85004037


3. Nutella Pods


Anything Nutella is always a hit! So were these Nutella pods!

It was Nurul’s second time ordering it and you know a repeat order is always good!




Special thanks to @bakes_by_ny


Whatsapp: 81233953



We had personalized keychains as one of the contents for the kids’ goody bags!

I have to thank Intan Armelia for these keychains.

Besides keychain, you can also opt for a name badge instead, with a theme of your choice!

Mysha and Myreen had Hogwarts keychains for all their classmates!





Shan on the other hand, had snake themed keychains for his classmates!




To find out more about personalized keychains, badges and more,

IG: @lovecreatez

Contact: 9655 6543


Shakeel’s robe

Now that I have a little baby, every event or party will mean that I have to think of one additional person to dress up. And since Shakeel is still so tiny and cute, I had a hard time finding a Harry Potter robe for him! So I thought I should get it sewn to his size instead. But who could actually do it for me?




Special thanks to Farasya SG for sewing this robe for Shakeel in the correct cooling material!

FB: Farasya SG 

IG: @farasyasg


Science Experiment:

What’s a Harry Potter party without spells and potions?

Hence, I decided to engage the services of Mad Science Experiment for the twins’ party!





Mad Scientist has a lot of experiments and themes available for birthday parties!

I chose Young Wizards for a very obvious reason. 

For this theme, Mad Science revealed the science behind spells and potions!

During this one hour session, children learnt all the science behind wizardry including:

Wands – The Mad Scientist created lightning bolts from the Electric Wand, and lighted a fire with it! Then Lumos wands mysteriously emitted their own glow!

Indoor fireworks display – kids learnt how adding different metals to fire changes the colour of the flames.

Lucky volunteers then helped the Mad Scientist brew Mystic Potions with Ice from the Mystic Cave of Yaaaaaaar, and other ‘mystic’ ingredients like hen’s bile, Yolk of Dragons Egg, pure water from the river Tigris and Euphrates, rat’s tooth powder and more!

The kids even met the screeching spoon and encountered Voldemorts Volcano of Foam.

Finally, everyone got the chance to make and take home slime that glows – using Troll’s blood!










Definitely a hit, especially with the bigger kids!

Mad Science will bring all the experiments to set up at your venue of choice. All you have to do is book the venue and invite the kids, and they will provide the entertainment!

They even have the following themes:

  • Space Frontiers
  • Icky Gooey Bubbly
  • Dinosaurs
  • Winter Wonder Lab
  • Air-Blast
  • Reactions in Action
  • Mad About Blue


Click HERE to read more!

Besides birthday parties, Mad Science also conducts the following:


Holiday Camp

Pre-School Program

AfterSchool Program

Corporate & Special Events


Mad Science Singapore

Contact: (65) 9760 5285



Snake Charmer:

Since Shan’s theme was Snake, Nurul decided to engage the services of the one and only snake charmer Yusuf Ular to especially surprise Shan!

Shan is really into animals so we were pretty sure he would be so pleased with this!




Every single guest was super attentive during his segment because hey, it’s not everytime that you get to see real snakes during a birthday party!





Yusuf Ular showed the guests the different types of snakes he owns, which includes the King Cobra!





Definitely a very happy moment for Shan! I could see how he was beaming and smiling from ear to ear!




Every guest even had the opportunity to take photos with the python!





To enquire more about his services, you can contact Yusuf Ular at 93525094


Food by #AzizahCanCook




Nurul and I actually requested for just a simple menu for the guests. But my mum being my mum, kept adding on to the list and ended up cooking quite a feast for the guests. I know she will do anything to make her grandchildren really happy on their big day.

Thank you Mak and Daddy for the generous spread of food! We can never thank you enough for always giving your best to our kids.

To order their weekly SuperShiok Nasi Ambeng, you can do so via the following methods:

  1. Website
  2. My dad’s FB (Roslan Kadir)
  3. My dad’s IG (@lanchilicrab)
  4. My FB (Diah Mastura)


Wand Making

I am indeed lucky to have those few friends who will go the extra mile for me and my family!




Nura (the big boss of Pearlista salon for Muslimahs) for instance, sent me a message weeks before the birthday party and told me that her daughter Nyla (who is a well-known kid actress and host) is a big fan of Harry Potter and would like to volunteer and teach wand making to the little guests! I was sooooo touched by her kind gesture! So Nyla was given one special booth during the party for her to teach wand making!



Look at all the materials above which Nyla prepared! Really, really, so sweet of her!

And then, there is also my good friend, Sabby. Her hubby and her were there early to help us with the preparations! I can never thank her enough because she is one person I can always rely on anytime and anyday!

Big thank you to all the guests for making time to attend the party! I am sorry that I did not invite a lot and I am sorry if I missed anyone out. Even though it was a birthday bash, I wanted to celebrate the girls to celebrate it people who matter to them and us, hence the limited number of guests. I am seriously done with this whole “invite for the sake of inviting” game. HAHAHA.

And I am sorry that I have yet to include pictures of the guests in this post. I have yet to choose the pictures! Will gradually add them once I have done so and tag you lovely people! 🙂

Thank you once again to my family members for being there for us, and for making our kids happy always.





Lastly, thank you to my partner in crime, Lulu Aini. I can never find a better working partner because both of us know each other just toooooooo well! While planning for the party, we both agreed that we make a great team in anything and everything!




The kids even named us MUMMIES PARTIES!


The party was a result of our love and hard work for our kids.

We were glad we did it.






The happy faces on all of the kids?




Happy turning 8 to my precious twins, Mysha & Myreen!






Happy turning 6 to my dearest nephew, Shan Ehan!





Love all of youuuuuuuuuuuu!




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Of women and cars.

Whoever said ladies are bad drivers?


And whoever said women know nothing about cars?


Where’s your scientific evidence, please?

But even if we know nothing about driving or cars, we can always count on reliable car shops like Autobacs to make us more car-smart than some men out there. Sheesh.


Recently, I made a trip to the newly revamped Autobacs at Bukit Batok to shop for some car accessories and also to have my car checked! After all, I was entitled to a FREE 50 POINT CHECK. What’s that? Read on!


There’s just something about the place that will make me wander through the isles before ending up shopping for car accessories! They have such a huge range of everything related to car parts and accessories.


Hello Kitty fans, anyone?


Another reason why I really love Autobacs is because of the fact that the staff are super friendly and knowledgeable about the products they are selling!

Now, believe me, I was never a car kind of person. My husband has always been the one in charge of the car maintenance and grooming (and he is really strict about it). The only thing I’m in charge of will be the car scents, which I keep changing. HAHA.


I used to avoid going to car workshops because I know nuts about the technical aspects of the car, and I had this idea that the car mechanics will make fun of my car maintenance knowledge should I send my car to the workshop on my own.

But my visit to Autobacs at Bukit Batok that day without my husband was indeed an eye-opener and hence, this post.

Before I go on, let me take a selfie at Autobacs.


Would you believe me if I were to tell you that I learnt a lot within an hour of visit? The staff at Autobacs are always ready to assist you and tell you more about the car products or accessories. So female drivers, you do not have to feel shy or intimidated. Just ask them and they will be more than willing to assist you because female drivers are treated like VIPs at Autobacs.

Let me talk a bit about tires!

For a start, did you know that the functionality of the tire depends on the thread design?



There are three types of tread designs:

Directional : for sports handling


Symmetrical: for comfort and low noise


Asymmetrical: for balanced and all rounded performance


And have you always wondered why some branded tires can really be sold at low prices sometimes?

It is because of their manufacturing year! In other words, they will sell you tires that were manufactured years ago at low prices, just to clear their stocks.


Well, here’s the thing. Tires are made of rubber. Rubber degrades with age. Factors like sunlight, heat, ice and general wear and tear can accelerate the breakdown of a tire. Once a tire begins to break down, it is more likely to fail often at highway speeds. What can the failure cause? Catastrophic injuries or death.

The expiration date of tires should be six year from the date of manufacture. But have you ever been told that by the car workshop you go to replace your tires?

Let me now show you how smart I am teach you what Autobacs taught me. HAHA.

Ok look at the tire below for example.


The date your tires were made will be on the sidewall in the form of four numbers usually preceded by the letters DLH. These numbers represent the week number and year, so 0916 will be week 09, 2016. Use that information to make sure you’re buying tires with the longest shelf life possible and not those expired ones.

And I discovered some good stuff too which I think you should consider buying because I am buying all of them!

AQuality Rubber tray mat 

(can only be found at Autobacs)


Parents with small kids, you will so need this too!

This is a removable 3D floor mat which will trap dirt within the mat. It prevents any water or dust going onto the original carpet floor mat. Ideal to be used after going to sandy, muddy places or on rainy days.

My girls always have to ensure that their shoes are really clean before entering the car. But kids being kids, will somehow get it wrong and end up dirtying the floor mat.


Their Daddy will always be so grumpy when he sees the mess because it’s always him who has to do the cleaning up. So I think he will really find this rubber trat mat useful!


AQuality Deodorizer 

(can only be found at Autobacs)


This is a gel type of odor remover in cars, placed under the front car seat. It removes unwanted smell in the cars.

We always think twice about buying durians and putting them in the car because of the strong smell which will sometimes take days to completely go away. So this Autobacs Deodorizer is really something we need for the car. I am a durian lover – no way will I forsake buying durians!



This one is good if you are always on the go and have to eat or do your work (which will normally require a table) in the car!

They also have something similar for the rear!


I mentioned earlier that female drivers are treated like VIPS at Autobacs!

That is why they have the additional benefits for all female drivers who purchase anything at Autobacs!

Autobacs @ Bukit Batok will give female drivers an additional of 5% discount with every $50 purchase in a single receipt for accessories, car care items and car repairing product.

But men, don’t sad! Autobacs love you just as much too!

There is also a special offer for all of my readers on blog and IG, FB which I will mention at the end of the post!


I received a complimentary 50-point check for my car and brought along my kids to Autobacs Ubi for the check. Remember I mentioned that I will tell you more about this?

Okay now, what is a 50 point check?

It’s like a thorough body check up when you visit the doctor, only that this one is done on your car!


And while you wait for your car to be checked or serviced, you can wait comfortably at their lounge! Best thing is, you can have a good view of your car from the lounge, regardless of the Autobacs store you visit.

This is the newly revamped lounge at Autobacs Bukit Batok.



Enjoy a full body massage while waiting.


Or a cup of hot latte or cold iced lemon tea.

And some snacks, maybe.


Plus, you get a clear view of your car too!

I asked my girls to bring along their storybooks so that they could do their reading while we waited for our car to be ready.


And since the lounge is fully air-conditioned, Shakeel was so comfortable and either kept quiet or slept all the way.




After the check was done for my car, the (handsome) mechanic called me to the pit to REVEAL the condition of my car.


I even brought the girls to the pit to have a closer look.


At this point, you must be saying this,



On the overall, my car is pretty alright except for some minor faults. And no, they do not believe in hard selling. They gave me the checklist and told me to go home to discuss with my hubby before deciding. They did not tell me stuff that I often hear mechanics at typical car workshops telling us like “WAH YOU BETTER DO NOW AH. YOUR CAR REALLY IN BAD CONDITION ALREADY.”

And oh, while you are at Autobacs, you should also register as a club member of Autobacs! It is FREE and by joining as a club member, you will get to enjoy the following privileges:

Club membership benefits:

1) Free car towing service 24Hr 7days

2) Members’ only special promotion

3) Extended car repair 1 year warranty

4) Free 15 point car maintenance check

5) Exclusive car care & Car emergency training

6) Free puncture repair and nitrogen gas top up (Customer purchase any 4 pcs tires.

Autobacs at Bukit Batok also has an eye center in that gives all customers free eye checks and recommendations on the ideal eye wear items for drivers. Spectacles can be ready within 20 mins and they even provide on the spot cutting!

Autobacs Bukit Batok will be having their Car Life Carnival starting from 7 October 2016 all the way till 16 October 2016!

Join them in celebrating their store’s reopening from 7th Oct to 16th Oct 2016 with great deals and giveaways!


  1. Buy 2 Get 2 Free Pirelli tires (selected model & sizes Only) limited quantity per day.
  2. Buy 3 Get 1 Free Bridgestone tires (selected sizes only) while stock last.
  3. Buy 1 Get 1 Free Engine Oil Package (Available to Idemitsu and Castrol oil service package) limited quantity per day.
  4. Up to 50% off over 500 products of car accessories & car care.
  5. Ladies Drivers Exclusive – Enjoy 5% Additional Discount (Min Spend of $50 in a single receipt)
  1. Free Battery Health Check and get a free travel adaptor (worth $39.90) with every purchase of Bosch Battery


If you are thinking of where to bring your kids on Children’s Day ( which is tomorrow), you might want to drop by Autobacs at Bukit Batok because there will be kid friendly activities for them like balloon sculpting, Daytona racing games, free popcorn, candy floss and scoop drinks!

What’s more, every purchase at Autobacs Bukit Batok will entitle you to the following free gifts:

  • Free Autobacs Mobile Stent (with any purchase)
  • Free Autobacs Sunshade set OR Umbrella (with purchase of $50 and above)

Where are they at?

30 Bukit Batok East Ave 6 S(659761)

Date: 7 Oct – 16 Oct

Time: 10am – 6pm


Enjoy Free 50 point checks for the first 10 followers who come and visit Autobacs Bukit Batok store from 7th to 31 October 2016

Do not forget to quote AutobacsDM

(In case you are wondering, DM stands for Diah Mastura lahhhh. LOL.)

See you there!



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